NOW HIRING: Campus Organizing Fellow at New Era Colorado

June 15, 2020

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New Era Colorado is seeking passionate, energetic part-time student organizers to advance our abortion rights campaign on campus! Fellows will work together on a small team on their college campus to lead the charge to protect abortion access, educate their peers about the issue, and combat abortion shame and stigma. These positions offer an incredible leadership and professional development opportunity at the forefront of New Era’s expanding advocacy program. 

Organizing fellows will engage in a variety of high-impact grassroots tactics to raise the visibility of abortion access as an issue among young people. They will work closely with New Era’s Advocacy Team to collect and share stories, facilitate educational events, and build a community of pro-abortion advocates. Part of this position will also include working with young people to be civically engaged to empower them and fight back against statewide initiatives aimed at threatening access to abortion.

About The Brazen Project

The widespread adoption of laws designed to restrict abortion and the increasingly polarized political climate at the national and statewide levels have left the abortion rights movement at a critical juncture in this country. At the same time, the Millennial and Gen Z generations grew to become the largest, most diverse, and most progressive generation in history—poised to exert an unprecedented impact on our democracy and our culture. As the power of youth advocacy grows on the ground, it is critical that this generation engage proactively in the fight for abortion rights and emerge as a powerful, outspoken constituency on this issue.

The Brazen Project is a Colorado-based, youth-led reproductive rights initiative. We envision a movement for reproductive freedom rooted in and informed by the real experiences of the young people we fight for. For us, this means meeting young people where they’re at and working with them to create a culture without abortion stigma, where folks are not shamed for choosing to speak up or not about their experiences, where pro-abortion advocacy on college campuses is led by students and where the people with the most institutional power are invested in supporting these efforts for the long-term. We also envision a political climate where protecting and expanding abortion access isn’t seen as a political issue but, instead, a matter of fighting for the dignity and humanity of the most marginalized communities.

This initiative aims to build the awareness, skills, and power of young people on college campuses around the state. We currently organize at CU Boulder, CSU Fort Collins, and on the Auraria campus in Denver, with student cohorts made up of 3-4 part-time Campus Organizing Fellows on each campus. Fellows are the core of the program as they lead the implementation of our abortion access education and pro-abortion conversations with their peers throughout the semester to achieve this vision. They also participate in delivering feedback and informing the strategy of the program – addressing gaps, brainstorming creative new tactics, and building this program to exist at its greatest potential.

About New Era

New Era is the leading voice for young people in Colorado politics and one of the most effective youth civic engagement organizations in the country. We work to reinvent politics for young people, mobilizing and empowering a new generation to participate in our democracy to advance progressive change. We’ve registered 200,000 young people to vote and driven record young voter turnout. We organize to advance economic justice, abortion rights, climate action, and election access. Along the way, we’ve passed student debt relief and young voter access legislation, made two viral videos (This Is Why We Vote; Campaign for Local Power), and eaten ~1 million pizzas. 

We are early on a journey to embed equity and inclusion in our organization’s day-to-day and DNA, and to transform into a truly anti-racist organization. For us, this means working to authentically center the experiences and leadership of young people of color in our program work; dismantling white supremacy within our organizational systems, policies and culture, and rebuilding anew; and ensuring that we have a thriving, diverse team of staff and board members advancing our mission. We expect all staff to engage enthusiastically in this work.

Our team is deeply dedicated to social change, and takes the work very seriously—but not ourselves. We’ll never miss an opportunity to get a zoomed-in screenshot of you making a weird face in a group photo (and turn it into a Slack emoji) and we hope you have an HBO login to share. We truly believe in the power of young people. Get to know us: Our website | Our Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Job Responsibilities

  • Abortion Stigma Education | Educate students on campus about abortion access in an inclusive manner through peer-to-peer conversations. Utilize tactics such as tabling, comment card collection, planning and facilitating events aimed to recruit, train and empower advocates to talk about abortion, and other tactics in order to meet young people where they are at. 
  • Outloud Pro-Abortion Presence | Be a consistent and recognizable pro-abortion presence on campus, using visibility tactics such as working with campus media, putting up flyers/posters around campus, and distributing branded materials such as our stickers and pins.
  • Drive Culture Change | Contribute to changing campus culture by leading actions that support abortion access and challenge anti-abortion groups on campus and statewide.
  • Build Power | Maintain a base of actively engaged volunteers, supporters, and student leaders who can educate and organize their peers around abortion through recruitment, regular communication/outreach, and training.


  • Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion | A deep commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion through and within our organization and a demonstrated ability to think critically about your own identity and work respectfully and collaboratively across different identities – especially racial identities 
  • A Commitment to Equitable Abortion Access | Demonstrates a deep commitment to advancing access to abortion in an inclusive manner, acknowledges that barriers to access have disporportionate impacts on marginalized communities and is eager to build their knowledge through educational trainings 
  • Commitment to New Era and young people’s ability to build power  | Demonstrates enthusiasm for the mission of New Era, the issues we work on (climate, abortion rights, election access, and economic justice), and our theory of change
  • Enthusiastic about field work and organizing | A passion for engaging young people face-to-face on college campuses and in the community, through regular tabling and organizing. Demonstrated willingness to recruit and form relationships with young people, build volunteers into leaders, and create a respectful, inclusive political home for young people 
  • Team Player | Demonstrated willingness to be a part of and work collaboratively with a cohesive team in a supportive and positive way – with a commitment to fostering an empowering work culture and team environment
  • Resourceful and highly organized problem solver who is a strong owner of the work |  Demonstrated ability to be a strong owner of their work, show strong initiative in making improvements to our work, set high standards for individual and team performance, work and problem solve independently
  • Flexible and Adaptable | Demonstrated ability to work in a flexible and fast-paced environment with constantly changing circumstances. Ability and willingness to work nontraditional hours, including evenings and weekends as needed, to meet young people where they are and when they’re free

Please note: we care more about your desire to do the work than whether you have formal or informal experience. We do not require formal education or organizing experience. We encourage you to submit your application if this job excites you! 

Position Details

This is a part-time, seasonal position that begins in mid-August and ends in December, with opportunities to stay on for up to three semesters. This position requires that you be a student at one of the three campuses we organize on; CU Boulder, CSU Fort Collins or the Auraria campus in Denver. Pay is $16 per hour, with 10-13 hours of work expected per week. Preferred start date is a week before classes begin. New Era Colorado is an equal opportunity employer. We welcome applications from all, and strongly encourage women, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees and LGBTQ people to apply.

How to Apply

Use this google form to submit your application materials (application questions + your resume). No phone calls please.

COVID-19 Statement

New Era Colorado prioritizes the safety of its staff above all else. As we plan for our eventual return to field work, we base our internal decision making process on guidance from world health experts, the state, and local school districts. Our staff currently operates on an entirely remote basis. Until we are confident in our ability to send teams into the field with required PPE and comprehensive personal safety protocol, we will continue to do so