Voter engagement

As the largest young voter registration organization in Colorado, and one of the most effective in the country, we’ve helped bring about a new era of political engagement for our generation. We’ve registered almost 200,000 young voters because we know our generation’s voices need to be heard. We turn those voters out in droves because we know that when we show up, we vote for a better future. In fact, our efforts have helped Colorado achieve some of the highest young voter turnout rates in the nation—and the voters we registered turn out at rates as high as 82%. By doing this all year, every year, for elections big and small, we’re building a new generation of habitual voters who will better shape our democracy for decades to come.



How do we do it? By meeting young people wherever they are. That means we:

  • Are all over university and community college campuses and in high schools across Colorado, in at least 12 counties in major election years!
  • Frequent all your favorite local businesses with a clipboard and registration forms in hand, whether it’s an ice cream shop or a brewery, concert venue or a music festival
  • Can be found at major summer events across the state, whether it’s Pride (!!), Juneteenth, the Underground Music Showcase, a farmers’ market, or a neighborhood block party
  • Always want more ideas and local partners to expand our reach! Want to bring us to your school or business? Get in touch: info@neweracolorado.org

While we believe voting is a key part of taking control our future, we also know that the history of voting in this country is one of exclusion and oppression—and voter suppression remains all too real today. At the same time that we work to get as many people registered and to the polls as possible, we work to remove barriers to access and encourage those who aren’t eligible to vote (or are otherwise excluded) to build power, make their voices heard, and fight for justice—whether through protest, marching, community organizing, or contacting elected officials.

We’re unique because we’re peer to peer–young people working to empower other young people, which means we know our generation better than anyone. We know that we care more about issues than partisan politics, so when we register and turn out voters, we center the issues that matter most to all of us. The young people we engage—our peers—stay involved with us year-round in our political system, beyond major elections, to keep fighting for a better Colorado.

Interested it getting involved?


We work on campuses and in communities across the state, from Greeley to Pueblo, Denver to Durango, and everywhere in between. Every voter matters so we’re always looking for new ways to expand the scope of our work, reach new people, and make a bigger impact on our state.