Announcing: Our new strategic plan! (& a brand to match)

April 7, 2022

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new strategic plan and a whole new brand to go with it! You can check out the full strategic plan right here.

A lot has changed since we were founded in 2006—a time when everyone was busy ranking their top friends on MySpace and the most viral video of the year was “Evolution of Dance” (yikes). Besides us leaving that webpage-era behind for the TikTok age, we’ve also seen huge political transformation over the last 16 years and our strategic plan reflects the current paradigm. With expansions in election access and voter registration, we need to sharpen our focus on holding elected officials accountable to youth demands, passing progressive policy, and developing young leaders across the state.

As we set out to create our new strategic plan, we led with our values. We worked with consultants Weav Studio to develop a strategy that centers anti-racism and focuses on building a sustained and collaborative youth movement that empowers new leaders. A year-long Youth Agenda listening tour helped us identify exactly which issues our generation cares about most and the barriers we face to making change.

Our strategic priorities over the next three years will be to win legislative and electoral victories on the issue priorities identified in the Youth Agenda, launch a regional & holistic multi-issue organizing model with integrated leadership development, and to reflect our vision for the world in our internal operations. As we carry out this work, we’ll build an engaged movement of young people who have the resources to organize their own communities and amplify our work even further.

Our strategic plan contains way (way, way) more detail about our goals, vision, values, and theory of change—check it out here.