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“When not trying to get local twentysomethings excited about renewable energy and other policy issues, New Era hands out ‘Vote, Fucker’ buttons and ‘Do It for Democracy’ condoms at voter registration booths. College students returning to campus in the fall when early voting starts up can expect to see red carpets outside of campus polling places and golf carts whisking voters to the polls.”

MTV News


“New Era’s quirky approach to politics is refreshing. The group’s MTV Cribs–style video of mayoral candidates’ homes this summer was the most intimate view Denver got of the potential mayors.”

5280 Magazine


“When a group of climate and renewable energy activists in Boulder, Colorado, started an Indiegogo campaign in August, they hoped to raise $40,000. A month later, the total was nearer $200,000. The Campaign for Local Power—which wants a municipal utility in the city—had hit a nerve.”

Fast Company


“Still feeling like you can’t do anything to change the world? Well, just take a look at this Colorado nonprofit’s video that has gone viral and feel that apathy just wash right out of your mind.”

Huffington Post


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