Announcing: Our new strategic plan! (& a brand to match)

April 7, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new strategic plan and a whole new brand to go with it! You can check out the full strategic plan right here. A lot has changed since we were founded in 2006—a time when everyone was busy ranking their top friends on MySpace and the most viral…

CU Boulder

Colorado needs to ban transcript and diploma withholding

March 17, 2022

Every year, thousands of Coloradans have their diplomas or transcripts withheld by their higher education institutions. When this happens, many folks experience a double bind: they owe a debt, yet are unable to move forward with their education or careers until a debt is paid, thereby limiting their ability to pay off the original debt….

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Mom, it’s Always been Like This: the Cost of White Silence.

May 27, 2021

Trigger warning: This blog post talks about racism within the author’s family. All names have been changed to protect privacy. Every 2 weeks, my mom and I have the same conversation. My mom says, “Linda didn’t always used to be like this; it’s scary how much she’s been radicalized.” The names are interchangeable; she could…

Auckland, New Zealand

Sex Work is Work and It’s Time to Decriminalize

May 21, 2021

By Silen Wellington (they/he) “I started out as a drag queen, then made my way to woman, goddess, and finally elevated myself to the best throne of all — whore.” The mermaid on stage bats her aquamarine eyelashes, sequin dress shimmering in the stage lights. She’s our emcee for the night, and we all laugh along…

A Story of Colorism

May 20, 2021

By Meha Khanna I grew up in Colorado Springs, Colorado with immigrant parents who carried their personal experiences of oppression into my life. India was colonized by British settlers, idealizing Eurocentric beauty standards. The concept that fair equals beauty was not only normalized by my parents, but millions of other Indian people as well. While…

The Lasting Impacts of Overpriced Education

May 4, 2021

By Zoe Barley  40 years ago, my dad had to drop out of college because his family ran out of money to pay for it. Both of his parents worked hard to try to get their children through college. Unfortunately, as a first generation college student, my dad did not have the financial expertise or…

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The Time for Medicare for All is Now

April 8, 2021

By Sana Sethi Most Americans know that our healthcare system is broken. Whether they have faced unexpected out-of-pocket costs from primary care visits or accrued an incomprehensible amount of medical debt, the stories are abundant. Perhaps someone from another country would be surprised to learn that Americans, who live in the wealthiest country on the…

2020 Electoral Impact

November 30, 2020

Young Coloradans shattered records during the 2020 election,  turning out at historic rates and cementing their place as the largest voting bloc in the state. During a global pandemic, national racial reckoning, and a contentious election cycle, New Era Colorado continued to do what we do best—meet young people where they’re at, break through the…

Young People Must Be Secured their Right to Vote in 2020

August 27, 2020

About New Era New Era is the leading voice for young people in Colorado politics and one of the most effective youth civic engagement organizations in the country. New Era Colorado is a nonpartisan, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to reinvent politics for young people, mobilizing and empowering a new generation to participate in our democracy…

New Era Colorado’s Equity Statement

August 20, 2020

New Era Colorado was founded in 2006 with a single, unifying mission: to mobilize and empower young people to shape our democracy and advance progressive change. For over 14 years, we have been working to build youth political power in our state because we know that young people play an important role in moving our…