The bill we need to pass.

This Monday, a House committee will vote on a bill that would bring Colorado’s election process into the 21st Century.

This bill is huge: It’d modernize voter registration and give eligible voters more options on how and where to vote. It could give Colorado the most convenient, accessible voting system in the whole damn country.

This is Colorado’s shot to build a more inclusive democracy, ensuring that every eligible voter is able to register and cast a ballot. Can you speak up to make sure this bill passes?

Make it happen: tell the committee to pass the Colorado Voter Access & Modernized Elections Act.

It’s simple: This bill gives every active registered voter a ballot, and it’s their choice how they cast their vote–whether it’s by mail, during early vote, or on Election Day. It’ll also bring our elections into the 21st century by using modern systems to allow voters’ registration to follow them when they move within a county.

Ask for a vote in support of a more inclusive democracy–email the committee today.

The Voter Access bill would give Colorado voters all options–while being budget-friendly to our counties. It’s win-win, which is our favorite kind of winning.

Here’s to a stronger democracy!

Make our democracy free, fair, and accessible

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