We have an exciting opportunity to join the board at New Era and help guide this organization!

May 23, 2022

As you may have heard, New Era has just released a new strategic plan! We have so many exciting shifts that are taking place as an organization, including: deepening and sharpening our electoral work to become more targeted and localized, engaging in more policymaking on the Youth Agenda, and expanding our leadership development program across the state.

This is a volunteer position that acts as a strategic advisor to staff, maintains strong governance practices, and organizational and financial oversight. We are especially interested in new board members with expertise in human resources, finance, or the political arena and in bringing in board members with diverse identities and/or lived experiences. New Era is committed to equity and anti-racism work. All board members must be committed to supporting and prioritizing this work.

If you are interested in joining New Era’s board of directors, please apply here!