Who Runs the Show

A small group of committed individuals who eat, sleep, and drink the New Era (it’s not a healthy diet) …

Ada Vargas

Boulder Organizer
Ada (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Ada is a wanderer bit by the wanderlust bug. Loving to live out of her backpack, her political heart has taken her from state senate races in Illinois, to presidential grassroots organizing in New York, and to a half dozen other states to beckon people to get to the polls. She profoundly believes democracy is a verb, even if grammar rules disagree. Although she is passionate about firing people up about democracy in the U.S., her love for democratic involvement stretches to all corners of the world. She lived in Mexico, Morocco, and Turkey and studied Political Science and International Relations leaving her curiosity open to how people all around the world organise and have their voices heard. She is thrilled to be in Colorado with New Era to empower millennial voters and help them activate their immense political power. In the rare glimpses of free time, you can find her hiking the Flat Irons or making late night pies from scratch.

Passions: Voter rights advocacy, Nutella, making it onto flights at the last possible second, tofu pad thai


Al Sahlstrom

Denver Organizer
Al (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Al has been involved with politics since the age of seventeen. Along the way, he has lived in six states before returning to stay in Colorado. He has worked in environmental advocacy, lived in the French countryside, and taught in the Political Science Department at Boston College. When he’s not working to empower young people in Colorado, he spends his time cooking, hiking, and volunteering at a local golden retriever rescue center.  

Passions: Coffee, Mexican food, whiskey, campfires, sunshine


Alison Egbers

Delta Force Organizer
Alison (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Cornfed to Colorado, Alison moved to Colorado Springs after being born and raised in Bettendorf, Iowa for 20 years. She will continually say this was the best decision she’s ever made. After not having much direction in her life, maybe it was the fresh mountain air or seemingly eternal sunshine, she found a love for advocacy. Pairing her new found calling and her strengths, she graduated from University of Colorado Colorado Springs with a major in Organizational & Strategic Communication with minors in Spanish and Women’s and Ethnic Studies. When she’s not out there making democracy more accessible, you can find her checking out live music or scheming on how she can travel the world next. 

Passions: Intersectional advocacy, most food (seriously, girl loves to eat), electronic music, traveling and learning about other cultures, Iowa Hawkeyes 


Amanda Metcalf

Northern Organizer
Amanda (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Amanda is a Centennial State native by heart and spirit. Born and raised in Colorado, Amanda has yet to find a good excuse to leave the Rocky Mountains. From her humble beginnings in Longmont (or Longtucky as we goofs on the Front Range call it), Amanda has moved on to pursue a degree in English with a minor in Political Science from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Stumbling upon New Era when she was registered to vote on her school’s campus, the happy and excited atmosphere of the organization stuck out when she was seeking to get involved two years later. With hopes of bringing a altruistic, positive, and inviting spirit to voter registration, Amanda is beyond proud to be apart of the New Era team in Northern Colorado. A special spot is held in her heart for issues such as education equality, women’s reproductive rights, and simply love and respect for all who walk this wonderful earth. If unable to find her running, hiking in the Rockies, scrambling around a volleyball court, attempting to make the world’s best playlist, please contact her mother, but she probably doesn’t know where she is either.

Passions: Meeting new people, art, persuasive and expository writing, ruining family photos, and hardcore monopoly games


Andrea Stojsavljevic

Data Manager
Andrea (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Andrea is originally from the sports mecca of Cleveland, Ohio (where dreams come true). She graduated from Wright State University in 2013 with degrees in Gender Studies and Psychology. Upon graduation, she ventured out to Boulder, Colorado to start working as an AmeriCorps, and slowly but surely was engulfed into the world of New Era. She’s excited to put her smarts and attention to detail to work as the Data Manager. 

Passions: cold brew coffee, husky puppies, ice cream, hand hugs


Anna Wood

Boulder Organizing Fellow
Anna (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Anna grew up in the Bay Area, moved to Boulder in high school, and is now a senior at CU Boulder studying Anthropology and History, with a minor in Leadership. Anna’s hobbies include ultimate frisbee, hiking, camping, dancing, and trying to hide the fact that she loves country music. A former intern, Anna fell in love with New Era’s positive community and couldn’t bear to leave. She comes home from field work every day feeling so proud of the work that New Era does. She believes so strongly in getting young people engaged in democracy, because together we can make significant change happen.

Passions: Equal opportunity issues, reproductive health advocacy, travel, family, and blueberry preserves



Blair Stapp

Communications Manager
Blair (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Blair hails from the Appalachian foothills of Huntsville, Alabama—a city known for its NASA base. Blair attended Space Camp at a young age and has been fascinated by the cosmos ever since. After sporadically doing design and volunteer work for New Era over the past few years, they joined the crew in 2016. Blair has a background in branding and sustainability and enjoys pushing pixels for progress.

Passions: public radio, camper restoration, documentaries, Notorious RBG, intersectional justice, LGBTQ+ event organizing, and ambient lighting



Caity Miller

Delta Force Organizer
Caity (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Caity is a nomad at heart who has just moved back to the US after 3 years of life in India and getting her masters in Amsterdam. She is addicted to working for nonprofit and NGO organizations all over the world and specifically has a passion for women’s rights in India and refugee resettlement + aid. Past organizations include the Centre for Social Research in New Delhi India, Save the Children in Amman Jordan, and Americorps at The Global Refugee Center in Greeley, CO. She has a passion for traveling and learning about this beautiful world! However, jobs that engage human rights and activities where she can see changes made at a community level are important to her. 

Passions: learning dances from around the world, vintage and world fashion and textile production, and dreaming about living in a converted bus



Cassidy Tawse-Garcia

Lead Western Slope Organizer
Cassidy (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Cassidy is a true child of Colorado; the offspring of a Texas and California transplant who grew up with an understanding that Halloween costumes must be all-weather, and the goal of making it to the top of every ‘14er’ (she’s still working on that). She became involved in campaigns before hitting double digits, “planning” fundraising events and knocking on doors for her Dad’s Denver City Council campaign. After graduating from CU Boulder in 2009 with a degree in Mass Communications and Political Science, Cassidy headed to the Gunnison Valley to better acquaint herself with the high elevations of her state. It was there that the advocacy bug bit her, working on local and statewide environmental initiatives and GOTV efforts. In May of 2016, Cassidy graduated from Western State Colorado University with a Masters in Environmental Management. She is thrilled to join the New Era Family, and can’t wait to share the gospel of People-Powered Democracy with the Western Slope!

Passions: dinner parties, pow days, identifying wildflowers, making To-Do lists, facing her fear of falling-off the side of mountains, Acting on Climate, finding a use for every weird vegetable in her weekly CSA box



Celie Davis

Boulder Organizer
Celie (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Without a winter coat (has one now) or any experience skiing (still doesn’t have this), Celie moved from Oklahoma to attend the University of Colorado in Boulder. After graduating with honors in environmental studies and communication, she realized her strong commitment to both environmental and social justices. Since stumbling upon New Era (or more like they rolled up in a golf cart with a megaphone and pizza and convinced her to vote), she’s continued to pursue her passion for advocacy and inclusion as an organizer. She can’t get enough of the direct impact, democracy building, feel good greatness that is New Era. She’s super stoked to register all the voters and get more young people involved in democracy!

Passions: peanut butter, trying to start book clubs, sunny days



Charley Olena

Advocacy Director
Charley (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Charley was born and raised in Buffalo, NY, which instilled in her a deep love for losing sports teams and chicken wings.  After graduating from Colby College, Charley spent the next four years training organizers to run and win environmental campaigns with Green Corps and its partner organizations.  She’s joining the New Era team to dig in on issue work around climate change, economic justice, election access and abortion rights.  When she’s not working to engage young people in New Era’s issue work, you can find Charley at the Denver Curling Club or brunch.

Passions: stopping climate change, The Buffalo Bills, curling, cheeses, bloody marys 



Chelsea Canada

Denver Program Manager
Chelsea (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Chelsea, a Colorado native, grew up in the desert region of the state, far south of Denver. She got hooked on voter registration in high school and brought that excitement to Boulder by joining the New Era family the second she stepped onto CU-Boulder’s campus. In her free time, you can find her contemplating if you really can change the world one dance move at a time, finding new ways to engage young people in politics, obsessing over new podcast series, and/or laughing.

Passions: Intersectionality of women and politics, an entertaining dance move, sushi, adventures, and couch surfing across the country



Clayton King

Northern Organizing Fellow
Clayton (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Transplanted into Fort Collins, Colorado at the age of nine, Clayton was set free to roam and explore, leading to his discovery of an active local political culture. He is attending Colorado State University and is expected to graduate in December 2016 with a B.A. in Economics and Political Science. Clayton first witnessed the awesome abilities of New Era during National Voter Registration Day in 2014 when he helped CSU out-register CU. When Clayton isn’t spreading democracy in our great public spaces, he might be found wandering unknown lands, although it’s likely he does not know where he is either.

Passions: tree-smelling, ballot initiatives, pound puppies, garage sales, and local political engagement



Devon Mumblo

Northern Organizing Fellow
Devin (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Devin was born a Colorado Native but is on a never ending quest for all things ocean. She is entering her last year (hopefully) at Colorado State University, with a major in Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism, and a minor in Business. Devin registered with New Era Colorado at a ripe 18 years of ages in Denver, and was immediately intrigued with the organization. In 2014 she joined the family as an intern for the Norther Office, and is continuing her path this year as Fellow. When Devin is not hanging out at the New Era Booth you can find her rollerblading to and from class, going to bar trivia and playing with other people’s dogs.

Passions: Jam Bands, Beer, Baseball, Teddy Roosevelt, and trying (and failing) to make my plants live



Diana Downard

Denver Organizer
Diana (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Diana is originally from Aguascalientes, México, where she acquired an affinity for public spaces (plazas!) and all things spicy; Colorado has been home for her for the last 15 years. She studied Political Science at CU Boulder and during her time as an intern with New Era she got pumped about people-powered democracy. Diana is excited to to engage with Colorado folks who want their voices to be heard!

Passions: running around lakes, onion rings, dark comedy/coffee, chatting about how to get big money out of politics, intersectional activism



Elana Weinstein

Field Organizer
Elana (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

To the Mountains from the Great Lakes. Elana is a Native of the Mitten (Farmington Hills, Michigan). Dreaming of being in the mountains and needing more sunshine and hiking in her life, she packed up her “Baby Beauts” Mazda CX5 and made her way to Colorful Colorado and is so happy she did. She pursued a Masters in Social Work with a focus on Community Organizations & Social Systems from The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. GO BLUE! Before New Era, she was a Case Manager in Chicago where she helped find and secure employment for youth and adults with disabilities and a the only full-time Program Coordinator of a children’s cancer charity in Michigan. It was though this work, that she found her love for working with nonprofits, mobilizing volunteers and utilizing social media to energize and inspire people to get involved in causes they care about. When she’s not losing her (raspy) voice talking to young voters, you can find her hiking in the mountains, drawing, and taking lots of sunset pics! She is excited to bring her passion, ideas and energy to New Era and looking forward to revving up young voters to get them excited about using their VOICE to shout-out what they care about!

Passions: Tikkun Olam (repairing/healing the world_, human rights and equality for all, outdoorsy stuff (trees), singing, seeing music, painting & drawing. Franks hot sauce on everything, Shabbat on Friday nights saying L’Chaim for every CHEERS and using social media to change the world


Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 6.57.22 PM


Emma Marion

Deputy Organizing Director
Emma (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Emma grew up in Boulder, CO playing in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and hugging the occasional tree. She majored in International Studies and Spanish at CSU, where her itching travel bug led her to Spain for a year. She’s got a passion for grassroots organizing and fell in love with New Era as a Northern Organizer in 2014. She’s a real boss in the field and is fired up to get down and dirty as the Boulder Lead Organizer.

Passions: her dog, procrastibaking (baking as a form of procrastination), election access, politifact, Steve Inskeep, a fat stack of voter reg forms, the container store



Giulia Barnhisel

Boulder Organizer
Giulia (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Giulia is from Italy which explains the weird spelling of her name (it’s “Julia,” OKAY?), but she grew up mostly in Denver and developed a love for all things advocacy. After interning at New Era for a year, she joined the team post-graduation as a Denver Field Organizer in order to get young people turned out for WHAT? Voting, of course. 

Passions: social and economic justice, student debt, french fries 



Hector Salamanca Arroyo

Delta Force Manager
Hector (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Hector escaped the corn and pigs of Iowa, a state known for deep frying everything at the Iowa State Fair. Hector graduated from Drake University, and has been involved in politics since 2012, with a personal focus on working with Latinx immigrants and youth. When Hector isn’t working, he is out hiking mountains and finding trails.

Passions: Film photography, fishing, taco trucks, exploring Colorado, Jake the Dog



Ian Koenigsberg

Northern Organizer
Ian (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Ian is a Pine, Colorado native. He attended the University of Colorado Boulder and graduated in the Spring of 2015 with a BA in Political Science. He decided to see what the other side of Colorado is like and moved to Fort Collins as a Northern Organizer. When he isn’t registering voters you can probably find him at a cat shelter or the gym.

Passions: cats, dad jokes, the interwebz, public policy, the gym, craft beer, well tailored suits



Jacque Grimsley

Operations Manager
Jacque (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Jacque grew up in southern California, but pretty much considers herself a Coloradan by now. She is a former intern and studied political science and sociology at CU Boulder. She discovered a liking for finance and numbers at her first gig after college, and now she’s ready to combine the two as the Operations Manager at New Era! In her spare time, she can be found hanging with her cat (Kitty), forcing herself to run, and brunching. 

Passions: Paying too much for coffee, watching 30 Rock (over & over), and finding things to do outside



James Cody

Field Organizer
James (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

James was born and raised in the nutmeg state (Connecticut). After completing high school he wasted no time making CO his home and attended the university of colorado boulder, where he double majored in sociology and psychology. 6 years later he’s still here and doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon. When he’s not registering voters you can find him on the slopes, at the yoga studio or climbing rocks.

Passions: WSMFP, gardening, walking around town barefoot, and cooking dank meals



Katie Hill

Field Organizer
Katie (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Born and raised in Virginia, Katie made her way out to Colorado after spending time up and down the East Coast and in Beijing, China. Katie first developed a passion for grassroots activism while in college at Brown University, where she studied Political Science, and has since worked with non-profits focused on youth civic engagement and international development. Outside of getting young people fired up about voting, Katie loves spontaneous dance parties and exploring Colorado. 

Passions: strong coffee, grassroots activism, social justice, Talking Heads 



Lizzy Stephan

Executive Director
Lizzy (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Lizzy started out simply as a distant superfan of New Era for longer than she’d admit, volunteering to knock doors and register voters from time to time while a student at Colorado College. She officially joined the team in 2012 as an organizer, and then moved quickly to Organizing Director to now Deputy Director. Lizzy is the mastermind behind taking our work to a new scale, while making what we do more strategic, data-driven, and systematized. She spends a good amount of her time buried in spreadsheets for New Era, managing our program staff, planning statewide voter mobilization efforts, and the rest of it struggling to keep a handful of cacti alive. Lizzy is originally from Warwick, a small town in the Hudson Valley of New York that has a lot of apple orchards.

Passions: Sociology, election access, iced Americanos and half-sour pickles



Maggie Bryniarski

Boulder Organizer
Maggie (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Maggie grew up in a small town on the Western slope of Colorado where she got really good at driving in the snow and braving the cold. She is currently a Junior at CU Boulder pursuing degrees in integrative physiology and women’s and gender studies.  Maggie was an intern with New Era in the spring semester of her sophomore year when she quickly fell in love with field work and grassroots organizing. She is excited to share her enthusiasm for the work and get busy in the field registering allllllllllll of the voters!

Passions: equality, dad jokes, reproductive freedom, costco, when everyone gets the right event name on personal batch sheets



Molly Fitzpatrick

Organizing Director
Molly (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Molly is from the south and says y’all a whole lot. Her relationship with New Era goes way back- Molly was an intern for New Era while working on her Political Science degree at CU-Boulder. When she’s not busy pretending to be a vegetarian, you can find her trying to work through her never-ending Instapaper list, talking about women’s issues, or eating a cheeseburger.

Passions: Taboo, chocolate, and brewing Kombucha



Nawar Sattar

Denver Organizer
Nawar (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Nawar grew up in Bangladesh and spent his final two years of high school in India, where everyone insisted on changing the world. Inspired, he packed his bags and sailed for Colorado. Since completing his Bachelor’s in Political Science and Asian Studies at Colorado College, Nawar has been involved with grassroots organizing and joined the New Era Pre-reg team in March. He is excited to continue working with the best people on earth and hit up ALL the festivals in Denver.

Passions: Football (Soccer!), history, hanging out at Cheesman Park, beer, coffee



Nick Morales

Denver Organizer
Nick (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Nick was born and raised in sunny Seattle, WA, where he got involved in political advocacy as a teenager.  In 2011 He emigrated from the land of ocean and evergreens to attend Colorado College where he majored in studio art.  After graduating in 2015 and spending the summer in Seattle, Nick uprooted to Denver where he volunteered with New Era Colorado, going on to help work on their Fall Voter Registration Drive.  When he’s not registering voters, you can usually find him biking through the park or drawing strangers at cafes.

Passions: Fountain pens, whey protein, backpacking, bar trivia, Wikipedia, community outreach



Payton Quistorff

Northern Organizing Fellow
Payton (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Payton is a California girl living in a Colorado world! She spent two years at Front Range Community College and two years at Colorado State University studying Political Science – graduating in December (#millennialforhire)! She started her political involvement as a senior in high school with the expiration of reduced student loan interest rates – #dontdoublemyrates. She is passionate about what it means to live in and be a citizen in this democracy! She often has multiple jobs between her restaurant job, volunteering, working for New Era and being a full time student. She’s spunky and confident, loves to crack jokes during voter reg and try to make genuine connections with her peers. 

Passions: coffee, wine, feminism, Yahtzee, cats and dogs (I don’t discriminate), speaking in front of large crowds, minority rights, John Oliver



Rachel Baiyor

Western Organizer
Rachel (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Rachel is a true Colorado native wannabe. Hailing from the flatlands of Illinois, she rushed to Colorado as soon as she moved 18 and never looked back. A current student at CSU, Rachel is studying ecosystem science and sustainability, with minors in political science and watershed sciences. After interning with New Era back in 2014, Rachel has enthusiastically joined the team in the Western Slopes office this fall. When she isn’t registering voters, you can find Rachel climbing on things (usually rocks), dancing like a fool, and eating or thinking about eating.

Passions: playing outside, not wearing shoes, puns, coffee, science



Rafi Rahman

Boulder Organizing Fellow
Rafi (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Rafi will soon be a junior attending CU Boulder, and he has not been skiing or snowboarding, despite living next to a mountain that is covered in snow for half of the year. He cares most about issues facing the middle and lower income classes in Boulder, like minimum wage, and he is also passionate about the environmental issues facing our planet today, which is why even mentioning Xcel Energy’s name gets his blood boiling. Majoring in political science and economics, he hopes to become a lawyer after graduate school. Undeterred by his career choice, he hopes to grow into a kind and caring man, and when he’s not studying for his LSATs at age 20 (seriously, starting this early in life on such a monumental test has got to be doing something to his fragile mental state), he is playing tennis, drawing cartoons, and watching shows on Netflix. That last activity is so original that he hopes that mentioning it will set him apart at New Era.

Passions: Low-income issues, anything political, playing tennis, and sketching cartoons



Reid Haynie

Denver Organizer
Reid (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Reid has never watched Game of Thrones. He recently moved from Jackson, Mississippi to escape the heat and humidity, and to help spread democracy through the Denver metro. He graduated with a BA in History and Political Science at the University of Mississippi in May of 2016.  Before joining the New Era team, he worked as a campaign manager in a Supervisor race in Oxford, Mississippi and interned for Chism Strategies in Jackson. Music is his hobby, having played bass for the band Carlos Danger in college. He looks forward to kicking off his Denver musical endeavors and is always looking for new jam-mates.

Passions: Coffee, guitars, and Bob’s Burgers



Sally Anderson

Development Coordinator
Sally (at) neweracolorado (dot) org

Originally from North Carolina, Sally came across New Era when she made her way out west to study International Affairs and Community Studies at CU-Boulder. She’s been inspired by New Era ever since, and is looking forward to turning that passion into serious dollars as the Development Coordinator. When she’s not raising the Benjamins for New Era, you can find Sally hiking in the beautiful mountains of Colorado and eating pizza.

Passions: Amplifying the youth voice, fried foods, educational equity, and Beyonce


Sam Barthel

Northern Colorado Organizer
Sam (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Sam has lived in Colorado since his birth and has loved every second of it (except for the times he slips on ice). Sam’s first interaction with New Era was seeing a “Do It For Democracy” condom at Denver Pride and he instantly knew he loved this group.  Sam got official involved with New Era during 2014 when he interned with the Northern office. Sam is still working on completing his Bachelor degrees in Political Science and Communication Studies at CSU, but he knew he had to take a short break to work with the coolest organization in town!  When he is not watching trash reality shows and working to better our state you can find him catching Pokemon, hiking, or quietly singing show tunes while working.

Passions: Corndogs, Game of Thrones, swimming, and green tea


Steve Fenberg

Strategic Advisor
Steve (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Steve is a founder of New Era Colorado and formed the organization just after graduating from the University of Colorado. He comes to New Era with a background in local politics, labor rights, and environmental policy. Steve sits on various nonprofit boards, including ONE Colorado PAC, INVST Community Studies, and the Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable’s Steering Committee. When he isn’t strategizing new ways to engage his generation in conscious democracy, he is usually searching for a way to bring a Big Lebowski or Bob Dylan quote into the conversation of the moment.

Passions: Dark beer, coffee, NPR, political street fights, good films, pink ladies (the delicious apple variety)


Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 10.28.17 AM


Taylor Holden

Development Director
Taylor (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Taylor is a Texas Hill Country native who studied Political Science at St. Edward’s University in Austin. During and after college, she put thousands of miles on her car while running field operations across 17 counties, then spent the next several years running a major county operation that focused on empowerment campaigning, voter education and turnout, election protection, and fundraising. She’s here at New Era to raise some serious dolla dolla bills, y’all, and she’s so excited to call Denver home.

Passions: Missy Elliott, Scrabble, dancing with abandon, making democracy accessible, and whiskey



Taylor Smith

Western Slope Organizer
TaylorSmith (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Taylor was born in California but after a move to Texas about 7 years ago, she finally found her home in the lonestar state. After finishing her classes at Texas A&M University, with a degree in Political Science, she’s decided to make the long trek out to Colorado to be a member of our team during this vital election cycle. She first got acquainted with New Era in 2014 through the Democracy Fellowship Program, where she says she fell in love with the organization. While with New Era she hopes to emphasize the importance of civic engagement, political involvement, and voting in the lives of youth.

Passions: People watching at airports, pugs, potatoes, political involvement and expansion, and trying to be Leslie Knope



William Truesdell

Boulder Program Manager
William (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

After interning for New Era in 2013 for the No on 310 Campaign, William knew the organization would have trouble shaking him. It’s impossible to count with two hands how many times he’s volunteered, interned, and been on staff at New Era, so be careful – he might try to tell you a story or two. William grew up in the mountains of Colorado and got his undergraduate degree at CU-Boulder. He’s undefeated on the campaign trail, and the next time you meet him, you can ask him why the heck he worked so hard to legalize Airbnb.

Passions: power washing decks, eating apple-cider covered almonds, and showing Steve Fenberg how to catch fish



Zac Barger

Development Intern
Zac (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Zac is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he studies vocal performance at the College of Music. He also is pursuing a minor in creative writing, all the while working for Starbucks and coordinating publications at CU Presents. Having always had a passion for leadership, he got involved in the democracy scene last year (meeting a million awesome local, state, and national politicians on the way!) and hasn’t looked back. After participating in a summer internship with New Era, he is stoked to be taking on a new role with an organization near and dear to his heart. And because life for Zac is never complete unless he is chaotically busy, he also has monthly trips planned to Disney World to track down some magic and put it to good use.



Zoe Bluffstone

Field Organizer
Zoe (at) NewEraColorado (dot) org

Zoe grew up in the beautiful, hipster homeland of Portland, Oregon and graduated from Oberlin College in 2016 with a B.A. in Environmental Studies with a focus in Politics and Policy. When not putting in 116% of her energy into fighting for youth representation in democracy, she can be found singing, hiking, camping, playing the uke, or chasing down a round piece of plastic from the sky.

Passions: Ultimate Frisbee, acapella, climate and social justice, fresh orange juice, the Pacific Northwest coast, scrambling up rocks, and nice pens.