Look! Important people like us!

“New Era is one of the most exciting efforts to happen to Colorado politics in years. They have a secret weapon: making politics both fun and effective. It’s extremely refreshing–and powerful.”

-Michael Huttner, Founder, ProgressNow

“New Era has become the model for how to engage and turn out young voters in Colorado. It’s one of the most exciting, innovative, and meaningful efforts in Colorado politics today. They give me faith in Colorado’s next generation of leaders.”

-Paul Harstad, pollster 

“Best Mayoral Forum: Candidate Survivor. Hands down. …put on by the folks at New Era Colorado, featuring questions posed by a man dressed as a bed bug, drinking among the candidates, crowd-voting by text messaging and, yes, dancing… Worst Mayoral Forum: Every other one.”

-Denver Post, on the 2011 Candidate Survivor


“New Era’s work today will have a lasting impact on Colorado’s landscape tomorrow.”

-Senator Gail Schwartz

“New Era Colorado by far runs one of the largest voter registration programs in the state. Adding over 30,000 voters to the rolls is no small feat.”

-Megan Van Ens, Executive Director, Colorado Civic Engagement Roundtable

“The group that won the election [2B & 2C ballot measures in Boulder] is the one that’s taking the big hit in the generational war and is fighting back. The group is the gifted throng of twenty-somethings in a youth oriented political engagement group called New Era Colorado.”

-Anne Butterfield, columnist for the Boulder Daily Camera


“New Era’s quirky approach to politics is refreshing. The group’s MTV Cribs–style video of mayoral candidates’ homes this summer was the most intimate view Denver got of the potential mayors.”

-5280 Magazine