FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: New Era Colorado + COLOR Respond to SB23-190 Rulemaking Hearing

August 21, 2023
Natasha Berwick, Political Director, New Era Colorado
Katherine Riley, Policy Director, COLOR

New Era Colorado + COLOR Joint Statement

“Organizing works. The Colorado Medical Board has ruled that abortion pill reversal is not a generally accepted standard of medical practice. This ruling is thanks to the hundreds of people who showed up for honest and ethical health care, our bill sponsors, and reproductive rights and justice organizations across the United States. Since the introduction of SB23-190, New Era Colorado and COLOR have been grounded in the belief that it is unethical to experiment on people seeking health care. This ruling is a huge win for reproductive rights and justice. We are proud to be the first state in the nation to ensure that our communities will no longer be deceived into an unethical, experimental practice, and that providers of this so-called treatment will be held accountable for their actions. Thank you to the Board members who listened to our testimony today and to our vast community of grassroots advocates, providers, and experts for all of your support.”