Something big this summer.

We’re pretty damn excited to announce that we’re launching an intensive summer bootcamp this year to train the next generation of young leaders to create change in their communities.

It’s called Democracy Fellows, cause these fine folks will be working ‘round the clock to build a more hands-on democracy, while learning and applying the principles of grassroots organizing and advocacy.

It’s a full time program, designed for the young and the restless–hard working young folks, college students, and recent college grads from all over the place who are passionate about civic engagement, democracy, and politics. They’ll spend their summer learning and applying the skills they need to advocate effectively for the issues they’re passionate about. Fellows will learn from experts who work in Colorado politics, and apply what they’ve learned while working on issue campaigns throughout the summer.

If you’re as excited as we are, you should keep reading–more about the program, and some FAQs.

Even better: if you know someone who fits the bill, who is wildly passionate about creating change, who’d be a great addition to the New Era extended family….well, what are you waiting for? Nominate the coolest, smartest young person you know for the program.

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