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Excitement and Thanks: Announcing our search for an Executive Director!

August 7, 2019
Group wearing colorful costumes poses with balloons that say "40,000" above them

Big news! Our Executive Director, Lizzy Stephan, has decided that it will soon be time for her to move on to new challenges—so we’re initiating a passing of the torch! You can read our board’s announcement of our Executive Director search process below, read a note from Lizzy about her decision here, and check out the job description here.


We’re writing with exciting news: we’re announcing a search for New Era’s next Executive Director!

It’s bittersweet news, too: after 7+ years with New Era, including over 3 years as our Executive Director, Lizzy Stephan has decided that the time is right for her to initiate a passing of the torch. We’re grateful to Lizzy for planning a thoughtful transition, staying at the helm for the next several months while we search far and wide for our next great leader.

Lizzy has written her own note to you as well (click here to view), but the Board also wants to recognize her outstanding leadership and steadfast commitment to New Era’s values and mission over the years. Under Lizzy’s leadership, we’ve seen unprecedented growth in the organization and together, we’ve built on our already impressive track record:

  • We’ve registered 100,000 voters in the last two election cycles alone, bringing our total registrants to just shy of 200,000 since 2006.
  • This year, we passed policies to bring oversight to the student loan servicer industry, guarantee voter service centers and mail ballot dropboxes on 21 campuses, and allow 17-year-olds to vote in primaries if they’ll be 18 by the general.
  • Young voter turnout has surged, achieving historic increases in 2018, and accordingly, we’ve seen young people (including our alumni!) step into powerful roles at all levels of government across the state.

We can say unabashedly that youth power has arrived in Colorado. Our next Executive Director will have a unique opportunity to lead the organization as we solidify that power in our democracy and fight for economic justice, abortion rights, climate action and election access. In particular, we want to emphasize and uplift the role our next leader will play in leading our efforts to embed equity and inclusion in our organization’s day-to-day and DNA.

New Era board and staff members have worked together to articulate what we’re looking for in our next leader: we seek a strategic thinker and top-notch manager with a demonstrated commitment to anti-racism work. We’re so excited to share the job description with you today, and we hope that you’ll help us out by sharing it widely:

The stakes have never been higher for our work, and we know the youth power that New Era embodies will be a critical force in 2020. We won’t be missing a beat and know that we’ll be stronger than ever in our organization’s next chapter. A healthy transition needs healthy support—so please lean in, continue to introduce our work to your networks, and plan to be with us every step of the way this year and through 2020.

We couldn’t be more excited about what the future holds for New Era and for youth power in our state. Onward!

-The New Era Board of Directors
Amanda Gonzales, Andy Jacob, Brittany Pettersen, Daniel Ramos, Erin Egan, Feven Netsanet, Joanne Schwartz, Karla Gonzales Garcia, Mansur Gidfar, Nick Passanante, Nina Kadjar, PJ Hoberman and Rob DuRay