Who Runs the Show

A small group of committed individuals who eat, sleep, and drink the New Era…

AnnaMarie McCorvie

Western Slope Organizer
AnnaMarie (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

AnnaMarie is a Boulderite who has been passionate about civic engagement since working on her first campaign when she was 14. After studying Politics and Film at Whitman College Walla Walla, Washington AnnaMarie has returned to Colorado to co-lead the Western Slope team and get to know Durango a little better. Her grandma told her she “has to register every young person to vote this year” so she’s going to try her best!

Passions: Comic books, video blogs, creating media that promotes empathy, and toffee nut lattes.

Anna White

Delta Field Organizer
annawhite (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Anna is from Kansas City, Missouri by way of Brooklyn where she spent the past three years teaching history, science, and math to middle schoolers. During her time teaching, Anna realized the passion and power young people have when it comes to creating a more just future, and this is what has brought her to New Era – the opportunity to engage our youth in democracy!

Passions: equitable access to housing, education policy, spending time outside, eating, The West Wing

Anna Wood

Regional Organizing Manager
Anna (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Anna considers herself a Coloradan, although she spent most of her childhood growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a graduate of CU Boulder with a dual degree in history and anthropology, as well as a leadership studies minor. She fell for New Era when she was an intern in the summer of 2016, and we haven’t been able to get rid of her since! When she’s not asking people if they are registered to vote at their current address, Anna is probably drinking wine with her roommate, playing ultimate frisbee, binging Netflix, or dreaming about her next hostel-hopping backpacking trip halfway across the world.

Passions: Learning from her community, promoting election access, snuggling her cats, and sipping Earl Grey tea.

Benji Bonnet

Denver Field Organizer
Benji (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Originally from New Mexico, Benji is happy to be back in the Southwest after finishing his degree at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. There, he studied economics and anthropology and got his start in student and grassroots community organizing. Working with New Era excites him because he gets to support young folks in getting to the polls, some of them for their first time! Benji’s hope is that you’ll never lose sight of how essential the youth have been and will forever be in so many revolutionary movements for change.

Passions: My cat Grumpette, astrology gossip, boosting the bass on people’s stereos, and staying goofy

Brittany Bennett

Development Manager
Brittany (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Leveraging her degree Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering Science from Smith College and 6 years of nonprofit leadership and development experience, Brittany works as New Era’s Development Manager. She has a strong interest in solving complex social and civic challenges using both fundraising and data analytics (and often a blend of the two!). In between advocating for transportation equity and environmental justice, Brittany immerses herself in the YouTube Lets Play video game subculture.

Passions: Compassionate communication, climate justice, sustainability

Charley Olena

Advocacy Director
Charley (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Charley was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, which instilled in her a deep love for losing sports teams and chicken wings.  After graduating from Colby College, Charley spent the next four years training organizers to run and win environmental campaigns with Green Corps and its partner organizations.  She’s joining the New Era team to dig in on issue work around climate change, economic justice, election access and abortion rights.  When she’s not working to engage young people in New Era’s issue work, you can find Charley at the Denver Curling Club or brunch.

Passions: stopping climate change, The Buffalo Bills, curling, cheeses, bloody marys

Daniel Grosso

Field Organizer
Daniel (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Daniel is originally from Massachusetts. He majored in Creative Writing and has minors in History and Philosophy from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Then, he went the long way round the globe to get to Colorado. Traveling East, he spent two years in Kyrgyzstan serving in the Peace Corps, then another year and half relaxing on the beaches of Hawaii before landing in Denver. He can usually be found in his natural habitat rock climbing in the Colorado Rockies, or mountain biking through aspens. Daniel is stoked to be a part of the New Era team working towards a more informed and engaged electorate!

Denisse Romero

Denver Field Organizer
Denisse (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Denisse was born and raised in Colorado. She first heard about New Era in high school as she was trying to find ways to get involved in local politics and is very excited to work as an organizer ensuring that young people have access to participating in our democracy. Denisse is currently about to start her senior year at the University of Denver (DU) where she is studying Political Science and Italian. In her free time, she enjoys eating ice cream, going out dancing, and reading.

Passions: immigration reform, matcha green tea lattes, Italian, reproductive justice

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 6.57.22 PM

Devin Mumblo

Western Organizer
Devin (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Devin is a proud, born-and-raised Coloradan. At age 18, she registered to vote with New Era and got hooked. She’s been active in the organization ever since, hanging around as a volunteer and fellow. She recently graduated from Colorado State University with a B.S. in Natural Resource Management, focused on Recreation and Tourism. When Devin is not stacking VR forms she can be found laying in the sun, wading in a river or grabbing beers with friends and family. Devin is thrilled to be a part of New Era again, and to attend as many community events as possible!

Passions: bluegrass music, fly fishing (admittingly has only caught one fish), and a super healthy earth

Duncan Gilchrist

Delta Organizer
Duncan (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Duncan grew up in the mountainous Hudson Valley region of New York State and graduated from American University in 2016 where he studied international relations and psychology. Amidst trying times, Duncan finds hope in the vision of a future when our democracy is more representative, our energy; clean, our economy; fair, our food; local and our communities; socially connected. Duncan got his start with the New Era team during the 2017 election cycle, when he worked as a campus organizer to successfully advance a pro-renewable energy ballot measure in the City of Boulder. To decompress, Duncan likes to jam out on acoustic guitar with his friends, tend to his many house plant-children and peruse youtube content that challenges his view of the world.

Passions: healthy masculinity, climate change solutions, civic engagement, sad indie films, eastern philosophy

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 6.57.22 PM

Eamon Eriksen

Field Organizer
Eamon (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Eamon grew up in Fort Collins, and graduated from Regis University with a dual degree in History and Spanish. He later got his Masters degree in International Politics from American University in Washington DC, but came back to the great state of Colorado ready to make a difference at the local level. He has worked on several campaigns dating back to 2007, and considers voting to be one of his favorite pastimes.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 6.57.22 PM

Emily Murphy

Denver Lead Organizer
Emily (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Emily is a recent Denver transplant, originally coming from the land of all things crazy: Florida. She studied Political Science and International Studies at the University of South Florida. Post college, she started working on campaigns and voter engagement initiatives and never looked back. When not on the grind for democracy, you can find her painting, sampling IPAs, taking a nap, or attending a live show for a band you’ve probably never heard of.

Passions: wearing as much denim as possible, art, live music, craft beer, intersectional feminism, traveling, and watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine… again.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 6.57.22 PM

Emma Marion

Organizing Director
Emma (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Emma grew up in Boulder, CO playing in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and hugging the occasional tree. She majored in International Studies and Spanish at CSU, where her itching travel bug led her to Spain for a year. She’s got a passion for grassroots organizing and fell in love with New Era as a Northern Organizer in 2014. She’s a real boss in the field and is fired up to get down and dirty as the Boulder Program Organizer.

Passions: her dog, procrastibaking (baking as a form of procrastination), election access, politifact, Steve Inskeep, a fat stack of voter reg forms, the container store

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 6.57.22 PM

Erika Gulija

Northern Lead Organizer
Erika (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Erika grew up by the ocean in Southampton, New York, but she wandered out to the Colorado mountains four years ago and never left. She is a graduate from CU Boulder with a dual degree in international affairs and journalism and minors in Arabic and religious studies. Erika previously interned with various political parties, candidates, and organizations, making this her fifth campaign experience. She’s very excited to now join the New Era team and continue her passion for expanding voter participation and education among young people. When she’s not registering voters or knocking doors, you can find her watching Bob’s Burgers for the tenth time, cooking pasta in her kitchen, taste testing everything at the farmer’s market, or traveling around Croatia, where her family is from!

Passions: Voter education/ participation, defending our planet, traveling the world, learning new languages, and quoting the Office.

Gabrielle Healy

Gabrielle (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Gabrielle loves canvassing! Talking to individuals and engaging them in democracy is her jam.

Passions: Art, Museums, Vegan Baking, and Plants

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 6.57.22 PM

Greg Giovannetti

Denver Field Organizer
Greg (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Greg is originally from Boston and San Francisco and is a recent CU Boulder graduate who studied Sociology, Communications, and LGBTQ studies. Greg first interned with New Era in Boulder in the summer of 2017 and gained so much valuable experience that he felt obligated to become a Field Organizer in Denver after graduation. When not out in the field registering voters, you can find Greg hiking, dancing at Red Rocks, or tossing a Frisbee around in the park.

Passions: LGBTQ equality, protecting our planet, traveling, concerts, and going on spontaneous adventures.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 6.57.22 PM

Haley Ratcliff

Northern Field Organizer
Haley (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Haley grew up in the Mountains and never plans on leaving. They recently graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Health and Exercise Science. They started working for campaigns in 2016 and are fired up and ready to go. When they aren’t working towards social equity, they enjoy long hikes (in the Mountains of course) and singing along to their favorite musical “Hamilton.” And with that, they end with this, “I’m just like my country—I’m young, scrappy, and hungry, and I am not throwing away my shot.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 6.57.22 PM

Hannah Herreid
Boulder Organizer
Hannahherreid (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Hannah is a local Boulder girl who thinks Colorado is the best darn place in the world. She graduated from CU Boulder with degrees in Psychology and Criminology. She started working on campaigns in 2007 and has been actively getting other young people to participate in our democracy since then. When she is not out trying to dismantle systems of oppression you’ll find her with her dogs and partner in a hammock in the mountains.

Passions: my doggies!, cheese, intersectional feminism, Black Lives Matter

Hannah Robinson-Armour

Operations Manager
Hannah (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Hannah considers herself a Coloradan having moved to Boulder when she was six.  She graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in history and chemistry then went out to explore the world.  After living in China for a year, she was drawn back to Colorado and discovered a love of operations and is currently pursuing an MBA so she can be even better at getting things done. She loves working at New Era so she can combine her love of progressive politics and operations. When not working, she’s studying, reading, cooking, and eating.

Passions: project management, traveling, feminism, books, and big words.  Also food.

Jeanie Weber

Delta Organizer
Jeanie (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Jeanie moved around a lot while growing up­­–she was born in Peru but also lived in North Carolina, China, and most recently Florida. After graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University she decided she’d had enough of the humidity and started planning her move to Colorado. Jeanie loves talking about immigrant rights and intersectional feminism with anyone who will listen.

Passions: petting dogs, binge-watching TV shows, eating, and teaching her niece about feminism and Harry Potter.

Kelsey Rickert

Boulder Organizing Fellow
Kelsey (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Kelsey was born and raised in Colorado. She currently attends CU Boulder as a Sociology major with a minor in Political Science. She is also working towards an LGBTQ Studies certificate. She has a love for civic engagement and social justice, wants to be a civil rights lawyer, and never stopped talking about New Era since she first registered to vote with them (just ask anyone). When she isn’t ranting about political science, she can probably be found napping in Norlin Library.

Passions: Social justice, LGBTQ equality, reading case law, Netflix/Hulu, and Legend of Zelda

Lana Morgan

Fort Collins Organizer
Lana (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Born and raised in the suburbs outside Seattle, Lana moved to Colorado and immediately fell in love. She is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder with a dual degree in history and political science with a minor in leadership studies. Aiming to be an embodiment of “you gotta walk the walk if you’re gonna talk the talk”, Lana previously interned for different campaigns and elected leaders in the Colorado community. Now with New Era, she’s excited to help the young people of Northern Colorado get involved in politics.

Passions: Running, rugby, crime television shows, Twitter, voter participation

Lauren Lindenbaum

Delta Field Organizer
Laurenlindenbaum (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Originally from New Jersey, Lauren graduated from the University of Maryland with degrees in International Politics and History. Eager to explore a new part of the country, she moved to Denver to work in a high school, where she simultaneously fell for Colorado and found a passion for working with, and advocating for young people. Lauren has always believed there should be more hype and excitement around voting, so when she heard about New Era, she knew she wanted to get involved! In her free time, you can likely find her outside, trying to pack as many activities into one weekend as possible.

Passions: making playlists, playing outside, exploring new places and meeting new people

Lauren Smith

Boulder Organizer
Lauren (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Lauren is a Colorado local and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies at CU Boulder. She got her start at New Era as an intern in 2017 and kept coming back as a volunteer after getting hooked. When she’s not registering voters, you can find Lauren at concerts, exploring Denver, or shaming people for using plastic straws.

Passions: Environmental justice, music, tacos, dogs

Lizzy Stephan

Executive Director
Lizzy (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Lizzy started out simply as a distant superfan of New Era for longer than she’d admit, volunteering to knock doors and register voters from time to time while a student at Colorado College. She officially joined the team in 2012 as an organizer, moving on to serve as New Era’s Organizing Director, and then Deputy Director before stepping into the Executive Director role. Lizzy is the mastermind behind taking our work to a new scale, while making what we do more strategic, data-driven, and systematized. She spends a good amount of her time buried in spreadsheets for New Era, managing our program staff, planning statewide voter mobilization efforts, and the rest of it struggling to keep a handful of cacti alive. Lizzy is originally from Warwick, a small town in the Hudson Valley of New York that has a lot of apple orchards.

Passions: Sociology, election access, iced Americanos and half-sour pickles

Larson Ross

Northern Organizer
Larson (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Larson grew up in both North Carolina and Colorado and misses the ocean. He recently graduated from Colorado State University with a major in political science and a very predictable minor in philosophy. He participated in many political student groups and activist organizations before coming to New Era. As an organizer, Larson hopes to connect communities, engage young people in the democratic process, and help marginalized peoples gain a voice in politics. Away from the field, Larson can be found reading, making music, and wandering around Colorado’s many parks, looking lost.

Passions: Democracy, DIY music scenes, critical theory, voter engagement, abandoned houses at the end of the road, the grease-stained paperback abandoned at the light rail station.

Logan Fletcher

Field Organizer
Logan (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Logan was born and raised in Texas, and then in a dramatic and impromptu life decision, picked up and moved to Fort Collins in 2016. He hasn’t looked back since, and now happily calls Colorado home. In his downtime, he loves hiking Horsetooth, biking around Old Town, and finding the best craft beers in town. Being a transmasculine person, Logan enjoys finding ways to push the boundaries of LGBTQ+ acceptance, and educating people when he can.

Makaila Rosin

Lead Boulder Organizer
Makaila (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Makaila is a Chicagoland local who fell in love with the Mountains. She graduated from CU Boulder with a degree in strategic communications and a minor in community leadership studies. She has worked on and off with New Era since interning in 2016 and has done work in reproductive justice, environmental justice, immigration & border work, and economic justice. Outside of organizing work, she is probably eating pancakes or exploring a new brewery.

Passions: Photography, skiing, singing, breakfast for dinner

Marcus Liberman

Field Organizer
Marcus (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Marcus was born and raised in Abraham Lincoln’s hometown and final resting place, Springfield, Illinois. Growing up in one of the flattest states in America, Marcus had always dreamed of living in a place like Colorado from a young age. When he started school at MSU-Denver, his dream became his reality. At MSU-Denver he majored in Political Science and minored in Marketing. He first learned about New Era at the Auraria Campus in 2016 and has been involved with the organization ever since. While he is not at New Era, you probably find Marcus road-tripping and camping across America.

Passions: Abraham Lincoln, the St. Louis Cardinals, hiking, and the city of Amsterdam

Megan Hunt

Quality Control Coordinator
meganhunt (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Megan is originally from Tennessee. She received a Master of Arts from Cumberland University in 2014 before moving to Las Vegas, Nevada where she developed a passion for grassroots organizing. New to Colorado, she is excited to spend more time in nature instead of being lost in the desert. In her free time, she enjoys reading, singing, and watching Star Trek.

Passions: Star Trek, green tea, Harry Potter, music, books, space, Hamilton


Megan Ryan

Boulder Organizing Fellow
Meganryan (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Megan grew up in St. Paul Minnesota, and fell in love with Colorado when she came to CSU to study Environmental Sociology. She had the opportunity to study abroad in Costa Rica and work on a farm, spurring her love for food, sustainability, and conservation. In her free time, you’ll find her playing music, doing yoga, backpacking, and eating lots and lots of pizza.

Passions: Food justice, climbing, NPR podcasts, Colorado beer, and traveling

Michael Carter

Communications Manager
Michael (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Michael is a proud Virginian (at-large) who grew up in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains. He studied English and Environmental Policy at UVA before Colorado pulled him away to begin advocating for stronger national environmental protections. This work plugged him into the wonderful world of progressive politics, leading him down a rabbit hole that landed him at New Era. When not working to move Colorado forward, he writes, reads, hikes, and sleeps.

Passions: backpacking, short stories, conservation, pixar movies, 90s rap, foxhounds

Mike Murrell

QC Coordinator

Mike is a Colorado transplant hailing from Tennessee. He graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in Investment Finance. When he is not at New Era, he is running his company Mountain Grit, a mountain transportation service based in Denver. Mike is a member of the Denver Chamber of Commerce and participates in numerous events to grow Denver’s economy and support young entrepreneurs.

Passions: Traveling through Asia, Growing his business, Helping other entrepreneurs build their businesses, 0 Emission Transportation

Morgan Royal

Senior Organizing Manager
Morgan (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Morgan was born and raised in Colorado, loves reading, eating mac and cheese, and discussing the latest political headlines. She started volunteering with New Era in 2014 while studying Political Science and Women’s Studies at CSU. She enjoys working to dismantle systems of power and oppression by striving to make our democracy more equitable.

Passions: Multiracial Feminism, pizza, reality TV, and going to bed early

Molly Fitzpatrick

Molly (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Molly is from the south and says y’all a whole lot. Her relationship with New Era goes way back- Molly was an intern for New Era while working on her Political Science degree at CU-Boulder. When she’s not busy pretending to be a vegetarian, you can find her trying to work through her never-ending Instapaper list, talking about women’s issues, or eating a cheeseburger.

Passions: Taboo, chocolate, and brewing Kombucha

Natalie Drevets
Development Director
Natalie (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Natalie is a recent Denver transplant—she grew up in Wichita and Taipei, and spent the last six years in Chicagoland. After earning a degree in sociology and urban studies from Wheaton College, she stuck around to manage their development and student philanthropy programs. When she’s not asking people to give money to New Era, you can find Natalie meeting future friends (no one is a stranger), exploring new cities, or texting her friends about their local elections.

Passions: social theory, finding dirt cheap flights, sitcoms, and beating people at Munchkin.

Shannon Flynn
Field Organizer
Shannon (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Shannon was born and raised in the suburbs of Boston. She grew up on “Revolutionary Road,” which she now thinks was probably a prophecy for her love of social change. She studied social determinants of health, suicide prevention, and community organizing in sweet, sweet western Massachusetts at UMass Amherst. She just moved to Colorado and can’t wait to get to know everyone and everything in the state (because that’s possible, right?).

Passions: listening to audiobooks and podcasts, making a mess, journaling, building community, pretending to know stuff about growing vegetables, and talking to people about their feelings

Teelin Lucero
Denver Organizer
Teelin (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Despite having never skied or snowboarded, Teelin is a Colorado local who did most of her growing into adulthood in Colorado Springs. An eminently practical woman, Teelin chose to study philosophy at Colorado College which set her on a winding career path after graduation. So far, this path has included nonprofit work, involvement in local politics, teaching in Colombia, and has finally led to New Era! When not organizing, Teelin enjoys playing outside, being unnecessarily academic, and spending quality time with NPR.

Passions: Gardening and urban design, Martin Heidegger and decolonial philosophy, Colorado beer, the Vikings, and big words

Victoria Dadet
Advocacy Manager
Victoria (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Victoria was born in southern California but, after moving around a bunch, her family settled in the northwest suburbs outside of Chicago. After she completed her internship with New Era during the summer of 2016, she worked as an Organizing Fellow in the fall of 2016. Before joining the team in 2018 as the Advocacy Manager, she graduated from CU Boulder with a double major in Psychology and Ethnic Studies. When she isn’t working, she’s either catching up on her favorite TV shows or lounging in the sun (weather permitting).

Passions: Beyoncé, analyzing pop culture, Black Lives Matter, intersectional feminism

Whitney Gustafson

Northern Organizer
Whitney (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Whitney grew up in southwest Colorado in a small town with a landscape resembling that from Courage the Cowardly Dog. She is a recent graduate from CSU where she studied Ethnic Studies, Sociology, and Women’s Studies. During her free time, catch her walking around in the local forests, cuddling her dog Olive, making baked goods, or re-watching a mediocre comedic sitcom.

Passions: breweries, racial justice, supporting survivors, keeping families together, abolishing wealth inequality, and more for only $0.99!