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We Need You — Campaign for Local Power Update

December 4, 2017

This email was sent to our local power supporters on April 12, 2017.


As you know, Boulder’s been working towards the creation of a locally-owned electric utility powered by clean energy for the last several years. There’s a major update in this fight—another delay from Xcel—and we need your help to keep our energy future from slipping back into Xcel’s hands.

The latest: We’re closer than ever, and a big step is coming up: Boulder’s utility formation plan is set to be heard by the utility oversight commission in Colorado. But at the 11th hour, Xcel Energy has released two business-as-usual deals to halt that process!

Now, City Council will vote on whether to abandon this next big step toward clean, local power, temporarily or otherwise.

Make no mistake: What Xcel has put on the table is a bad deal for Boulder, and is another attempt to delay our progress.

Offer #1 is to sign a 20-year contract with Xcel again, with promises—but no accountability—to help Boulder use more clean energy. Offer #2 is to buy their system out for what would amount to 2-3x the price of what it’s worth. (Um, no thank you?)

Voters have spoken loud and clear on four separate occasions that they support the campaign for local power—we’re so close, we have to stay the course.

The clock is ticking, and City Council needs to hear from you before they vote. Can you email them to say you support staying the course on municipalization?

Click that button to compose a message—that email address will go to all council members. A quick note with your name saying you support staying the course and rejecting Xcel’s offers is perfect.

If you’d like more info, click here for our full explainer: what’s happening and why we oppose the delay.

With President Trump moving to undo major climate change mitigation efforts on the federal level, the stakes have never been higher—and bold, local leadership from our community has never been more important. We can’t put our energy future back in Xcel’s hands.


Molly, Emma, and the rest of the New Era team

P.S. We need a strong showing at the City Council hearing on Monday—can you join us? Click here for more details.