Meet the Democracy Fellows!

We’ve got 14 fresh faces joining us at New Era this summer for the first year of our fulltime summer fellowship program, Democracy Fellows!

These fellows will work their tails off all summer, fine-tuning their leadership skills while learning and applying the principles of grassroots organizing. They’ll register you to vote. They’ll get you to volunteer. They’ll charm your socks of. And…they’ll all be president someday.

This crew is taking New Era to a whole new level! Read all about ’em here–spoiler alert: they’re a seriously talented bunch.

Here are their glamour shots in a super solid collage we made on our iPhone–check it:

The Real World: Democracy Fellows [2013 edition]

Want to meet ’em? Of course you do. We’re keeping all 14 of them busy this week, but they’ll be marching along side the bus, Tiny Dancer, on Sunday in Denver’s Pride Parade. You should obviously sign up to attend.



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