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Resources for navigating your student loans 

The federal government signed this relief bill which will suspend federally held student loans through September 30, 2020. During this time student loans will not accrue interest and you can count these 6 months towards any student loan forgiveness program, such as Public Service Loan Forgiveness. We recommend you still take steps to contact your servicer and figure out the best options available to you. If your student loan servicer is not acting in your best interest you can fill out this complaint form through the CO. Attorney General’s office. 

This relief bill does not include options to temporarily suspend payments for borrowers with private student loans, borrowers owing on Perkins Loans, and commercially held FFELP (Federal Family Education Loan Program) loans.

Information for students 

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Mental Health 


  • The Health Insurance Enrollment Period has been extended
    • The Division of Insurance issued an emergency rule establishing a very short Special Enrollment Period. Anyone who is uninsured and is otherwise eligible to purchase a plan can enroll until April 2. 
  • Access to Emergency Medicaid if you are experiencing an emergency, you may be eligible for Emergency Health First Colorado. The insurance only covers emergencies and cannot be used for routine care. 
  • Center for Health Progress has created a resource list with important information for people without insurance. This list outlines many of the safety net health care clinics in Colorado, as well as information to access information, referrals, and testing.
  • Coverage options if you lose your insurance
    • COBRA: you can continue your current employer-based plan, which likely provides robust benefits, but you pay the full cost of the plan (i.e. may not be affordable for everyone)
    • Medicaid: if you lose your income/job, you may qualify for Medicaid coverage You can apply here
    • Loss of coverage qualifies you for a special enrollment period of 60 days where you can select a plan through Connect for Health Colorado (depending on income, you may qualify for tax credits to lower your monthly premiums and lower deductibles/out-of-pocket costs)
    • If you have a spouse/partner with employer-based insurance, you may be able to be added to their plan if their employer offers partner/dependent coverage.
  • Medical Care through Telehealth (NO COST)
    • In response to the growing COVID-19 in our state, Clinica Colorado is offering virtual visits by phone or video call. The visits are now FREE, and this service allows patients to receive care while maintaining the safety of all patients, family, staff, and the community. Schedule an appointment. 
  • Virtual Urgent Care
  • Concentra Information & Resources
  • Health First Colorado Nurse Advice Line. The Nurse Advice Line gives you free medical information and advice 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Talk to a nurse who will answer medical questions, give you care advice, and help you decide if you should see a provider right away. Call 800-283-3221.
  • Resources to access sexual and reproductive health services 

Economic resources and support 


Immigration Resources

Food Access and Assistance


Resources for Students Learning Remote