Colorado Votes Act: 17-Year-Olds Vote!

We worked last legislative session to pass the Colorado Votes Act, which allows 17-year-olds who will turn 18 by the general election to vote in primaries. This is a huge victory for young people. If you can vote in the general election, you should have a say in the candidates. This is the first year these changes go into effect, so keep reading to find out everything you need to know in order to participate.

17 Year Olds Vote!
17 Year
Olds Vote!
How to vote in the Colorado primaries

The final day of voting in the presidential primary is Tuesday, March 3, 2020—do it before 7PM to make sure your vote is counted. You can start voting on February 10. Your options are to mail your ballot back, drop it off, or vote in person! You can find voter service and polling center and dropbox locations here.

A primary election determines which candidate from a political party will be that party’s nominee for each office for the November election. It narrows down the pool from multiple candidates to one single candidate for each party.

This year, voters not affiliated with any party can also get in on the action. However, only the Republican and Democratic parties are holding primary elections this year, so you need to be affiliated with one of those two major parties or unaffiliated—minor parties will not be receiving primary ballots this year.

If you’re affiliated/registered with the Democratic or Republican party as long as your voter registration is up to date, you will automatically receive that party’s ballot in the mail (ballots are mailed out February 10th). To vote, mail your ballot back (by February 25th), drop it off at any dropbox in the state or at any Voter Service Center in your county or go vote in person.

If you’re an unaffiliated or “independent” voter and your voter registration is up to date, and you did not request a specific party’s primary ballot when you registered to vote, you will automatically receive a Democratic and a Republican primary ballot in the mail. You may only vote ONE of these ballots for your vote to count!

Important Dates

Presidential Primary

June 1st
The deadline to withdraw your party affiliation or to affiliate with a different party for the primary

June 8th
Last day to register to vote with a Voter Registration Drive

June 8th-22nd
Ballots for the state primary are mailed ot registered voters

June 22nd
Last day to register to vote online and get mailed a ballot

June 22nd-30th
Voter Service and Polling Centers are open during this range so you can vote in person

June 30th
State primary election day! You can vote in-person anytime between 7am and 7pm or drop your ballot off at a dropbox
More details here!