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Adi Sadeh

Youth Vote Organizer

Adi is finishing her undergraduate degree at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Geography and Environmental Studies with a Leadership minor in social justice. She works in the field analyzing snow hydrology and plant phenology to work towards climate change mitigation. Aside from environmental science, Adi works as an activist for immigration justice in Denver and Boulder working with impacted families to dismantle our broken immigration system. In her free time, she is probably snowboarding, climbing, or taking photos. Adi is a competitive big mountain snowboarder and concert photographer in Colorado.

After college, her goal is to travel and work on the intersectionalities between social and environmental justice, specifically as an environmental scientist with a focus on immigration justice and indigenous rights.

Adi is so excited to be apart of New Era Colorado. She can’t wait to make contributions to the team while learning more about the issues at stake in the 2020 election.

Aja Lowrey

Youth Vote Organizer

Aja grew up on the Big Island of Hawai’i where she enjoyed the thrills of climbing trees and treasure hunting seashells. After high school she explored several paths including living off-the-grid on a permaculture farm, traveling the country with a van full of musicians, and eventually found herself in Boulder in 2014. Once enrolled at CU, Aja became involved as an intern with New Era in 2017 and 2018. She graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies and Geography in December of 2019 and is eager to get to work making the world a more just, equitable, and sustainable place.

Civic Engagement Program Manager Aly smiles in front of roses and a brick building

Aly Belknap

Senior Organizing Manager

Aly is a firm believer in the power of progressivism. She traces her passion for organizing back to her high school days in Rochester, NY, working on issues like eradicating disposable foam lunch trays and anti-bullying. She graduated from The George Washington University in 2019, and immediately set her sights on Colorado as a haven for youth power, where young people are driving forward a shared vision for a just, equitable future. When she’s not organizing, you can find her binging The Office for the 1000th time, improving her cooking skills (while refusing to improve her baking skills) and skateboarding around Denver. Aly is always down to raise some class consciousness, so don’t hesitate to start a conversation with her about capitalism.

Arianna Morales

Regional Advocacy Manager

As a devout believer in astrology, Arianna attributes all of her success to being born at 4:23 PM, in Ventura County on a beautiful January day. But in truth, her success was a combination of her passion to give back to her community and a deep commitment to make her Mama proud. Arianna graduated magna cum laude as a first generation student from Metropolitan State University with a degree in Chicano Studies. During her undergraduate experience, she joined the 2018 Colorado Latino Leadership Advocacy and Research Organization (CLLARO) fellowship, where she researched policies affecting the health and education of Latinx lives in Colorado. Her experience as a fellow led her to work as an aide for the Colorado legislature, helping push through bills to create a more equitable criminal justice system. Now, as one of New Era’s Advocacy Organizers, Arianna manages the The Brazen Project at Fort Collins to help destigmatize abortion on college campuses. In her short time with New Era, she’s worked with her students to create and facilitate a workshop at the Feminist Thought and Activism Conference, as well as helped execute the first ever Youth Activist for Abortion Access Summit (YAAAS!). Outside of work, she spends her time brainstorming new playlist names and giving her cat the silent treatment.

Bex Gombac

Youth Vote Organizer

Bex joined New Era because they are passionate about justice and believes in the power of young leaders. When they are not working you will most likely find them camping on a mountain or getting lost in an art museum. They graduated college from Texas Tech University (Wreck ‘Em!!) with a love for grassroots organizing and a degree in Communication Studies.

They are excited to work as a Youth Vote Organizer and continue the awesome work that New Era does to engage young people in Colorado!

Bridget De Maria

Youth Vote Organizer

Bridget was born and raised in Southern California, and is excited to experience real seasons and weather while she’s in Denver. She has been urging her friends to register to vote and explaining the importance of young people voting since her first primary in 2016, so she is jazzed at the chance to be an organizer working with and for young people with New Era this election. This past May, she (virtually) graduated summa cum laude from California Lutheran University with Bachelor Degrees in Theatre Arts & Communication. Through her various involvements on campus, she found her passion for advocacy and leadership as Senior Senator on their student government where she heavily advocated for the creative arts and making positive spaces on campus for all students. Bridget can’t wait for the world to open up again so she can continue with her other passion of creating/producing/watching/promoting live theatre– namely shows that lift new voices and tell underrepresented, untold stories (or even tell old stories in new unique ways). When she’s not organizing or theater-ing, other things that spark joy for Bridget are flowers, a good chai with oat milk, and tearing up about particularly inspiring stories/individuals.

Britta Schwochau

Economic Justice Organizing Fellow

Britta is from Minnesota and recently moved to Colorado after graduating from university in Washington. There she studied Politics and fell in love with the outdoors and traveling anywhere. Britta started with New Era in the fall of 2019 and is excited to continue working to engage voters through her new role as an Economic Justice Organizing Fellow. When not at work, Britta enjoys exploring Colorado, watching too many crime shows, and trying to convince people that it’s actually called Duck Duck Grey Duck.

Caitlyn Carey

Youth Vote Organizer

As a native Floridian, Caitlyn’s progressive views have always been a little alien to those around her. During college she was active in the political community, working with voter registration on her campus, interning in Washington, DC., and volunteering on various campaigns. After graduating with her political science degree, Caitlyn moved to DC to work in the House of Representatives until the pandemic interrupted her plans. Now at New Era, Caitlyn finally feels at home with her views. Surrounded by and supported by so many amazing people, she is able to accomplish her goals as a Youth Vote Organizer in Denver. She hopes to one day work in education policy, helping students receive equal access to high quality education no matter their background. In her free time, Caitlyn participates in theatre, dyes her hair, and rewatches My Hero Academia.

Cecelia Blum

Youth Vote Organizer

Born and raised in Colorado, Cecelia loves her state and is passionate about making it equitable for all of its inhabitants. She is currently a Sophmore at Scripps College in Los Angeles, where she studies psychology. When she’s not working or in class, you can expect to find her painting in a park or playing with her Corgi.

Dryden Mills

Economic Justice Organizing Fellow

Dryden was born and raised in North Florida and currently calls Tallahassee her home. After high school she wanted to explore somewhere new, so she went to the University of Colorado Boulder. Dryden is studying Political Science and Anthropology and is expected to graduate in the Spring of 2020. After that she is planning on settling back in Florida with hopes to attend law school. Dryden has been involved with New Era since her first semester of college. She worked as an intern in Fall 2016 and Spring 2017, and went on to be a Climate Organizing Fellow in the Fall of 2017, working on Boulder’s municipalization efforts. Since then she has volunteered now and then to continue to help New Era engage and inspire young voters about the issues they care about most. When not at work or school, Dryden enjoys spending time outside, reading a good novel, or watching silly TV shows with friends.

Eli Grimm

Operations Coordinator

After growing up on the tundras of Buffalo, New York, the perpetual Vitamin D deficiency drove Eli to embrace the Colorado sunshine. While new to the Operations department, Eli and New Era go way back.

As an intern, Eli’s 2018 GOTV work contributed to Colorado’s record-breaking midterm turnout, and their progressive lobbying efforts at the State Capitol won them the ACLU’s 2019 Civil Rights in Action Award. As a field organizer with the Colorado Democracy Challenge, Eli and their team registered over 9,000 new voters in 2019 alone, and hopefully inspired a generation of empowered, active voters along the way. Now, as they step into the Operations Coordinator role, Eli intends to optimize every aspect of New Era they can get their hands on to enable the most smooth, impactful election cycle yet. Efficiency, thy name is Eli.

When they’re not cheesing about the youth revolution, you can find Eli at the rink working on their triple axel, singing the blues with a smile, or using big, pretentious words to describe $8 bottles of wine.

Ellie Bach

Youth Vote Organizing Fellow

Ellie is from San Diego, CA and after moving around a bit, has landed in Boulder for the last eight-ish years. She is almost done (just a few more weeks!) with her undergraduate degrees in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, and certificate in Global Environmental Affairs, at the University of Colorado – Boulder. She has been involved in activist work since high school, primarily focusing on climate issues, but became especially involved in activism and change-making in college. She joined Vegan Justice League and started working for CU’s Environmental Center (where she still has a position on the Energy & Climate team) on the very first day of school, became certified in Eco-Social Justice Leadership last spring, volunteers often through the Honors program, and has since interned with Growing Gardens (as an environmental educator) and the Zero Emissions Network of the American Solar Energy Society (where she is currently a Food/Agriculture researcher). Ellie feels more strongly about the importance of working at the intersection of social justice and environmental well-being as she learns more each day, and she is so excited to join New Era’s Abortion Education team. She used to get in quite a bit of trouble for being so outspoken about abortion within her (very big) family (oops!), so she’s really grateful to now have the tools and platform to make pro-abortion progress.

Her goals after college include continuing her work in advocacy, becoming increasingly involved in and educated about policy, getting better at cooking and hopefully someday moving to NYC with Tobin, her bunny.

Emma Marion

Organizing Director

Emma grew up in Boulder, CO playing in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and hugging the occasional tree. She majored in International Studies and Spanish at CSU, where her itching travel bug led her to Spain for a year. She’s got a passion for grassroots organizing and fell in love with New Era as a Northern Organizer in 2014. Since then, she’s become even more of an expert by wearing as many hats as possible—high school organizer, Boulder Lead Organizer, Boulder Program Manager, Deputy Organizing Director, and, finally her current position as Organizing Director. She opened our first ever office on the Western Slope and led us to register over 40,000 voters in the 2018 election cycle. Somehow, she still finds the time to serve her community in other leadership roles, including on the City of Boulder’s Communications and Engagement Working Group for Municipalization and on the Sierra Club’s Political Committee. It’s unclear when/if she ever sleeps.

Emma Tang

Youth Vote Organizer

Emma is an 18 year old, first time voter and youth activist. She runs an account on Instagram with nearly 50k. She has worked on several campaigns throughout Colorado and plans to run for office one day.

Glenn Jacoby

Youth Vote Organizer

Glenn grew up in rural Georgia with a big extended family who all live within a few miles of one another. Raised an Auburn fan, she became a traitor to her father and studied history at the University of Georgia. There she became involved in the Phi Kappa Literary Society, a student group that meets weekly to debate philosophical and policy issues. She credits Phi Kappa with teaching her how policy dramatically shapes people’s lives.

Curious about what life is like outside of the South, she moved to Denver and fell in love with the dry heat, only to learn that it snows eight months out of the year. After working a variety of jobs since her move, Glenn has become passionate about grassroots organizing and is excited to learn more about it at New Era. When Glenn is not at work, she’s probably reading nonfiction, trying to learn to cook vegan food, or arguing to her friends and family that The Bachelor franchise is essential viewing.

Gracia Seeley

Youth Vote Organizer

Gracia hails from Minnesota, where she grew up right on the border of a big city and an affluent suburb. Her political work began early and took many different forms: serving as a youth representative on a city board, volunteering with NARAL, protesting climate justice issues and mentoring young girls in Minneapolis to become more involved in their communities. She has been in Colorado for about three years now, and is a junior at Colorado College studying Political Science and Environmental Studies. She loves both her majors equally, but is particularly excited about the intersection between the two. She took a leave of absence from academia in order to put her expertise to work in real time at New Era, and she is loving every minute of it.

Gracia’s professional, academic and social lives tend to overlap in the form of constant conversation about the issues she is passionate about. When she’s not bringing up concepts of environmental justice and descriptive representation at weird moments, she is also a fan of cooking, skiing, skateboarding and writing. Her favorite past time has been and will likely continue to be playing outside, in whatever capacity she can.

Hannah Robinson-Armour, MBA

Operations Director

Hannah considers herself a Coloradan having moved to Boulder when she was six. She received her undergraduate degree from CU Boulder in history and chemistry (in 3 years because she’s just that organized) then went out to explore the world. After living in China for a year, she was drawn back to Colorado and discovered a love of operations and completed her MBA at CU Denver. At the office, she manages New Era’s finances so we can optimize transforming our resources into real on the ground work, answers all the compliance questions the staff can throw at her so we’re always on point, and makes sure we support and value the truly amazing people who work at this organization. She loves working at New Era so she can combine her love of progressive politics, spreadsheets, and overall operations. When not working, she’s reading, cooking, and eating.

Hayley Banyai-Becker, She/Her

Regional Organizing Manager

Hayley was born and raised in Ventura County, California, with a twin brother, 18-month-younger brother, and 7-year-older sister, who are three of her best friends. She moved to Colorado to finish off her final two years of undergrad at CU Boulder in 2015, graduating with a psychology degree and a determination to enter the political field — someway or somehow.

Since then, she has been a dedicated advocate for social and economic justice, through her activism and the avenues of our electoral and legislative processes. You may know her from her work for various progressive candidates and issue campaigns, or her time with the Colorado State Legislature. Her passion for progressive organizing — and dedication to increase underrepresented populations’ political engagement through inclusive and equitable approaches — led her to the Regional Organizing Manager position with New Era.

As a white woman, Hayley’s primary goal in life is to work in the political arena while using her privilege in the most effective and appropriate ways, to enact deeply needed social change that helps our country move towards true social and economic justice.

In her free time, she organizes more with community organizations and direct action protesting for justice (most often immigration justice work). She enjoys spending time with her partner rewatching Queer Eye (& still crying every time), cooking/eating or going for shortish hikes.

Helen Driesen

Youth Vote Organizer

Helen is thrilled to be making her debut in the Colorado youth activism scene after spending most of her life in and around New York City. In 2019, she received her BA from the University of Vermont after completing majors in both Political Science and Jazz Voice Performance. During her time at UVM, Helen served as the Deputy Director of a grassroots campaign for Vermont’s lone U.S. House of Representatives seat, ran a dog-sitting business with her roommate, directed a gender-inclusive a cappella group, and gigged around the Burlington area as the lead singer of various bands and projects. In her free time she enjoys making elaborate cheese boards, visiting breweries, and listening to true crime podcasts.

Jadon Yariv

Western Lead Organizer

Jadon spent the last four years studying economics, film, and philosophy at Washington University in St. Louis. He grew up in Los Angeles but moved to Durango after graduation to join New Era. After collecting data at St. Louis County polling centers during the 2016 general election, Jadon became passionate about voting rights activism and helping young people engage in democracy.

In his free time, Jadon enjoys documentary filmmaking, citing Agnès Varda, Caveh Zahedi, Thorstein Veblen, and Thundercat as influences. You can also find Jadon leading backcountry jeep tours (Re: flora, fauna, conservation, and mining history) in the San Juan Mountains when he is not registering and encouraging young people to vote.

Jasmine Davis

Youth Vote Organizer

Jasmine is certain of three things: her purpose in life is to empower and uplift the voices of those who are silenced, that being and feeling seen is the most necessary constant in life, and that chicken quesadillas are one of the best foods ever invented.

Passion for diversity, equity, and social justice has been the center of Jasmine’s life ever since she was 9 years old. This was when she knew she was living in a world that was not built for her to walk through safely or live in equally. This was the first and wouldn’t be the last time she was ever called the n-word. This was the first and wouldn’t be last experience that would drive her to create a world where others never have to feel the way she did in these moments. This was the first and wouldn’t be the last memory that would influence her to empower others when this oppression would inevitably happen. And this was the first and wouldn’t be the last encounter that would lead her to being a part of organizations like New Era Colorado; where she could take this devotion and pain to a place passionate about making a world that was build for everyone to walk safely and equally.
Through her education as a Social Work major at CSU, diversity educator through slam poetry, leadership on many diversity organizations, and endless personal experiences as a bi-racial, bisexual woman, Jasmine hopes to make others feel seen, understood, and valued. She likes to think of herself as a superhero, fighting against the oppression and injustices of the world. Outside of this devotion, you can find Jasmine weight lifting, taking photo shoots, and cooking food that everyone else finds too green and healthy!:)

Jordan Smith

Youth Vote Organizer

Jordan was born and raised around Cleveland, Ohio. She spent her freshman year of college at Indiana University as a business major; then she transferred to the University of Denver her sophomore year to graduate with a B.A. in International Studies with minors in Spanish and Gender & Women’s Studies in June 2020. She came to Colorado because of her desire for sunnier weather and more outdoor activities. Jordan earned her Yoga Teacher Training certification last summer and continues to spend much of her free time doing yoga and meditating. She is very excited to help in getting young people involved in democracy.

Káren Orona

2020 Youth Organizing Fellow

Karen is currently a student at the University of Colorado at Boulder where she studies International Affairs. Her family is originally from Durango and Chihuahua, Mexico, two regions devastated by crime and poverty. This led her family to find a safer life with more opportunity in the United States. After watching her family struggle in America’s immigration system, Karen began to organize for immigrant and civil rights.

During her sophomore year of college, Karen organized at the capitol with the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition where she worked as a Policy Fellow. Now as a college junior, she is excited to work as a 2020 Youth Organizing Fellow where she hopes to help New Era continue to engage young people in the state. When Karen isn’t at work or school, she’s probably rewatching The Office, annoying her siblings, or searching the Realtor app and dreaming of the day she moves out of her mom’s basement (sorry mom).

Karly Schwab

Youth Vote Organizer

Karly is originally from the farmland of Pennsylvania, but moved to Colorado eight years ago to explore the mountains and her progressive values. She began studying Ecology and Environmental Biology at the University of Colorado in Boulder, only to realize she had an even deeper passion for advocacy and human rights. Now pursuing a degree in social work, the most important issues Karly wants to address are disability advocacy, women’s rights, racial justice, and environmental protection. She believes the power of our future lies in the voices of the younger generation. Working with New Era is the start of a new career path for Karly, and she’s eager to get to work.

Karly is an avid bibliophile and gardener. In her free time, she plays with her four-year-old daughter, regularly completes 1000 piece puzzles, and perfects her cooking and baking skills.

Kasim Rana

Youth Vote Organizer

Kasim is currently a student at the University of Colorado Boulder in his third year where he majors in International Affairs and minors in Leadership and Business. He is from the small mountain town of Conifer, Colorado where he has lived for the majority of his life. Growing up, Kasim had the opportunity to travel across Colorado due to his what many call a “nasty” step back and “ice cold” jump shot in basketball. In his travels, he got to visit and engage with communities all across Colorado becoming even more connected to his state. Kasim has always had a passion for leadership and strives to leave a positive impact be it within his team, his community, or his state. This passion led him to register to vote the day of his 18th birthday (even though he was in math class at the time) and carried him to hold the position to Youth Vote Organizer for New Era Colorado. Kasim strongly believes in the power of young people and the leaders of the future. When he’s not firing up youth to vote, you can find Kasim at the gym playing basketball or tubing down Boulder Creek.

Kate Jung

Election Data Organizer

Kate is a firm believer in grassroots organizing and youth empowerment. As a former fellow at a nonprofit that provides data-driven math education to high school students in underrepresented neighborhoods of Chicago, Kate has seen the transformations that can take place when young people are given the tools and space to make their voices heard. She is constantly inspired by those working to make our world a better and equitable place and hopes that her work will engender a similar catalyst for others. Kate joined NEC this year as the Election Data Organizer because she wanted to become an active player in this critical election cycle, and she is more than ready to make an impact alongside her passionate teammates.

Kate McElwain

2020 Youth Vote Organizing Fellow

Kate is originally from Denver, but grew up mostly in Durango, Colorado. While she loved the experience of growing up in a small town, she is a city person at heart and is glad to have called Denver home once again for the last 4 years. She received a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from CU Boulder and was involved with several advocacy organizations and student groups during her time there. She has spent the last 8 years working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in various capacities. Through this work and other experiences, she has seen firsthand the ways in which public policy can affect people in their day to day lives. Now, she is in graduate school at MSU Denver working towards a Master’s in Social Work with a focus on social policy. Her passion lies in social justice causes and, specifically, bridging the gap between the public and the policies that are enacted on their behalf. She is a true believer in bringing the power to the people through grassroots community organizing. To that end, she is thrilled to be working with the incredible organizing team at New Era Colorado. Outside of studying and working Kate spends her time dancing to live music, hiking, biking, practicing yoga, hugging her friends, writing, and reading 7 books at a time.

Kate Travis

Data Manager

Kate moved back to her home state of Colorado to work on the 2018 midterm election as an organizer with New Era. Before that, she taught math in New York City for three years (shout out to 5th graders!) where she learned how to fearlessly jaywalk. There, Kate learned the importance of truly intersectional and badass organizing and activism and works to center that in all of her work at New Era (and her life!). From 2011-2015 she attended the University of Virginia where she studied Environmental Science and Economics, learned critical analyses of society, history, and identity, and ran Let’s Get Brunch Together in Q-mmunity as well as dialogues around identity and privilege. As Data Manager, she runs New Era’s sprawling google sheets republic, supports our field and advocacy programs, and drives metrics and strategy for all of our data. She’s working to constantly grow her data practice, especially as it intersects with racial and economic justice. When she’s not running the numbers, she’s probably out dancing, explaining an extended and overly specific joke, or hypothesizing inner monologues for dogs at breweries.

Kira Tuttle

Youth Vote Fellow

Born and raised in Colorado, Kira couldn’t imagine calling any other place their home. After studying and working in the field of social work, Kira quickly realized that instead of working in direct services, they wanted to their legacy to involve grassroots organizing work within their Denver community to fight against oppressive policies and systems. So, they quit their 9-5 job right then and there, dove head-first into organizing work, and have not looked back since! In their free time, Kira enjoys basking in the Colorado sun and developing skills in new art forms including painting, photography, and graphic design.

Lauren Smith

Issue Campaigns Manager

Looking at Lauren, you would never have guessed that she started out as a physics major at the University of Colorado Boulder. In just a few short years, she transformed from a science nerd to advocacy organizing queen, all thanks to the New Era internship that she took on a whim in 2017. During the 2018 election, she registered hundreds of voters on the CU campus and proved her organizing and strategic prowess, which is why she was asked to stay on permanently, and was given the title of “Advocacy Organizer, Sorcerer against Shame and Stigma, Fearless Fashionista, Warden of Aurarians, and Bringer of Smiles”. Since then, Lauren has testified at the capitol multiple times, hired a cohort of students to to lead the charge on de-stigmatizing abortion in Denver, and helped put on the Youth Activists for Abortion Access Summit (YAAAS!). When Lauren isn’t working on a robust campaign to eliminate the insidious presence of fake clinics on the Auraria campus she’s likely getting her nails done, playing ukulele, or begrudgingly watching reality TV so she can participate in her coworkers’ conversations.

Luci Kelemen

Youth Vote Organizer

Luci comes to New Era as a recent graduate of Colorado College where she studied Environmental Science and a bunch of other things. While she originally thought the STEM lifestyle was for her, she has since found the most joy in thinking about and working on socio-environmental urban issues. She loves talking to people, making friends and feels very passionate about engaging with voters to make change, which led her to organizing work with New Era. She was born in Massachusetts, but moved to the suburbs of New York City at a young age. The transition was memorable for her, as it was the first year the Red Sox won the World Series after an 86 year slump. Luci remains steadfast in her belief that the Red Sox are the only team in baseball worth supporting. When not arguing about baseball, Luci can be found cooking and eating the things she cooked, swooning over her dog or watching two TV shows simultaneously. She doesn’t like writing bios for herself because she doesn’t think it is where her humor shines, or maybe she is just boring.

Mable Sanders

Abortion Education Fellow

Mable is a student at the University of Colorado-Boulder completing her undergraduate environmental studies major. She went from a background as a performer to stepping into the role of an activist in college where she has worked with INVST community studies, CU’s Environmental Center, and The Brazen Project along with coalition work with many other groups on campus. She is currently working on a website to showcase the art, prose, poetry, and other creations by womxn and femmes of color on campus, along with providing resources to promote wellness and health for this group.

Her goal is to work with policymakers and community leaders to create long-lasting change to address the urgent climate crisis. However, she also hopes to have a life filled with friends, laughter, travel, and making art.

Matthew Bell

Youth Vote Organizer

Matthew is from Loveland, CO and is happy to be back in Colorado after attending the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA. Matthew graduated from Puget Sound in 2020 and majored in U.S. politics and government with a minor in Spanish. During his time at Puget Sound, Matthew was the Voter Engagement Specialist on campus where he created a voter registration floor meeting that Residence Life has made an annual addition to the first-year residential curriculum. Matthew is passionate about getting young people registered to vote and is excited to be on the New Era Colorado team as a Northern 2020 Youth Vote Organizer!

For the past four years on May the Fourth, Matthew has watched all of the Star Wars movies. This is a tradition he hopes to continue throughout his life. He believes that the prequels are the best trilogy and his favorite character in the Star Wars universe is Baby Yoda.

Max Mapes

Advocacy Lead Organizer

Max is from the District of Columbia, birthplace of National Treasure Ginuwine. Growing up in the political capital of the US, they began their career in politics at the ripe age of seventeen. During their senior year of high school, Max interned for Marylanders for Marriage Equality, a coalition campaign for Maryland’s same-sex marriage ballot initiative. After winning the campaign, they realized that it would be a crime against humanity to deprive the American people of their organizing skills. Max attended Elon University in NC before transferring to Skidmore College in upstate NY, where they majored in Political Science and minored in Gender Studies.

After graduating, Max returned to DC, but quickly grew tired of living in a literal swamp. In 2018, they packed up their car and moved to the wonderfully arid Denver. A year and a half into canvassing for civil, human, and environmental rights, Max discovered their passion for working indoors. They are now the Advocacy Lead Organizer at New Era, where they support a cohort of College Fellows working to destigmatize abortion in campus culture and educate students on Anti-Abortion Counseling Centers.

In their free time, Max volunteers with community organizations to expand legal protections for trans, black, and undocumented folx. Outside of activism, Max enjoys listening to jazz rap, petting cats, and eating baked goods.

Megan Saks

Youth Vote Organizer

Meg grew up on the Big Island of Hawai’i, spending most of her free time at the beach or in the lush rainforests. She then made the move to Massachusetts to attend Hampshire College, a very dramatic shift in climate, but she survived. Meg came to Colorado and finished her degree in Women and Gender Studies at CU Boulder where she spent one year working as a fellow with the Brazen Project, advocating for a Colorado where people can access a safe, timely, and affordable abortion with dignity and respect. Through her studies in WGST and introduction to advocacy with the Brazen Project, Meg has found a passion for justice-oriented work and organizing. When she’s not engaging voters and volunteers, you can find Meg watching trash reality TV (Love Island anyone?), or eating french fries with friends, but most likely sitting in a park or driving through the mountains to “hike” (sit and sketch in nature).

Meghan Enright

Youth Vote Organizing Fellow

Meghan is from Denver, Colorado and attributes her love of nature and snow to that. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with Theatre and Dance, Government, and African Diaspora degrees. Ever since moving back to Denver, Meghan has been excited to work towards systemic change and knew New Era Colorado would be the perfect place to do that. Meghan’s favorite hobbies include reading, cooking, and hanging out with her two cats, Dee and Dennis.

Michael Carter

Communications Manager

Michael is a proud Virginian (at-large) who grew up wandering the Blue Ridge Mountains. He studied English and Environmental Policy at UVA before Colorado pulled him away to begin advocating for stronger national environmental protections. This work plugged him into the wonderful world of progressive politics, leading him down a rabbit hole that landed him at New Era. He’s leading a strategic effort at New Era to uplift young people’s voices and to make sure our work gets recognition, allowing us to continue to reach more people, grow to new heights, and better carry out our mission.

Morgan Royal

Campaigns Director

Morgan was born and raised in Colorado, comes from a big family, and believes that organizing will lead to liberation. She went to Colorado State University and studied Political Science and Women’s Studies and went on to write a Black Feminist Manifesto with her peers to call out the lack of institutionally supported spaces on college campuses for Women of Color and Black Women. Her first interaction with New Era was back in 2014 as a volunteer and she instantly fell in love with the bold approach to politics and the classic Vote F*cker buttons. She was Emma Marion’s first ever volunteer and the rest is history. At New Era, she’s in charge of tying together advocacy and civic engagement, turning our plans for social change into reality, and setting up our lead organizers for success. Since 2017, she has trained dozens of young leaders, coordinated and overseen massive voter registration efforts and has brought our economic justice work to new heights by launching powerful new initiatives. When Morgan’s not at work she enjoys watching reality tv, eating anything with cheese on it, and playing with her cat.

Natalie Drevets

Development Director

Natalie grew up in Wichita and Taipei, and spent the six years before moving to Denver in Chicagoland. After earning a degree in sociology and urban studies from Wheaton College, she stuck around to manage their development and student philanthropy programs. As Development Director, Natalie has taken New Era’s fundraising to new heights, building lasting connections throughout Colorado and advocating for the power of youth-driven democracy. She’s passionate about helping her community and volunteers with both Homeless Out Loud and the Interfaith Alliance. When she’s not asking people to give money to New Era, you can find Natalie meeting future friends (no one is a stranger), exploring new cities, or texting her friends about their local elections.

Nathan Roura

Election Data Organizer

Nathan is from the Bay Area, CA. As a student at CU Boulder, he is studying Political Science and International Affairs while minoring in Ethnic Studies. After volunteering and interning with New Era campaigning for local power in Boulder, Nathan has continued to stay involved on state and local issues, particularly surrounding education. He additionally works to center youth power alongside K-12 students and undergraduates as a Teaching Assistant for CU Public Achievement, where students develop meaningful changes in their schools and communities. Nathan is excited to work with New Era again for the 2020 election as an Election Data Organizer to make sure young people are able to make their voices heard! In his free time, Nathan enjoys playing the violin and ukulele. He is also trying to make time to find joy in reading again, so reach out if you have any recommendations!

Nicole Hensel

Executive Director

For as long as she can remember, Nicole has been driven to create a more just and fair world. Before New Era, she spent over eight years working in the field of youth empowerment and education policy. Nicole first moved to Colorado in 2012 as a bilingual kindergarten teacher in Montbello, right when the “Frozen” craze swept kindergarten classrooms across the nation (yes – she knows all the words to “Let it Go”). After teaching, Nicole received her Master’s in Public Policy and Master’s in Education Leadership at Stanford where she geeked out over social psychology, social contract theory, and systems-change. At Stanford, she co-founded an organization called REENVISIONED, a national movement to redefine the purpose of school, where she learned how to unite and mobilize students, teachers, parents, and community members around a shared vision for change.

After moving back to Denver, Nicole continued to work in education – both at Denver Public Schools and a national nonprofit, The Future Project. However, she found that many of the problems she was seeking to solve in education were symptoms of larger societal issues that could only be solved by democracy. Nicole decided to bring her expertise in youth empowerment and deep commitment to social justice to New Era in 2019 as our Executive Director.

Nicole strongly identifies as a Gryffindor, has a dog named Tonks, and owns a staple Hermione costume for whenever the moment is right. She is happiest when she is making Lebanese food (ask for her family hummus recipe) and adventuring outdoors.

Nika Potts

Youth Vote Organizer

Nika is a transplant from Denton, Texas, serving on the Northern team. Politics and activism run in her blood with mayorships on both sets of grandparents, and she was raised in an environment that fostered healthy debate and taught her to always fight for the good of the people. Growing up in Texas primed her for the constant fight for democracy and progressive stances – her first foray into this world was with the iconic Senate Bill 5 in 2013 (some may remember this for Wendy Davis’s historic 13-hour filibuster!), where she organized carpools down to Austin to participate in the protests. Ever since then, she has been actively involved in her local politics and is so excited to expand into Colorado!

In her downtime, Nika loves a good cheeseboard, a long walk, and spending time with her family and their two dogs. Her hobbies include calligraphy, reading about things that scare her, and 2000s memes.

Nirguna Poudyal

Youth Vote Fellow

Nirguna is a recent graduate from the University of Colorado Boulder, receiving her degree in Environmental and Ethnic Studies. Born in California to Nepali immigrant parents and having lived in Boulder for over 10 years, much of her work is tied to identity and place.

During their time at CU Boulder, they have worked with INVST Community Studies, the CU Environmental Center’s Eco-Social Justice Team, the Center for Inclusion and Social Change, as well as ‘Kitchen Table’ (a peer group for womxn/femmes of color). She is currently planning to move her work to Tuscon, AZ and is working on a collaborative digital platform centering the creative works of womxn/femmes of color, found at ‘’.

Nirguna is passionate about liberation and justice, wanting a life filled with community 🙂

Olivia Ainsworth

2020 Youth Vote Organizer

Olivia grew up in Paris and Dallas but moved to the really-beautiful-in-the-summer-when-she’s-not-in-school state of Maine to study Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Colby College. While in college she worked as a Sexual Violence Prevention Peer Educator, advocated for healthcare as a human right, and was a below-average player on Colby’s Ultimate Frisbee team. After graduation, she moved to Denver in 2017 to get her Master’s in Public Health where she focused on Maternal and Child Health and Global Health. Olivia worked at Girls Inc. as a STEM Educator and at the Centers for American Indian and Alaska Native Health as a researcher during grad school where she discovered her passion for youth engagement and education. She’s excited to continue working with and for youth as a 2020 Youth Voter Organizer. When Olivia’s not working, she’s probably planning her next trip, trying to get her friends to go out dancing, being a below-average player on her Denver Ultimate Frisbee team, or tearing up over ugly dog pictures.

Raegan Cotton

Development Manager

Raegan was born and raised in Redondo Beach, CA, but after high school she felt a calling to buy her first winter jacket and move to Colorado to attend The University of Denver. Even after 6 years in Denver, her family in LA still calls to check in every time it snows to be sure she is “okay” (spoiler- she usually isn’t). While trying to keep herself warm, she found a passion for policy and decided to pursue majors in both Criminology and Political Science, with a minor in Psychology. She first crossed paths with New Era Colorado as an intern during the summer of 2017 and fell in love with their approach to creating systemic change. While wrapping up her senior year at DU, she worked as a Legislative Aide in the CO State Capitol and learned firsthand about how a bill becomes a law. Surprise, surprise…it’s a lot more complicated than the Schoolhouse Rock song leads you to believe. After graduating, she spent time working with a New Era partner org before winding up back in the New Era office to step in as the Development Manager. When not at work you can probably find her walking her dog, watching The Office for the 75+ time or cooking dinner for her friends and neighbors.

Ran Krasikov

Youth Vote Organizer

Ran is a chronic overachiever pursuing a MA in Leadership from Denver Seminary because two bachelor’s degrees were clearly not enough (a BA of Sociology and a BA of Political Science in case you were wondering). While seminary is not the typical path into politics Ran felt that it was crucial to better understand the nuances of faith in order to address valid grievances that she has encountered in advocacy work. She strives to be an example of the love and justice that is key to her faith. She has a fun mix of loving Jesus and demanding radically progressive social change. Ran was an intern for New Era Colorado in 2014 and is so glad to be back at the organization that gave her a burning passion for the democratic process. When she isn’t having conversations about religion AND politics at family functions Ran can be found hiking with her dog Sugarfoot, petting her dog Sugarfoot, or taking roughly 6 million pictures of her dog Sugarfoot. All of which can be found on Sugarfoot’s personal instagram because Ran is “that” pet parent.

Reid Haynie

Election Data Specialist

Reid can’t stay away from New Era long. He joined us first in 2016 as an organizer, made it back around in 2018 as a manager, and he’s back again this year to help keep an eye on our data. On his own time he keeps himself busy with enough hobbies to guarantee he never masters any of them. He writes music, makes animations, cooks vegetarian food, and bikes a lot. Why be great at one thing when you can be mediocre at several? He’s perfectly average, and we like him just fine.

Sana Sethi

Youth Vote Organizer

Sana is graduate of California State University Long Beach, with her degree in Social Work and a minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. She recently served an AmeriCorps term with an environmental nonprofit, planting trees throughout Silicon Valley, and she continues to volunteer with various organizations in her free time. She is passionate about so many issues, including immigrant rights, environmental justice, gun violence prevention, and women’s rights. She knows voting is an impactful way to create positive change across all social issues and hopes to empower people to take part in the political process and build a more equitable democracy.

When she’s not organizing, she is listening to or playing music, putting her strong opinions into writing, or reading yet another memoir!

Sofia Avery

Youth Vote Organizer

Sofia was born in New Orleans and would still be there if not for the Fury of the Gulf, which landlocked her on a solar-powered yurt homestead outside Santa Fe, NM for the latter half of her youth. When she wasn’t helping care for dairy goats and chickens, resolving fence breaches by the neighbors’ cows, or playing music, she traveled to CO and other parts of the Southwest to facilitate social justice youth conferences with the Unitarian Universalist Association. Sofia moved to Denver to attend MSU, where she majored in Music Composition with an emphasis on Jazz & American Improvised Music. She graduated in December 2019 and enjoyed a few months of musicmaking full-time before the pandemic, and even got to ring in the year arranging a commission for the Colorado Symphony’s 2020 Martin Luther King Jr. Humanitarian Awards concert.

When the performance art world got quashed by COVID, and the tide of proletarian anger (finally) shifted toward inequity and systemic racism, Sofia devoted her free time to a small, anti-authoritarian mutual aid organization focused on frontline protest medicine and houseless support. Meanwhile, she looked for job opportunities at organizations with strong progressive goals, which led her to New Era. New Era brought her on as a Youth Vote Organizer in July 2020. She is overjoyed to be on a team that is so fiercely committed to lasting positive change and the preservation of human rights.

When she is not working or practicing/writing music, Sofia enjoys reading, podcasts, daydreaming about being a Starfleet officer, and attending immersive Post-Apocalypse Pre-Enactment festivals.

Sydney Welter

Youth Vote Organizer

Sydney was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, before attending Washington University in St. Louis, where she graduated in 2019 with a degree in Environmental Earth Sciences. She is excited to make Boulder her new home and organize with New Era Colorado. With a background in local and international environmental policy and climate justice, she is thrilled to bring her advocacy work to Colorado. Her goal is to build capacity for youths to lead political reform and hold leaders accountable for implementing effective solutions to the greatest issues of our time.

Some of Sydney’s greatest joys in life are running, studying art, and playing with her dogs.

Sylvia Deyo

Youth Vote Organizer

Sylvia grew up in the Maryland suburbs surrounding DC and considers herself neither a Marylander nor a Washingtonian (she had to look up both of these names). She was raised vegetarian and Unitarian Universalist, making her house the hippy, healthy house in the neighborhood. She later moved to the great north to go to Macalester College in Minnesota where she learned the real meaning of winter. After graduating with varying degrees including International Studies, Political Science, and Human Rights, she moved to Minneapolis in 2018. In Minneapolis she worked at a legal aid organization and then became an immigration paralegal. Sylvia prioritizes a restless and travel centric life and has been lucky enough to have (briefly) lived in Lima, Prague, and Cairo. She became involved in progressive organizing through work with Planned Parenthood Action Fund in Minnesota and believes fully in the power of young people. She is endlessly amazed and inspired by the young people she encounters and hopes to one day grow up to be like them. When she isn’t working she’s usually reading cheesy fantasy books, rewatching the same five tv shows, and obsessing over all the animals.

Theresa Ho

Youth Vote Organizer

As someone who was born and raised in Denver, Theresa Coloradan through and through. When she was 18, she decided to go out into the world a little, and she received her undergraduate degree from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas in English as well as a minor in creative writing. It was during her time at Trinity that she fell in love with civic education and public service work. She is now a graduate student at the University of Virginia’s Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. When not at work, she’s writing, playing video games, or inhaling Thai tea boba.

Tim Harris

Youth Vote Organizer

Victoria Dadet

Senior Advocacy Manager

Victoria is “from” a lot of places, but considers the Chicago suburbs her home and never hesitates to profess her love for Lou Malnati’s. After completing an internship with New Era during the summer of 2016, she stayed on as an Organizing Fellow during the election. After a year badass achievements like being elected Co-President of BSA, working as an editor for the CU Honors Journal, graduating from CU Boulder with degrees in Psychology and Ethnic Studies, and graduating as the valedictorian for the Ethnic Studies department, she came back to New Era in 2018. As the Advocacy Manager, she runs The Brazen Project where she leads our reproductive rights work to make sure everyone in Colorado who needs an abortion can get one with dignity and respect, and without shame and stigma. In her first year in this role she expanded Brazen to a third campus, graduated nine cohort members, and put on the very first Youth Activist for Abortion Access Summit (aka YAAAS!). If she’s not reading articles on reproductive justice and ranting about fake clinics, she’s probably braiding her hair, watching Beyonce’s Homecoming for the millionth time, doing Black Girl Magic yoga, or trying to get through her massive TV watchlist.

Zoe Marmer

Communications Associate

Zoe’s life path has been more of a zigzag than a straight line. The thread that binds everything together is her advocacy work, specifically in the realm of racial and social justice. Born and bred in San Francisco, Zoe moved 3,000 miles across the country to attend Tufts University, where she did a deep dive into American Studies with a focus in Comparative Race & Ethnicity. She eventually inched her way back westward, landing in Denver to study film. Suffice it to say, her concept of home is a little out of whack. She’s a firm believer in using the art of storytelling to drive fundamental and cultural norm change. Over the last decade, Zoe has applied this to her work teaching in Boston Public Schools, directing plays and short films, founding a film production company to uplift and empower diverse voices, and in electoral politics, where she’s used her skills in strategic messaging and community building to help elect bold leaders, like Lorena Garcia and Elizabeth Warren, who fearlessly fight for intersectional justice.


Amanda Gonzalez

Executive Director, Colorado Common Cause

Daniel Ramos, Vice Chair

Executive Director, One Colorado

Feven Netsanet, Treasurer

Joanne Schwartz

Principal, Civitas Public Affairs

Karla Gonzales-Garcia

Policy Director, COLOR

Leah Pryor-Lease

Program Director of the Proteus Fund

PJ Hoberman

Senior Software Engineer at Pocket Outdoor Media

Rob DuRay, Chair

Vice President of Javelina's Colorado office