Get in on it: intern with New Era.

New Era interns on National Voter Registration Day

Apply to intern in Denver or Boulder!

We’ve got spring, summer, and fall internship programs in Denver and Boulder that train the next generation of young leaders through an intensive, hands-on leadership development program.

The program’s curriculum is a combination of classroom setting instruction and on-the-ground grassroots work that includes issue education, voter registration, volunteer recruitment, and get-out-the-vote strategies. Dozens of former participants now work at the Colorado Capitol, in congressional offices, and at other public interest nonprofit organizations.

Our leadership program has three goals:

Make an immediate impact. Interns engage voters and advocate for policies that impact Colorado’s political landscape.
Develop leaders for the long term. We’re the beginning of a leadership pipeline, exposing interns to a network of organizations and relationships to give them a running start at careers in politics and the public interest.
Incubate creative and innovative ideas. An intern-led process of developing and choosing policy ideas leads to real change that impacts lives and our state.

Interested in applying?

We’re now accepting applications for the New Era internship program. This isn’t your average college internship. You won’t be fetching coffee or alphabetizing any files (but, it does help if you know your alphabet.)

• Gain skills through a mix of both classroom setting and on the ground action
• Obtain a thorough understanding of the mechanics of the legislative and political system
• Learn how to use new media tools to get your voice heard and engage thousands of people
• Utilize both online and offline forms of outreach for grassroots action
• Organize lobby days at the Colorado Capitol
• Build community organizing campaigns to impact top-level policies
• Learn from guest speakers and seasoned politicos on how to lobby, run grassroots campaigns, and enact change on a state-level

To apply…

Submit this application, and then send a completed resume (if you’ve got one) to

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