Youth power has arrived in Colorado and we're taking charge of our future. Our generation is the most progressive, the most diverse, the most unstoppable in history. WE are the leaders we’ve been waiting for!


We're reinventing politics-as-usual by leading the charge to tackle today’s biggest issues and lifting up our communities along the way. Our generation is full of powerhouse activists who are launching massive, nationwide marches, holding our leaders accountable to represent us and our values, serving in office, and organizing our schools and communities to create the change we want to see. We know this work is best done peer-to-peer, so New Era organizes year-round to make sure our generation is registered to vote and actively shaping Colorado's policies and future. The best part? We're just getting started!

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We have an exciting opportunity to join the board at New Era and help guide this organization!

May 23, 2022

As you may have heard, New Era has just released a new strategic plan! We have so many exciting shifts that are taking place as an organization, including: deepening and sharpening our electoral work to become more targeted and localized, engaging in more policymaking on the Youth Agenda, and expanding our leadership development program across…

Economic Justice

Bill to ban transcript and diploma withholding clears Senate Education Committee

April 7, 2022

Colorado is one step closer to becoming the fourth state to ban the widespread debt collection practice of withholding student transcripts and diplomas for overdue fees Colorado — Every year, thousands of Coloradans are unable to access their transcripts or diplomas as a result of overdue fees, including even nominal amounts. That could soon change…