Forward. Thinking. Policy.

Lobbying isn’t slimy when it’s in the public interest. We draft, lobby, and pass real legislation that impacts the issues of our generation: clean energy, fair & accessible elections, equal rights, education, and the economy. Also, mud wrestling.

Some policies we’ve been known to have our little paws in:

Online Voter Registration
The New Era intern class in 2009 wrote and lobbied to successfully pass HB1160, the bill that created the option for Coloradoans to register to vote online. It’s now responsible for registering more than 150,000 voters across the state.

Voter Preregistration2013-05-10-1
Sweet 16 = even sweeter, now that Colorado’s got voter preregistration! We passed this bill to allow 16- and 17-year-olds to preregister to vote. On these new voters’ 18th birthdays, their registation automatically activates!

Colorado ASSET
A bill to provide in-state tuition rates for undocumented students that have graduated from Colorado public high schools. It finally passed during the 2013 legislative session!

SmartRegs (AKA Renters with Benefits)3633479164_7e574d85d5_o
A city policy to create the first energy efficiency standards for rental units in the nation.

Fake Doctors for Real Reform
Often referred to as just “health care reform.” We educated young people on the federal health care reform bill and provided opportunities to take action and have their voice heard on the issue.

Campaign for Local PowerLocal power volunteers
We helped lead the campaign to create a municipal electric utility in the city of Boulder. Boulder became the first city in the country to create a municipal utility for the sole purpose of increasing renewable energy! We helped pass 2B & 2C to drive this effort in 2011, and defeated a sneaky attempt to undermine it in 2013.