The Young Guns. That are smarter than anyone else at New Era.

BAM. This is the crew that gets it done. They register voters. They lobby policy. They knock on doors. They recruit volunteers. They put on candidate debates. Real slackers, huh?

The Denver New Era Interns:

Janet Najar is currently a sophomore that just transferred to Metropolitan State University. Some issues that she’s passionate about are climate change, education, healthcare, and immigration. An interesting fact about her is that she could eat a whole pizza by herself… literally. On her free time, she likes to read, play soccer, and draw. She joined the New Era team because she wants to learn and get more involved in politics and believes that every person should exercise their right to vote.

Paulina Venzor is a sophomore at University of Colorado Denver majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish. She wants to pursue a career in Art Therapy. She is passionate about education, immigration, and mental health issues. When she’s procrastinating from her responsibilities (which is the majority of the time), she spends time with her French poodle Bubbles watching Netflix. She decided to intern with New Era Colorado after witnessing other interns and volunteers jamming out to Beyonce while registering people to vote. She loved the energy they had and wanted to be part of it.

Dassi Karp is a senior Barnard College, where she History and Political Science. She is especially interested in the ways American public history is formed, shared, and claimed as national truths. Originally from Chicago and a proud Midwesterner, she’s still not quite sure how mountains work. She likes dancing–especially tap dancing–writing, and roasting vegetables. She loves metaphors, watching bad stand-up comedy, listening to an absurd amount of podcasts, and has never tweeted anything. She thinks that voting is one of the few features of American life that express themselves as both a privilege and a responsibility, and will argue with anyone who says that their vote doesn’t count.

Jessica Kabala is a political science major with a minor in French at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She is planning on going to law school to become an immigration lawyer. She is passionate about immigration and health issues. She is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and she moved to the states for school. She speaks seven languages and loves learning about new languages and new cultures. She wanted to intern with New Era Colorado because she believes that young people are the ones who will lead America in the future, to get experience and she also thought it will be fun. She loves reading and loves watching Netflix, while eating apples with peanut butter. She loves peanut butter, she also eats it with oatmeal.

Eunsol Kim is a senior at UCD majoring in International Relations. She wanted to intern at New Era because it seemed like a great experience and also a fun way to be active in society. She is passionate about getting better rights for people in prisons and better rights for those with disabilities. She cares about international human rights in general as well. She eats Hot Cheetos or Takis daily, puts hot sauce on everything and eats limes like an orange. She is obsessed with Boxing and owns all the Rocky movies.

Grace Oh-Willeke is a sophomore at Colby College majoring in Environmental Science. She loves hiking and rock climbing. She’s still trying to get the nickname “Junior Ranger Grace” to stick. (She swears she has the badge to prove it.) Grace is passionate about voting accessibility, reproductive rights, healthcare, education, and climate change. She firmly believes that young people can and should vote. She’s excited to help empower her peers as an intern this summer.

Halle Gerash is a rising senior at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. She is majoring in Gender and Women’s Studies with a minor in Social Service. She plans on eventually going to graduate school to get a Masters in Social Work (MSW degree), and doing social work of some kind (she doesn’t know what field yet because she is extremely indecisive). She is passionate about so many different social justice issues it is kind of overwhelming, but the main ones include women’s reproductive rights, and economic and social justice. She definitely wants to be an activist and affect real change, and New Era is an organization that does just that. In her free time, she likes to annoy her cat, Dexter (who is definitely not her biggest fan), sleep in really late, and watch the old TV series M*A*S*H (she has the entire box set, and fully understands that the show is before her time).

Jordyn Chappell is a junior in Environmental Design at CU Boulder. She cares about literally every single environmental and social issue that America faces and often gets incredibly baffled by what Twitter trolls say about said issues. She is very passionate about almost everything, which can get very exhausting, and is particularly passionate about the arts, music, fashion, film, religion, the design process, food, more food, and again, every single issue America faces. She’s at New Era Colorado is because she knows that young people especially are incredibly important in deciding America’s future, and can and will make the changes they wish to see because young people are such a strong force. She also knows that in order for young people to make the change they wish to see, they sometimes need a little support and encouragement, or even just an easy, accessible resource.

Sophie Hoyt is a rising senior at Earlham College, where she majors in Peace and Global Studies and will somehow write a thesis this fall. She hopes to pursue refugee resettlement work in the future. Sophie has been interested in the democratic process since she was seven, when she assisted her parents in door-to-door canvassing (she was super helpful). She is passionate about fighting the many intersecting types of inequality embedded in U.S. society, and empowering those who have historically been denied a voice. She joined New Era Colorado to help make voting as accessible as possible. She enjoys eating hummus, thinking about cats, and staying hydrated.

Maggie Foa is a senior at Arapahoe High. She loves living in Colorado, and spends her spare time hiking and mountain biking. She is extremely enthusiastic about bagels and banana Laffy Taffys. She lived in London last year and became interested in politics and activism by comparing the two countries systems. She is extremely excited to intern for New Era this summer!

The Boulder New Era Interns:

Jaeyoung Jin, also known as Jinny, is entering her junior year at CU Boulder to pursue a bachelors in environmental studies and a minor in statistics. She is passionate about environmental issues (well duh) and social justice. Once graduating, she plans on earning her JD to work in the environmental sector and represent an overexploited, underrepresented system. Jinny sees working for New Era as an opportunity to meet other interns who come from varying backgrounds and care about civic engagement while getting a taste of what it’s like to do public outreach. Although she’s 20 going on 21, she barely knows how to ride a bike, and is infamous for crashing when coaxed into going on rides. Bonus fact: Takis, Ben & Jerry’s, and Redbull make for very productive last-minute, study food. You’re welcome.

Kevin Nguyen is just your typical Colorado kid. He enjoys going on hikes, playing basketball, and taking in the Colorado air. Even though he was born in Denver and has spent his entire life in Colorado, he’s absolutely terrible at snowboarding and always embarrasses himself on the slopes (at this point I’m not even sure why he keeps trying). Currently a Junior at CU Boulder, Kevin is double majoring in Political Science and Economics. The environment and racial equality are issues that he firmly believes the world should be taking seriously. He loves to listen to music and some of his favourite music includes anything Kanye has worked on, ASAP Rocky, & Childish Gambino. Recently Kevin has taken up cooking and has been known to make a mean cup ramen. Some of his skills include binge watching an entire TV series in a night, sarcastic comments in passing, and winning hypothetical arguments in his head.

Rachel Kline is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder where she is double majoring in environmental studies and sociology. She is most passionate about environmental equality and hopes to use New Era as a resource to become more involved with the policy side of environmental/climate justice. In her free time she enjoys hiking with her dog, Regina, as well as attending as many concerts as she can during the summer, some of which include Umphrey’s McGee, Dead & Company, and The Wood Brothers (you get the gist). Rachel is also an avid Harry Potter nerd and is still waiting on her letter to Hogwarts that *obviously* got lost in the mail all those years ago.

Abby Hejmanowski is a senior in high school who is very passionate about refugee and women’s rights. Some have been known to say that she is “too passionate” (psh, like that’s a thing) and needs to “calm down” (never gonna happen). She is very gifted when it comes to tripping over the invisible debris that litters the ground and running into tables and doors, so much so that if it were an olympic sport (which it should be) she would certainly win. When she’s not causing catastrophic chain-reactions due to said gift Abby is either playing with her little brothers (which has proven to be quite dangerous) or going over every detail in Marvel movies with her nerdy friends. Abby is here to get hands on experience with democracy and leadership while making an impact on the community and (hopefully) the country.

Sydney Horn is a relieved senior in high school who is passionate about all things human rights, social issues and history in general. Her friends hope that she soon finds an outlet for her energy and sometimes intensity for these topics, since they can’t take it anymore. She hopes to one day make a difference for the better in the world. When she isn’t annoying her friends and family about all the weird stuff that a bunch of dead guys did 300 years ago, she enjoys riding horses (don’t worry, she’s not that horse girl), watching whatever she possibly can online and searching for new music since she routinely gets bored of her music taste. She isn’t from Colorado, and has lived in Maryland and California, but has learned to love the mountains (although Maryland is her favorite sorry, I mean come on they have the ocean ya can’t beat the ocean). She is here because she wants to make a positive impact on the world as well as learn about democracy, and maybe even meet some people who won’t roll their eyes at her when she starts talking about her favorite historical figures.

Morgan Hess is a junior history major at Macalester College in Minnesota, and enjoys going on long rants about medieval England and dance history, much to the chagrin of her poor roommates. In addition to history, she’s also studying Swedish, because why not? She’s especially passionate about reproductive rights and ending the idiotic practice of declawing cats, as well as snuggling with her own five fur babies whenever she gets the chance. She also loves going on night runs (while listening to classical music, of all things), and is an expert on avoiding icy sidewalks and looking like a lumpy polar bear in her Minnesota winter running clothes. She’s at New Era to learn how the political system can be made more accessible to young people, and to work with its awesome, energetic humans who know how to get stuff done.

Erin Ozel is a Junior at the University of Colorado at Boulder majoring in International Affairs and minoring in Urban Planning and Scandinavian Studies on the Pre-Law track. She is passionate about traveling and getting to know other cultures which is why she came from Washington DC to study in Boulder! She is passionate about the importance of every citizen’s ability to vote and knows personally the effects when that right is taken away which is why she wanted to intern with New Era. She is the first American in her family who all come from Turkey (the country not the bird on your Thanksgiving table). Erin was a coxswain on the men’s varsity team this past year, a women’s novice coxswain her freshman year and on the CU Alpine Ski team. She is excited to be studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark next semester but not excited to try their national delicacy pickled fish. She hopes to practice her Swedish across the bridge in Sweden and plans immerse herself in Viking culture and hygge.

Charley Whitman is a rising junior at New York University studying public policy and Spanish. She joined New Era to kickstart in other young people the passion she shares for democratic participation with the hope of activating the massive untapped political power that her generation holds. She is most passionate about criminal justice reform, environmental justice and animal rights. Although she studies in the big apple, she hasn’t lost her love for the outdoors and is an avid backpacker and cat-napper… with her cat, of course.

Corrie McKenna is in her final semester at CU Boulder, where she studies International affairs and Russian language and culture. Following graduation she plans on enrolling in a Ph.D program in political science, with an emphasis on international relations. Inspired by her research into Brexit and witnessing the Catalan referendum for independence during her semester abroad in Spain, she joined New Era Colorado to begin gaining an understanding of the work that goes into policy issues she is passionate about. She is most passionate about reproductive rights, environmental protection, and foreign policy issues. When she is not interning or working she enjoys reading, baking, traveling, sick burns, and trying to piece together/understand literally anything that happened on Westworld this season (Seriously, if you understand she would love an explanation!).

Connor Spence is a cool guy. A rising high school senior, his mind is racing with ways to make the world a better (and cooler) place. Connor can be thought of as a younger, better looking Jason Bourne. Dissatisfied with his government, he is passionate about cleansing politics of corruption and improving effectiveness through increased participation from the public and decreased bickering in Congress. To strengthen the comparison, Connor is learning multiple languages and plans on working in government and/or the intelligence community (shhh, they don’t really like for you to mention that). In his free time, Connor stabs assassins in the hand with pens that are laying around.

Carmen Mabee is a former Army Brat and soon to be graduate of University of Colorado Boulder majoring in Sociology and Communication. Carmen is fascinated by the social world and is passionate about education reform, mass incarceration, racial inequality, and youth engagement in community organizing. Carmen joined New Era to indulge her passion for talking to strangers and participating in democracy. When she’s not interning at New Era, you can find Carmen pondering the meaning of life with her dog friends and eating raw cookie dough because YOLO.

Pano Garry is a rising sophomore at Emory University. He cares a lot about environmental issues, education, and the growing income inequality in the United States. He joined New Era since he believes that the organization provides a great opportunity to reach out to numerous people in his community in order to help them become more involved in the democratic process. He is also a competitive cyclist and triathlete and dedicates an inordinate amount of time to these pursuits. He used to be fluent in Spanish and thinks that if he watches enough telenovelas he will be able to return to his previous proficiency.

Quinton Center will be a senior in the astrophysics department at CU Boulder in the fall. While his area of study has little to do with politics, that does not stop him from pursuing state and national level politics as some kind of freakish hobby. He is passionate about education, healthcare, and increasing voter turnout for all elections. Outside of work and school, he enjoys music, and is an electric guitar and piano player, playing every genre from jazz to death metal. He is insistent that death metal (and all metal for that matter) is not as scary as it sounds.