What just happened.

After 120 days of getting sh*t done, our legislative session ended last week. What our legislators just accomplished is huge, and that’s an understatement.

Colorado’s moving forward in a big way and has A LOT to be proud of. Below are our favorite things from the session–we had our hand in more than a few of ‘em, and New Era interns and volunteers testified in favor of most:

Democracy wins: Colorado just got itself a 21st century, inclusive elections system that will give all Colorado voters a ballot & a choice of how to turn it in. And, now we can register to vote through Election Day. Huzzah!

Even more voter access: 16- & 17-year-olds can preregister to vote starting this fall (sweet 16, indeed), and universities will start linking to online voter registration from online course registration. Young voters for the win.

One signature away from more renewables: The House & Senate passed a renewable energy standard increase for rural Colorado–and now it’s up to our Governor to seal the deal. Click here to tell Governor Hickenlooper to sign the darn thing.

Civil unions = law of the land: As of midnight on May 1st, thousands of committed Colorado couples can now access some of the legal protections afforded to the state’s married couples. It’s well overdue, and about damn time for more equality!

Tuition equity after 10 years: After a decade of hard work, Colorado’s undocumented students will now qualify for in-state tuition! More equitable access to higher education in Colorado makes the whole state stronger–everybody wins.

Oh, and legislators also passed the country’s first regulatory framework for legalized marijuana and proposed an overhaul of our K-12 school finance system (more about that this summer!).

Colorado’s emerging from this session as a more equitable state, a stronger democracy, and an all-around more badass place to live. Thanks to all who worked so hard to make it happen–and especially to the legislators who worked tirelessly for this.

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