Stand up for our air & water

Next week, our legislators will vote on a bill to make oil and gas industry regulators more accountable to the people of Colorado.Stand up for Colorado's air & water

The bill, House Bill 1269, would ensure that regulators are unbiased, and that they work first and foremost to protect public health and the environment.

It’d clarify that the oil and gas commission’s first priority is to protect public health and the environment (instead of weighing the protection of public and industry health), and ensure that commissioners aren’t employed by the very industry they’re regulating.

To move the bill forward, we’ve got to be louder than industry lobbyists–so: really, really loud. Can you help out?

Stand up for our air and water: ask your Representative to vote yes on House Bill 1269. 

The commission’s dual-mission under current law deems industry profits as important as our health and welfare. That prevents it from adopting the best possible regulations to protect our air and water.

And that, my friend, is why we need this bill! Encourage your Representative to vote yes so that Colorado can make it happen. 

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