New Era Colorado’s statement on Xcel Energy’s “Best and Final Offer”

March 31, 2017

Boulder, CO—The city of Boulder today released Xcel Energy’s “best and final offer,” two options for a potential settlement in the municipalization process. The following is a statement from Molly Fitzpatrick, Organizing Director with New Era Colorado:

“Boulder’s voters have consistently expressed their support for the creation of a local electric utility and a collective commitment to reducing our contributions to climate change by creating a clean energy future for the city. Though Boulder has a constitutional right to municipalize, Xcel has delayed and obstructed the municipalization process since its inception. We should be skeptical that Xcel’s “best and final offer” is anything more than business as usual. As we evaluate the options on the table, the most important outcome is that Boulder is able to meet our goal of 100% renewable energy by 2030 and gain more control over our own energy future. Now, more than ever—as President Trump rolls back our nation’s most significant steps towards addressing global climate change—bold solutions are needed on the local level to tackle the climate crisis and our community must continue to lead. Returning to the status quo would be unacceptable for our community, our country, and future generations.”


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