The Young Guns. That are smarter than anyone else at New Era.

BAM. This is the crew that gets it done. They register voters. They lobby policy. They knock on doors. They recruit volunteers. They put on candidate debates. Real slackers, huh?

The Denver New Era Interns:

Hilal Bahcetepe is a senior at the Metropolitan State University of Denver majoring in political science and minoring in philosophy. She enjoys reading, painting, watching films, and spending time with family. She enjoys basketball and baseball games while pretending like she knows what’s going on. She wanted to work for New Era to advocate for issues like economic justice for the lower/middle class, student debt, the environment, and women’s rights and get young people involved in the voting process and political engagement.

Sahana Duff is a junior at University of Colorado Denver, majoring in Biochemistry on the Pre-Medicine track. She is originally from New York City, but has lived in Colorado for the majority of her life. As an aspiring gynecologist, Sahana is incredibly passionate about reproductive rights, sex education, and equality amongst all genders, sexual orientations, and beliefs. Although most of her life is comprised of science and (just recently) being a New Era intern, she also loves reading a good book, exploring new coffee shops, travelling, and playing with her kitten. Sahana became an intern at New Era to make a difference and to spread the new knowledge she’s gaining among her peers.

The Boulder New Era Interns:

Stephanie Morita is a freshman at the University of Colorado Boulder majoring in International Affairs and minoring in Russian. From Fort Collins, Stephanie enjoys coffee, movies, and hiking. When she isn’t trying to figure out how to spell in Russian (the word for International affairs is международные отношения) you can probably find her outside or binge-watching Friends for the 3rd time. Stephanie got involved with New Era Colorado because she wanted to be apart of holding repersentitives accountable for the promisie they make and showing why young people should get involved with politics.

Austin Gut is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder. He is majoring in History and Political Science, and is hoping to attend Law school. He is most passionate about climate change and immigration. When he is not with New Era he is either playing sports, watching football, or watches reruns of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Grace Brunstrom is a freshman at the CU Boulder. She recently transferred from the University of Hawaii. She is majoring in Political Science with a minor in Environmental Studies. She wants to pursue a career in international relations or become an environmental lawyer. She joined New Era to bring attention to issues she’s passionate about. She doesn’t have a sense of smell, but don’t think that affects her relationship with food — she’ll eat everything.

Mackenzie Gilchrist is a freshman at CU Boulder, majoring in International affairs and political science. She is originally from Houston, Texas and came to Colorado for the beautiful mountains and of course, the snow! Mackenzie is most interested in climate change, women’s reproductive rights, and equal civil justice for all. She joined New Era to encourage other people her age to get more involved and participate in democracy! When she’s not at New Era or in school, you can find her traveling around the world…or in bed watching netflix.

Olivia Manke is a senior at University of Colorado, Boulder studying Environmental Studies. She is passionate about climate change issues and sustainability. When she is not working at New Era you can find her hiking, watching buzzfeed tasty videos (that she’ll never actually make), or at a concert. Her favorite animals are giraffes because they have weird tongues and her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because there’s mashed potatoes.

Dana Villareal is a sophomore student at CU Boulder planning to major in International Affairs and Education. She is from Austin Texas, therefor Colorado winters are a struggle for her. Dana is interested in economic justice and education reform. Dana’s best friend is her cat Rudy who is adorable and very loud. She is very excited about being an intern for New Era because she loves all the outreach they do.

Although Danielle Grimm may look like the smallest freshperson on campus, she is a twenty three year old writer and long-suffering hockey fan from Buffalo, New York. Her mission to enable inclusive representation across all aspects of life, not to mention the Grimm family mantra “Vote early, vote often!”, fuels both her involvement with New Era and her creative process. She wants to encourage the intersection of process and protest within the democratic system, and moreover, Danielle really wants Daisy Ridley to call her.

Kristen Balke is a senior at the University of Colorado. She is a Colorado native majoring in psychology with a minor in history, and hopes to pursue a career in journalism. She’s passionate about climate change, reproductive rights, and immigration policy. She spends way too much time listening to podcasts and watching Netflix. She is at New Era to help other individuals learn about current events and make a difference by actively taking part in our democracy.

Rudy Joon is a sophomore at CU Boulder studying Strategic Communications with a focus in Media Design which is a fancy way of saying she loves to create art through advertisements. As a Michigan native, she will always have a place in her heart for the great lakes, but recently has fallen in love with the mountains. If it were up to her, she would have an unlimited popcorn and kale chips at her demand. She is interested in protecting the environment and fighting for women’s rights. As an intern for new era, she wants to show her peers the power of their voice.

Allison Thamm is a junior at University of Colorado Boulder, where she is majoring in International Affairs with a minor in Spanish. She is passionate about women’s rights and the climate change. Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, and it shows, she loves skiing, hiking, playing tennis, and never count her out for a party. I am here at New Era because I wanted to learn about the ins and outs of local government, along with wanting to make a difference in this beautiful state.

Max Morrow is a junior at Alexander Dawson High school. He has lived in Connecticut, Oregon, Michigan, and Colorado. He enjoys the outdoors and is interested in science, especially environmental science, and wants to do something to combat climate change in the future. When he has free time you can find him playing sports or being in nature. He also enjoys playing board games and watching tv shows. He joined New Era as an intern so that he can help to make a difference in the future.