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In 2011, Xcel Energy spent $1 million trying to maintain their monopoly on Boulder’s energy. But in the end, they lost.

In an epic win, Boulder voters approved to municipalize the city’s energy supply–the first time a city ever did that explicitly to create a model for cleaner energy.

Now Xcel stands to lose $35 million in profits each year.  So they’re back for more and are willing to spend whatever it takes to reverse the will of the voters.

How? By coming up with their own baloney ballot for Boulderites to vote on this November.

After polling potential ballot language three separate times, Xcel and their front group “Voter Approval of Debt Limits” have collected petitions to introduce a misleading ballot measure that would kill the city’s ability to create a greener, more affordable electric utility. And the worst part is that they’re pretending the measure is just simply about city debt limits.

Why be so shady? Because Xcel knows the facts aren’t on their side. The city’s modeling has so far shown Boulder could provide cleaner energy at the same or better rates.

Chip In

Can you chip in to support our grassroots campaign?

It’s time to act. In 2011, New Era’s army of organizers and volunteers took on Xcel despite being outspent 10-to-1. The fact is, we out-knocked them, we out-dialed them, and we out-organized them. They may have the war chest, but we have the army.

We’ve already started talking to Boulder voters about the implications this measure would have on the city’s energy future, but we need your support to keep moving forward.

This is a battle with national implications: At least two other city councils—neighboring Lafayette, Colorado and even the home of Xcel Energy headquarters, Minneapolis, are studying Boulder’s municipalization policy and considering emulating it. A victory this fall would turn Boulder into a national model.

Boulder is a strong community that refuses to be bought out by a corporation. Help us by donating whatever you can to make sure we stand up against corporate control of our elections.


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