Big news on the Campaign for Local Power!


Yesterday, the City of Boulder took a major step forward by submitting their revised plan to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to create a locally-owned, renewable electric utility.

It’s big news: this filing shows that the city has never been in a stronger position to prevail over Xcel Energy’s obstructionist tactics of the last 5 years.congratulations-boulder

Let’s get technical: This filing represents the culmination of years of research and planning done by a world-class team of engineers, former regulators, policy analysts, and legal experts.

For 5 years, Xcel’s been dragging out this fight, blocking the city’s progress and stalling on providing key information that the city needed to complete their plan.

The PUC ordered Xcel to release that information, so the city was able to complete a detailed plan to separate from Xcel Energy while meeting the voter-approved requirements: increased renewable energy, the same or better reliability as Xcel Energy, at the same or better rates than what Xcel currently offers.

This moment, right here, represents a key milestone in Boulder becoming a world-renowned laboratory for innovation in the clean energy sector, and a model for tackling climate change across the country.

Xcel Energy has been dragging out this fight, rather than listen to the will of voters in both 2011 and 2013. Help us counteract their misinformation by spreading the word of this incredible milestone.

Stay tuned,

New Era

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