Climate Change / Local Power

100% Renewable Energy or Bust

December 4, 2017

Friends, Because of President Trump, our best chance to fight climate change is on the local level now—where we need to double down. And here in Colorado, Boulder’s fighting to do just that: pursuing the most powerful tool it has to fight climate change by breaking away from its monopoly energy provider, Xcel Energy, to create a locally-owned electric utility powered by clean energy. This effort—municipalization—is Boulder’s only real path to 100% renewable energy, and could be a model for climate action for communities across the country!
But this fall, the fight for clean, local power faces a critical test—and we need your help. Boulder voters will decide whether to pass ballot measure 2L, to continue the project’s funding. The climate crisis is only getting worse—we have to stay the course on this huge, precedent-setting fight! We’ve been fighting for this for years, because municipalization is the type of complex action that the climate crisis requires of us: in addition to changing our light bulbs, we’re changing our electricity provider and we’re taking control of our own energy future—threatening the coal-dominated utility industry in the process. Boulder voters have long supported this effort because we know we’re running out of time to fight climate change and have to take serious, systems-changing actions. Here’s the thing: to pass this measure, we’re running a truly grassroots campaign—again—and we need your help. We’ve already got organizers on the ground talking face-to-face with voters every day, but we need to keep ramping up. Can you donate today to help us educate and mobilize more voters to support this campaign?

This fight, right here, right now, represents a key milestone in Boulder becoming a world-renowned laboratory for innovation in the clean energy sector, and a model for tackling climate change across the country. Help us make history—click here to support our campaign today, or here to sign up to volunteer.


New Era

P.S. Remember the viral video we made telling the story of this effort in 2013? Walk down memory lane, and then chip in to support this fight!