30 Day Player Showdown!

American badasses. Students. Heroes. Electeds. Celebs. Romantics. Parents. Pioneers. Pundits.

What do these folks have in common? They’re all Players.

Players = monthly members. They make New Era a sustainable organization by giving a little somethin’ each month–from $5 to $50.

And because we love Players soooo much, we’ve decided to have a cutthroat friendly little staff competition to see who can sign up the most players. 

The workplace is divided. Prepare yourself for the 30-Day Player Showdown…

Players allow us to work year-round, training young people to lead in their communities, advocating for policies that strengthen our democracy, and ensuring that young people are visible and vocal in our state Capitol.

Players give because they get it: They know that engaging the most diverse, progressive generation in history is our best hope for moving Colorado forward.

Be our favorite person- become a Player today!

But choose your team wisely…



To support TEAM VICTORY click here…









To support TEAM GLORY FOREVER click here…







Can’t choose a favorite??? No sweat. Sign up to be a Player or increase your current player-ship without picking faves at www.neweracolorado.org/players

And remember, all contributions to New Era Colorado Foundation are tax deductible!

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