Drive votes. Drive leaders. Drive Change. Drive well.

New Era volunteers do all kinds of things to create a more hands-on democracy. Especially these things:

Voter Engagement

We’re bringing sweet, sweet democracy to the masses. Our army of volunteers (and the occasional vote-bot) are out registering voters, turning out voters to the polls, and helping young people gain a collective political voice across the state. Whether it’s our roll-call voter registration pub crawl, a massive phonebank phiesta, or going to concerts to collect pledge-to-vote postcards, we’re out there making democracy cool again.

Learn more about our voter engagement programs here.

Building Leaders

New Era runs a year-round and hands-on leadership development program. It’s like a boot camp for grassroots politics minus the boot and the camp part. Each of the three session throughout the year teach young people how to be a citizen lobbyist, how to run a field campaign, and how to engage their peers in the democratic process.

Learn more about our leadership development program here.

Trick or Vote

Our annual costumed get-out-the-vote canvass taking place on Halloween night just a few days before election day. Hundreds of ghosts and goblins scare out the vote by knocking on thousands of doors on that one day of the year when people expect a stranger to come knocking. And then we throw biggest, baddest Halloween party in town.

Learn more about Trick or Vote here.

Candidate Survivor

The best candidate debates. Ever. It’s our freewheeling and a little wacky version of the old fashioned candidate forum. There’s dancing, there’s drinking, and a lot of awkward but funny moments. AND the audience has the chance to text message vote for their favorite candidate!

Learn more about Candidate Survivor here.

Making’ Policy

Lobbying isn’t slimy when it’s in the public interest. We draft, lobby, and pass real legislation that impacts the issues of our generation: clean energy, fair & accessible elections, equal rights, education, and the economy. Also, mud wrestling.

Learn more about our policy development here.

Bus Trips

Hundreds of volunteers hop on the New Era bus and go to a neighborhood to spend an afternoon talking to voters the old fashioned way: to their face. We register voters, we educate voters, and we pass forward-thinking ballot measures one voter at a time.

Learn more about our Bus Trips here.