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Top Reasons to Vote No on 310

310 kills our clean energy goals
310 is a more radical version of TABOR, the policy that has de-funded Colorado’s education system and public services. Backers aim to do the same to Boulder’s clean energy future and tie us to dirty coal for decades. The consultants behind 310 have a history of running campaigns to defeat clean energy policies statewide and locally in Longmont.

310 is deceptive
310 was written by Xcel’s political consultants to deceive voters into protecting Xcel’s $35 million/per year in profits from Boulder. It’s an impossible “catch-22” restriction with the intention of killing our community’s clean energy goals.

310 is unecessary
Voters already implemented strict requirements for the city’s electric utility: rates and reliability must meet or beat Xcel’s while significantly expanding renewables.

310 is anti-democratic
310 represents how multi-billion dollar corporations like Xcel undermine our democracy to protect profits. 310 would overturn voters’ decisions from previous elections.