Civic Engagement

As the largest young voter registration organization in the state and one of the most effective youth turnout groups in the country (nbd), we’ve led the *new era* of political engagement since 2006. We’ve registered over 250,000 young voters because we know that our vote is our voice, and young voices need to be heard. New Era is a big part of the reason why Colorado has some of the highest young voter turnout rates in the nation—with our base of young voters turning out even higher.

A chart comparing the Colorado youth turnout rates vs the rates New Era Colorado's base turns out to vote

Organizing All Year

New Era’s been organizing a long time, and a lot has changed. Young people know that registering to vote alone isn’t going to deliver progress on our political priorities. Political progress at the local level is key to delivering on Youth Agenda policies at the state level. That’s why, in 2023, we launched a new organizing model to reflect this updated organizing philosophy and allow our organizers to become truly rooted in the community they serve. We organize year-round in five regional hubs: Boulder, Denver, western, northern, and southern Colorado. The new model allows our organizers to drive progress on local issues in cities like:

    • Boulder: Since 2023, we’ve been a part of a coalition to compel decision-makers to raise the minimum wage by 15% each year to achieve the self-sufficiency standard in Boulder County. Thanks to the power of community, we were successful in our efforts and the increase went into effect for unincorporated parts of the county in January 2024! What’s next here? We’re keeping the pressure on Boulder City Council to raise the wage by 2025. 
    • Denver: Though we’ve had a presence in the Denver-metro area for years, we’re working on expanding our community beyond campuses and our bread-and-butter issues like higher education and student debt. Stay tuned for news about how we’re working on economic and housing justice in Denver and Aurora. 
    • Durango: In collaboration with small business owners and community members, New Era Colorado launched the DuranGO Forward campaign in 2024 to explore raising the minimum wage. We know that the majority of young people are renters who are rent-burdened; we also know that most young people’s first job in the workforce pays minimum wage. By raising the minimum wage in Durango, we hope that it’s the first step in young people getting paid a livable wage across the Western Slope. 
    • Fort Collins: Until 2024, students and young people across Fort Collins lived under the restrictive U Plus 2 housing policy, which prevented them from living with their chosen families and roommates they needed to afford to live in the city. Thanks to our team’s work organizing on campus and at the Capitol, we helped pass HB24-1007 Residential Occupancy Limits which overturned the limits on how many unrelated people could live together. We’re excited to see how our housing work in Fort Collins will revolve as we see the impacts of the bill play out. 
    • Pueblo: Our work in Pueblo and southern Colorado is perhaps our newest organizing hub. As we work to become a part of the community and figure out where New Era’s organizing power is needed, we’re establishing relationships with young people and community members across the region to build our base.

Through engaging more with local issues and integrating our staff into communities, we’re hoping to expand our base to reflect the diversity and priorities of young people across the state.

How do we do it?

 By meeting young people wherever they are. That means we:

  • Are all over universities, community college campuses, high schools, and young people’s shared spaces across Colorado.
  • Frequent all your favorite and values-aligned local businesses, whether it’s an ice cream shop or a brewery, concert venue or a music festival.
  • Can be found at major summer events across the state, whether it’s Pride, Juneteenth, the Underground Music Showcase, a farmers’ market, or a neighborhood block party
  • Always want more ideas and local partners to expand our reach! Want to bring us to your school or business? Get in touch @
New Era Colorado staff tabling on Election Day in 2023 at CSU Pueblo.
New Era Colorado staff tabling on Election Day in 2023 at CSU Pueblo.
Election Season(ing)
We know that young people care about issues over partisan politics. When it comes to elections, we center the issues that matter most to young people. Our exploration of local issues, while broadening our understanding of young people’s political priorities across the state, will always be reinforced by our work on campuses and in community to register and turn out young voters. We will continue to educate voters and connect them with the resources they need to get out the vote in all elections. 

By organizing young people all year, every year, for civic engagement opportunities from city council meetings to national elections, we’re building a new generation of habitual political nerds who will better shape our democracy for decades to come. Interested in getting involved? Volunteer with us!

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