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Leadership Development Program

Participants in our Leadership Development program help shape and pass statewide policy and organize their peers to seize their power in our democracy. Leadership classes meet elected officials, lobby to pass policy, register their peers to vote, and get to attend trainings with some of the best organizers in the state. They get in the press, writing letters to the editor and op-eds for newspapers across Colorado, and have even been interviewed for national outlets like Rolling Stone and Cosmopolitan. And at the end of the day, they build lasting relationships with their peers, join a strong network of New Era alumni across the state and country, and develop skills to become leaders in our democracy, not sometime in the future, but right now.

We have a Boulder and Denver leadership classes in spring, summer, and fall. Participants in the program will do a combination of classroom sessions and on-the-ground political advocacy and organizing, which could include voter registration, testifying around legislation at the Capitol, getting out the vote, or educating around issues. Sounds cool, right?