18,000 big ones!

We need to talk.

No, no — its got nothing to do with that rumor going around about you. We’ve just got some big news, so you might want to sit down:

As of today, we’ve registered 18,000 people to vote for the 2012 election.

I believe this is what people call a “BFD.” We’re almost to our goal of registering 20,000 people to vote.

Want to say you were a part of it? Let’s channel that enthusiasm – sign up to volunteer with New Era in a city near you!

We celebrated for maybe 4 minutes, and then we got back to reggin’ voters – cause we got 2,000 more to register before the deadline on October 9th.

We have a solid organizing team working ’round the clock all over the state who made this happen. Whether it’s up in Greeley, in Denver and Boulder, all over the western slope, or all the way down to Pueblo, they’re engaging voters one registration at a time. Check ’em out here:

So, to recap: 18,000 down, 2,000 more to go.

Help us get there. Lend a hand and let’s make this happen.

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