Toast to Democracy: COVID Safety Plan

Rules & Regulations:

These are subject to change at any point, at the discretion of New Era Colorado, Mile High Station, and/or health regulatory agencies. Despite all of the safety procedures put in place at Toast to Democracy, there is still some level of risk involved in attending this event. New Era Colorado is not liable for any health-related outcomes as a result of attending this event. New Era Colorado will continue to assess, based on current conditions, whether to postpone or cancel Toast to Democracy, or significantly reduce the number of attendees for events.

  • All attendees and staff will be asked to wear a well-fitting mask that fits completely over their nose and mouth while attending Toast to Democracy. More specific rules regarding when and where masks can be removed will be announced shortly and will be clearly indicated during the event. If attendees do not provide their own masks, one will be provided for them. 
    • The following categories of people are exempt from the requirement to wear a mask:
    • A child under the age of 2 years.
    • A person with a disability who cannot wear a mask, or cannot safely wear a mask, for reasons related to the disability.
    • A person for whom wearing a mask would create a risk to workplace health, safety, or job duty as determined by the workplace risk assessment external icon.
  • Attendees are asked to self-report their vaccination status upon purchasing their tickets to attend the event in order to comply with the regulations of Mile High Station. We will assume that anyone who does not disclose or we do not have their vaccination status is unvaccinated for statistics. There will be no proof of vaccination requirement at or before this event (including requesting attendees CDC authorized vaccination card). We will not require vaccinations to attend Toast to Democracy in 2021. 
  • Social distancing will be enforced throughout this event and the physical layout will ensure social distancing can be maintained during all components of the event. Expectations for social distancing will be clearly communicated upon entering the event and will be reiterated throughout the event. 
    • Pedestrian traffic flow plans will be implemented to reduce bottlenecks and ensure the ability to maintain physical distancing at the event.
    • Dining and cocktail tables at Toast to Democracy will be adequately spaced out to ensure that social distancing is maintained. 
  • Guests will be asked to stay home if they have tested positive for COVID-19, are waiting for COVID-19 test results, have been exposed to COVID-19 in the last 14 days or are showing COVID-19 symptoms. Anyone who has had close contact with a person who has COVID-19 should stay home and monitor their health.
    • A full refund will be issued for any individual(s) who is unable to attend Toast to Democracy as a result of COVID-19 exposure, symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test. Contact Raegan Cotton (New Era Colorado Event Coordinator) at or Hannah Robinson-Armour (New Era Colorado Operations Director) at to request a refund. This information will be kept confidential. 
  • To the best of our ability, New Era Colorado will work to identify and address potential language, cultural, and disability barriers associated with communicating COVID-19 information to event staff and attendees. 
  • Signs will be posted in highly visible locations (for example, at entrances, in restrooms) that promote everyday protective measures and describe how to stop the spread pdf icon of germs by properly wearing a mask, physical distancing, and washing hands.
    • To the best of our ability, information on signs will be tailored to be easily understood by various audiences and is available in alternative languages and accessible formats (for example, braille or larger print).
  • All windows, building entrances, and garage doors will be opened to promote airflow and adequate ventilation (weather permitting). Additionally, the outside patio will be available for guests to utilize if preferred. 
  • Hand washing will be available at this event, along with multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout the venue. Guests are expected to wash their hands before eating food. 
  • Currently, there is no evidence to suggest that handling food or eating is associated with directly spreading COVID-19. However, people sharing utensils and congregating around food service areas can pose a risk. The service of food and drinks at this event will be executed with the health and safety of our attendees, staff, and vendors as a top priority. More specific guidelines will be presented shortly, but actions taken will include: 
    • Adequate spacing of food away from individuals who are actively eating and drinking 
    • Caterers and bartenders are required to wash their hands before serving food and alcohol
    • Single-use cutlery and dining crockery when necessary
    • Single-use condiments and seasonings when necessary
    • Routine disinfection of dining and serving stations
    • We will avoid offering any self-serve food or drink options, such as buffets, salad bars, and drink stations. Whenever feasible, food will be served as individually plated meals or grab-and-go options. 
    • Numerous locations to obtain food and drinks, to minimize crowding of the areas where food and drinks are being prepared, handled and/or served. 
  • Attendees are asked to review and comply with CDC recommendations in order to travel safely to this event.