Go home, Xcel. Decline to sign!

Xcel Energy is up to no good once again. They’re* attempting to place a ballot measure on the Boulder ballot that would effectively kill the city’s ability to make an informed decision about creating a greener, more affordable electric utility. This confusing and misleading ballot measure is a textbook example of how corporations attempt to influence and undermine our democracy.

They’re showing our community that they’ll stop at nothing to protect their profits.

Tell Xcel to stop undermining our local process that voters already approved. It’s time for an energy future that’s based on innovation, not corporate control.

Petitioners will be collecting signatures throughout our community to place their initiative on the ballot—they’ll most likely be willing to say anything in order to meet their quotas and get paid.

Take the pledge: decline to sign Xcel’s misleading petition.

Let’s send a message loud and clear: Xcel, get your hands off our democracy!

*At least 3 of the 5 “concerned citizens” filing the petition were lobbyists, one of which is the former director of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association—the industry’s main lobbying entity. Another is a lobbyist who has represented the insurance, gas, and car industry. According to the Daily Camera, the leader of the citizen’s group just move to and registered to vote in Boulder 2 days before filing the ballot measure paperwork with the city!

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