Tell your School Board member: Cut ties with DPD

Here’s what you can say to your school board member:

Hello Board member [member name]! My name is [your name] and I live in your district. Historically, young voters in Colorado turnout to elections in full force, and we want our elected officials, including our school board members, to take action on issues we care about. I am calling to ask you to cut ties with the Denver Police Department and make schools a place for learning, not policing. 


DPS School Board Directors Tay Anderson and Jen Bacon have long advocated to stop the criminalization of Black and Brown students in Denver Public Schools and to dismantle the school to prison pipeline. Colorado has a real opportunity to become a champion of police accountability and justice.  

My generation cares deeply about racial justice, and we demand our legislators center the voices of Black and Brown communities fighting for their dignity and humanity in this moment. 

I strongly urge you to follow the lead of Minneapolis and cut ties with the Denver Police Department. 

Thank you for your time.