Forward on local power!


Exciting news: Boulder City Council voted 6-3 last night to stay the course on the campaign for local power!

This means we’ll continue with the utility formation process hearings at the Public Utilities Commission. Council members spoke of the weaknesses in Xcel’s offers, and listened to the overwhelming supportive crowds at the rally and the hearing. Forward on local power!

Thank you to everyone who wrote, posted, showed up, and spoke in favor of staying the course on local power.

The work continues: Now, we need your support at the Public Utilities Commission, which is hearing Boulder’s utility formation plans. They need to know we’re watching and care about them protecting Boulder’s right to municipalize!

Can you send a message to the Public Utilities Commission to support the next step?

A short and sweet note is best, thanking them for their work and asking that they please support Boulder’s constitutional right to form a municipal electric utility! Time is of the essence, so please email them today.

It’s up to the Commission to make Boulder’s constitutional right “real” by creating a realistic path for local power. There are 29 municipal utilities already in Colorado—so this isn’t a new concept—but the Commission has to show the way.

Email the Commission and let them know that you support municipalization in Boulder and defining a path for local power to happen in other communities (short notes are best!).

As a part of the Boulder community, you are leading the charge on climate action with local power as the model. The rest of the country is watching, ready to follow. Let’s go!


-New Era


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