HIRING: Voter Registration Organizers

(Here’s the PDF version of this job)

New Era Colorado Foundation is seeking multiple spring Voter Registration Organizers ASAP to join our voter registration teams in Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver.

We’re looking for energetic, dedicated folks who are excited to get more young people involved in our democracy by registering them to vote for this year’s historic 2016 election. Now is the time to join our team to make sure young voters turn out this year. These positions will fill up fast, so get in touch with us ASAP!

These roles offer great opportunities for leadership, innovation and teamwork, and can be part- or full-time. These positions currently have an end date of May 20th, but have the potential to extend through mid-November 2016.

About us: We’re an innovative nonprofit organization that mobilizes young people to move Colorado forward through civic engagement, leadership development and advocacy work. We register and turn out thousands of young voters every year, work on issues like election access, economic justice and climate change, and train hundreds of young leaders to create change. Since our founding, we’ve registered more than 100,000 young voters, passed policies like online voter registration,and given out probably more than 20,000+ buttons that say “Vote, F*cker” on them (good, right?). And along the way, we got more than a million views on our Campaign for Local Power video, got named “Campaign of the Year” by New Organizing Institute in 2013, and taught ourselves how to make Where’s Waldo costumes on the cheap for voter registration.
Get to know us:
Website | Facebook

Job Activities:

  • Work on a small team to execute a large-scale voter registration drive targeting young voters in Fort Collins, Boulder and the Denver metro area
  • Organize short-term volunteers to collaborate with us on voter registration
  • Work with the team to reach ambitious voter registration goals, all while wearing roller skates
  • Lend a hand to all areas of the organization-including (but not limited to!) the Fort Collins, Boulder and Denver programs

Here’s a list of knowledge/skills/qualities that our ideal candidate would possess. Please note: If you’ve got some of this but not all of it, we’d still encourage you to apply if this job excites you!

  • Commitment to New Era’s mission of engaging more young people in our democracy
  • Enthusiasm for registering young people to vote and making our democracy more accessible
  • Enthusiasm for working within diverse and underrepresented communities
  • Highly organized (seriously), ability to work independently and efficiently
  • Relentlessness in reaching goals
  • Spanish language skills preferred, but not required
  • Some experience working with young voters, voter registration or campaigns preferred, but not required

We care more about your desire to do the work than whether you have formal or informal experience. The same goes for formal educational experience–if you don’t have it, no big deal. We encourage you to submit your application if this job excites you!

Position details:

We are hiring for multiple part-time and full-time positions. The positions are based out of New Era’s Boulder, Denver or Fort Collins offices, with travel along the Front Range. The positions will be reporting to our Special Projects Manager, Carrie Hillman.

Ideally, these positions would begin the second week in February. These are temporary positions that end in May 2016, but have the opportunity to extend through November 2016.

We welcome applications from all, and strongly encourage women, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees and members of the LGBTQ community to apply.

To apply:

Please submit a resume with a paragraph explaining why you’re interested in this particular position, and why you’re well-suited for it to the attention of Carrie Hillman to SpringJobs@NewEraColorado.org. References (name, how you know the person, title, phone, and email) may be requested during the interview process. New Era Colorado is an equal opportunity employer.

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Executive Director Job Description

help us find our next (1)

New Era Colorado Foundation and New Era Colorado Action Fund are seeking a strategic, driven, and inspiring new Executive Director to work with our board of directors and manage our incredibly hard-working staff to take our organization to the next level.

Note – January 10, 2016: Our priority deadline for this position has passed, but we will still accept applications – so don’t hesitate to throw your hat into the ring if you’re excited about this position!

(Here’s the PDF version of this job description)

About New Era Colorado
New Era Colorado is a non-profit organization with a mission of mobilizing and empowering young people to participate in our democracy to build a better Colorado. New Era was founded in 2006 and our programs include voter registration and turnout, issue advocacy, and leadership development. We have year-round offices in Denver and Boulder and often open up satellite offices around the state during big election years.

Over the past ten years, New Era has registered more than 100,000 young voters, executed some of the most effective voter turnout programs in the country, trained hundreds of young leaders, and won several issue advocacy campaigns, including the Campaign for Local Power to create a greener, locally-run electric utility in the city of Boulder. We also passed online voter registration and pre-registration at the state legislature, and played key roles in various other progressive policy efforts. New Era has grown to be the leading voice for young people in Colorado politics and is recognized as one of the largest and most effective state-based youth civic engagement organizations in the country. At New Era, we take the work seriously, but not ourselves–so along the way, we’ve had some fun: over the years, we’ve given out 30,000+ buttons that say Vote, F*cker on them (pretty good, eh?), made an MTV Cribs copycat video for Denver’s mayoral race, and recruited volunteers to don Where’s Waldo costumes to register voters downtown.

New Era is comprised of New Era Colorado Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and New Era Colorado Action Fund, a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization. Also, we’re a proud affiliate of the Bus Federation.

About the Role & Opportunity
This will be New Era’s first Executive Director transition. The ideal candidate will be a collaborative manager, a strategic thinker and problem-solver, an expert relationship-builder, and have the potential to be an inspiring leader in the community. The Executive Director should be someone who can welcome a crowd at a rowdy event, draft a strategic campaign plan, make a hard ask of a major donor, articulate our work in an inspiring and urgent manner for a grant proposal, and drive the development of new strategies that will result in measurable impact for the short- and long-term. The Executive Director at New Era is a bit of a jack and jill of all trades and should always be ready for a challenging opportunity to make the organization—and our state—better. And of course, this person should be deeply committed to advancing the mission and goals of the organization.

Job Activities & Responsibilities

Organizational Strategy, Management, and Operations

  • Serve as the lead strategist for the organization
  • Drive the creation and management of organizational strategic plans in all areas of organizational development and cultivate a culture of strategic thinking among the entire team
  • Ensure New Era has the systems and structures in place to deliver on our mission and strategic priorities, including setting and managing ambitious short- and long-term objectives and rigorous plans to achieve those objectives
  • Ensure New Era is meeting our budget and using our resources in the most strategic way possible to have the biggest impact
  • Ensure the organization is operating sustainably for the short- and long-term, including through compliance and financial health
  • Supervise the BIG picture in a way that ensures New Era has the human, financial, and operational resources to fulfill its mission

Staff Management

  • Ensure New Era has a diverse and capable team on staff to successfully manage the program development and execution, day-to-day organizational operations, and to raise adequate funds
  • Provide management, mentorship, professional development, and evaluation directly to staff leaders in each organizational department (program, operations, fundraising) and indirectly to all other staff
  • Ensure a safe, welcoming, and inspiring organizational culture for staff to excel in

Fundraising & Relationship Building

  • Guide and work closely with the development team in crafting and executing New Era’s annual fundraising plan
  • Maintain and build strategic relationships with key allies, including: the Colorado progressive funder community and donors, Colorado’s elected officials and prominent political and community leaders, and other influential connectors
  • Cultivate, maintain and enhance New Era’s relationships with major donors and major funding institutions
  • Build and seize strategic partnerships and opportunities to bring in new sources of revenue for the organization
  • Act as the primary spokesperson for the organization at events, in the media, etc., and ensure that a diverse set of staff and board members serve in public roles as well

Board Management

  • Ensure that the board is engaging in a meaningful way on program strategy, organizational development, and fundraising, including through regular meetings and developing additional opportunities for them to engage
  • Provide the boards of directors with resources and tools to govern the organization effectively and to play an active role in fundraising and program assistance
  • Maintain and create opportunities for relationship-building between members of the boards and staff

Qualifications & Experiences of an Ideal Candidate

  • Super smart and strategic when it comes to program development, fundraising and problem-solving
  • Excellent manager, with a demonstrated ability to manage highly talented staff members and to build a high-performing team
  • Expert relationship-builder with the ability to build strong relationships quickly internally and externally (with donors, staff, board, media, allies, etc.)
  • Deep understanding of the civic engagement and political infrastructure, particularly of young people, in Colorado and, to a lesser extent, nationally
  • Strong judgment in assessing risk/reward for strategic opportunities
  • Results-oriented and obsessed with impact, with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results and managing a team to a high bar
  • Able to engage and inspire a broad range of people around a shared vision
  • Passionate to work for progressive values of creating a more fair, just, and equitable state of Colorado
  • Deep commitment to and understanding of New Era’s mission and theory of change
  • Knowledge of and demonstrated ability to successfully fundraise; major donor, grassroots, and institutional/foundation settings preferred
  • Understanding of general financial management and operations, preferably with experience managing budgets, financial controls, etc.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator
  • Previous experience with managing voter registration, GOTV, political/issue campaigns, etc. preferred
  • Experience managing or working closely with a board of directors preferred

Compensation & Benefits
This is a full-time, salaried position. Compensation is commensurate with experience, in the range of $60,000-$75,000. We offer health and dental insurance, with 75% of the premium covered by the employer. We also offer a retirement plan, PTO, and an RTD Ecopass for employees. Although hours will fluctuate depending on the time of year, the Executive Director position is a very demanding job, which will regularly require evening and weekend work. New Era has both a Denver and a Boulder office, and this position is primarily based out of the Denver office (which is a cozy house).

How to Apply
To apply, please submit your resume and cover letter to the attention of the New Era Hiring Committee at edhiring@neweracolorado.org. Please submit your materials as a single PDF document (resume, cover letter, and references combined into a single document) attached to the email.

Your cover letter should be no longer than 2 pages, include any salary requirements you may have, describe how your professional interests and experiences relate to New Era’s purpose and mission, articulate why you’re interested in this opportunity and why you’re particularly well-suited to lead New Era Colorado.

Applications will be held confidentially by the Boards and two staff representatives on the hiring committee. Although applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, we encourage applicants to submit their materials by December 20th, 2015 at the latest. Phone interviews will take place in December, and we will begin full interviews in January.

Note – January 10, 2016: Our priority deadline for this position has passed, but we will still accept applications – so don’t hesitate to throw your hat into the ring if you’re excited about this position!

New Era is an equal opportunity employer and we welcome applications from all, and strongly encourage women, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees and members of the LGBTQ community to apply.

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A big announcement


In the summer of 2006, I stepped on stage and took the mic at Club Vinyl. I welcomed a big crowd of people who probably weren’t quite sure why they were spending their afternoon at a Denver nightclub. Senate Majority Leader Ken Gordon and House Speaker Andrew Romanoff joined me on stage. At that moment, they were probably having serious doubts about their staff’s judgement in adding this stop to their schedules.

The event was the kickoff party for a newly-minted organization, whose purpose was to “reinvent politics for a new generation.” We called it New Era Colorado.

I don’t remember what I said on stage that day. But I do know that I had no idea what the next ten years of my life were about to look like.

In those early days, we took a “fake it ‘til you make it” approach to getting New Era off the ground. Budgeting, fundraising, and management structures were learned via some serious “on the job training.” I was 22 years old. Managed by a board of 22-year-olds. I kept my tie hanging in my closet pre-tied out of fear of not remembering how to do it next time.

Looking back, serving as the Executive Director for New Era has been both the hardest and most meaningful thing I’ve ever done. I feel enormously lucky to have had the opportunity to pour my heart into something like this.

I told myself over the past few years that as soon as I felt like New Era was in a place where it could be handed off, then I would do that so someone else can shepherd the organization into its next ten years. Thanks to the incredibly talented and dedicated staff team, our board of directors, and our generous supporters, I feel that now is that time.

So, here goes nothing: I’m writing to you today to announce that I’ll be transitioning out of my current role at New Era in the spring of next year. This week, the Board of Directors will be kicking off a comprehensive hiring process to find New Era’s next Executive Director.

New Era’s next Executive Director will be inheriting an organization with a track record of always striving to beat its “best”–and a roadmap of how to continue to be one of the most innovative, impactful and fun organizations in the country. Over the past several months, the board and staff have been investing considerable time into creating a strategic plan for New Era’s future. The intention isn’t to write a step-by-step plan, but to articulate a “North Star” for our work–to solidify the values and truths that have been core to our organization’s success–and to provide enough direction for our next generation of leaders to blaze a trail of even more impact.

I don’t know exactly what’s in store for New Era’s next decade, but I do know that it will continue to be an organization that thinks big and takes risks. It will continue to break down the barriers which prevent young people from shaping their own future. It will continue to invite new voices into the political process to be a force for a more fair, just, and sustainable world. And, of course, it will continue mobilizing a generation that will solve the problems nobody else can.

But, I’m not going anywhere just yet. I’ll still be here for several more months and there’s a lot to do to make sure New Era runs the biggest and best statewide young voter engagement program next year. And when I do transition out, I will remain involved in whatever capacity is most helpful.

In the meantime, thank you for helping us “make it.” It’s been an incredible honor. For now, let’s get back to work. There’s more to be done.




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HIRING: Communications Manager

Now Hiring: Communications Manager
(PDF version here)
New Era Colorado Foundation and New Era Colorado Action Fund are seeking a full-time Communications Manager to enhance our ability to communicate with our supporters, the public, the media, and young people across Colorado.

The Communications Manager will manage our online presence, media outreach, printed materials and special projects to advance the goals of the organization. This is a new position for the organization, and presents a tremendous opportunity for leadership, creativity, innovation, and impact. If you are a strategic thinker with strong written communication skills, a good eye for our brand, and are deeply motivated to produce results for New Era, then we encourage you to throw your hat in the ring! New Era has a youthful, irreverent brand and next year (2016) presents an incredible opportunity to inspire and mobilize young voters across the state to show up in huge numbers on Election Day. But really: whoever fills this position gets to have all the fun.

You’d be a good fit if you’re comfortable writing for a wide variety of audiences (sometimes it’s a press release, sometimes it’s a Facebook post that’s meant to make a young person laugh out loud), if you have some graphic design skills or at least a great eye for good, clean design, and you can juggle multiple projects without dropping the ball. Bonus points if you have previous communications experience, especially with email writing, press and social media. You’d be working on a very supportive team, with opportunities for growth and taking initiative on big projects.

About New Era: We’re an innovative nonprofit organization that mobilizes young people to move Colorado forward through civic engagement, leadership development and advocacy work. We register and turn out thousands of young voters every year, work on issues like election access, economic justice and climate change, and train hundreds of young leaders to create change. Since our founding, we’ve registered more than 100,000 young voters, passed policies like online voter registration, and given out probably more than 20,000+ buttons that say “Vote, F*cker” on them (good, right?). And along the way, we got more than a million views on our Campaign for Local Power video, got named “Campaign of the Year” by New Organizing Institute in 2013, and taught ourselves how to make Where’s Waldo costumes on the cheap for voter registration.

Here’s an overview of the key job activities and responsibilities:

  • Work closely with the Deputy Director to develop, implement, and evaluate a communications strategy and plan that supports and advances the goals of the organization
  • Write, design and edit a variety of New Era’s publications, communications and materials, including our annual report, emails, brochures, invitations, social media content, & more
  • Maintain engaging, accurate websites and Facebook pages for New Era Colorado Foundation and New Era Colorado Action Fund
  • Draft and send regular email blasts, including online actions to support our advocacy aims, to our email list, as part of mini-campaigns and efforts to keep our email list engaged
  • Support New Era’s fundraising efforts by designing and implementing online fundraising campaigns, communicating with New Era’s monthly members, and giving supporters an opportunity to see all elements of our work
  • Design, and/or coordinate with contracted designers, graphics for social media or presentations, reports, field materials (stickers, t-shirts, etc.) and advertising materials
  • Position New Era to craft the narrative around young voters in Colorado. Proactively frame the messaging for our advocacy work
  • Develop and maintain a consistent organizational brand for New Era
  • Coordinate media relations, including proactively identifying opportunities to reach out to the media, and writing press releases, media advisories and talking points
  • Manage the development, production and dissemination of miscellaneous communications projects, including online voter registration advertisements, video projects, and campaign-specific communications plans and efforts
  • Coordinate with our partner organizations to amplify progressive messages in Colorado
  • Pitch in as needed in other areas of the organization, including in both programmatic and fundraising work (i.e., help register voters at busy times, pitch in on collaborative projects, participate in annual staff competition to recruit monthly members)

Here’s a list of knowledge/skills/qualities that our ideal candidate would possess. Please note: If you’ve got some of this but not all of it, we’d still encourage you to apply if this job excites you!

  • Commitment to New Era’s mission and to advancing the organization’s goals and objectives
  • Passion for tackling the issues facing our generation, including climate change & economic justice
  • Highly organized (seriously), detail-oriented, able to work independently, and able to work efficiently under tight deadlines
  • Self-starter who shows strong initiative, sets high standards for individual and team performance, and is committed to constantly improving upon every aspect of our work
  • Strategic, creative thinker with strong problem solving skills & analytical ability
  • Very strong written communication and editing skills, and an ability to write and produce content for a wide variety of audiences (formal & informal) in accordance with our organization’s voice. Ability to write/produce funny, punchy content that appeals to a wide audience of young people.
  • Graphic design skills, with an eye for New Era’s brand (note: we care more about the latter)
  • Proven ability to effectively & thoroughly manage projects with many moving parts to produce high-quality results
  • Demonstrated work style that is flexible, respectful and collaborative
  • Positive, solutions-oriented attitude & enthusiasm for designing and implementing new initiatives
  • Willingness to work nontraditional hours on a regular basis & campaign hours during election season
  • A degree in Communications or Journalism would be great, but is by no means a requirement
  • Preferred but not required: experience with Adobe Creative Suite, HTML, CSS, fluency in Spanish (written & oral), video editing skills, familiarity with Colorado politics and/or the Colorado progressive movement

Position details
This is a full-time position based out of New Era’s Denver office (which is actually a cozy little house), reporting to the Deputy Director. New Era provides a comprehensive benefits package, including medical and dental coverage (with 75% of the premium covered by the employer), an annual RTD Ecopass, paid sick and vacation time, and lots of pizza during election times. Salary range is $33,000-$43,000, commensurate with experience. Interviews will take place in November & December, with an ideal start date in January 2016.

To Apply
Please email your resume, cover letter, and three references as a single PDF attachment (all of those documents in one single PDF) to Communications@Neweracolorado.org, to the attention of Lizzy Stephan. Submitting up to three writing samples (with a preference for published writing) is encouraged, but definitely not required at this stage. No phone calls please.

New Era Colorado Foundation and New Era Colorado Action Fund are equal opportunity employers. We welcome applications from all, and strongly encourage women, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees and members of the LGBTQ community to apply.

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Update: Boulder utility progress

It’s been a year since you ignited our Campaign for Local Power and put us on the path to defeat Xcel Energy 2:1.

Since, Boulder’s taken some big steps towards forming our own local electric utility, and we thought you’d want to know about ‘em.

First of all: last week, it came out that Xcel “inadvertently” included campaign expenses in its request to raise rates on Colorado customers. It was almost half a million dollars. Oops?

Click here to share the graphic we made highlighting Xcel’s curious “error.”


Now, here’s the quick & dirty version of updates from Boulder:

The city of Boulder is making a ton of progress so far. They’ve taken the first steps towards transitioning the utility’s infrastructure (i.e., poles & wires) from Xcel, and they’re launching a two year-long pilot program to learn more about Boulder’s energy usage so that the utility can better serve our community.

Unsurprisingly, Xcel’s refusing to cooperate–they’re suing the city of Boulder & organizing some sketchy opposition–the latest in its efforts to keep Boulder from creating our own city-owned utility.

Despite Xcel’s shenanigans, things are really moving. It’s incredible. Thanks for helping us get here–we wouldn’t be able to update you on the progress of our local electric utility without the huge swell of grassroots support that powered our campaign to this point.

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Big news!

Big news–on Saturday, New Organizing Institute announced that we won their “Most Valuable Campaign of 2013” award!

To say that we’re excited and grateful would be an enormous understatement.

We just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you. Thank you for believing in us–in local power–enough to invest whatever you could in this campaign–be it your time, your support, or a donation.

You saw right away that this campaign was bigger than Boulder, and you stepped up. You gave us hope and renewed our faith in the power of communities to build the world we dream of.

This award belongs to all of you. We can’t thank you enough.

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Are you our next intern?

Are you one of our future interns? We sure hope so.

interns pic stitch

Click here to scope out the program and get your hands on an application!

We’re now accepting applications for our 2014 spring internship programs in Denver & Boulder! You, yes you, should apply.

Here’s the scoop – quick & dirty version:

WHAT: New Era’s spring 2014 internship program, focused on building grassroots campaigns to impact policy makin’ during Colorado’s legislative session. Fine-tune your leadership skills, get your hands dirty, & learn to advocate for the issues you care about like the boss you are & the leader you were born to become.

WHO: We are looking for a solid crew of energized of folks who are pumped (excessively so) to learn the ropes. No experience necessary! Seriously.

WHEN: The program starts in early February, ends in late April. We’re accepting apps on a rolling basis, so get yours in!

WHY: Because you want some hands-on experience. Because this looks like fun. Because you need some new friends. Because this video/campaign inspired you. Because, democracy.

Sold? Ok great – here’s where you can download an application. Get that sucker in ASAP, got it?

Still not sold? Check us out on Facebook to get a feel for what we’re all about, creep on former interns, or email us (info(at)neweracolorado(dot)org) to grill us about the program. Or just read more here.

Email info(at)neweracolorado(dot)org with questions, concerns, or gift ideas for fathers because we’re having a hard time with it.

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Support us on Colorado Gives Day!

Tomorrow is Colorado Gives Day, a statewide, 24-hour blitz to support Colorado nonprofits.

We are writing today to ask for your support, because you of all people know what we can do if we head full-force into 2014.

Click here to schedule your tax-deductible donation to support New Era Colorado Foundation on Colorado Gives Day!

2013 has been an incredible year for us, to say the least–and we’re ready for an even bigger 2014, because it’s critical that young people have a strong say in shaping the future of our state.

This year, we ran the biggest campaign in our organization’s history–and we need to be bigger next year. We helped pass game-changing elections access legislation–and we need to make sure young voters take advantage of it next fall.

After a year like this one, it is clear that what we are doing is working. And there’s more where that came from.

We want to increase the youth vote share in Colorado, train dozens more leaders, and engage hundreds more volunteers. And we’re ready for it: this year alone, we made over 100,000 voter contacts. In the last two years, we have registered over 40,000 voters.

On Colorado Gives Day, invest in New Era to mobilize young voters in 2014. Click here to schedule your donation.

If you believe Colorado deserves a more hands-on democracy, if you know young voters will shape our state in 2014 and beyond, and if you think we’re the right organization for the job: please support our work today to have a lasting impact on Colorado tomorrow.

Thank you for your support–past, present, and future. It means the world to us.

-Steve, Carrie, Alexis, Nina, Lizzy, and Molly

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Make 310 our lucky number.

Last week’s victory in Boulder was the result of a transformative grassroots campaign made possible by literally thousands of individual people.

We wanted to share a video recap of it all with you—and to ask that you commit to sticking with us moving forward.

We won this round because of you—and we need you to commit to helping us win the next one by becoming a monthly member. A small monthly donation of any amount ensures that we can keep fighting, but on a larger scale—and it ensures that we stay innovative, independent, and nimble.

In honor of our campaign this year we’re hoping you can help make 310 (Xcel’s ballot measure) our lucky number and get us to 310 monthly members by the end of the year. Our efforts this year shouldn’t just go down in history as defeating a bad ballot measure–they should represent something so much bigger than that, which requires long-term work.

Monthly members allow us to grow this movement and engage young people in our democracy on a larger scale than we would have imagined before all of this. It’ll also allow us to keep tabs on Xcel in Boulder to ensure what we fought for becomes reality.

So take a look at what we have accomplished together, and commit today to growing and sustaining the grassroots efforts that are changing the face of Colorado:

Campaign Recap Video

Thank you again for getting us this far. Here’s to moving forward together and reclaiming our democracy for all our communities.

-New Era

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We won.

We won.

Tonight, we stood up. We stood up and said NO to corporate control of our energy future. But more importantly, we said yes to something so much bigger: people.

Yes, this was a campaign about energy. About our planet. About a corporation that just refuses to change. But all along what it was really about was people. People made this victory possible.

People like you: The one who lives in Alabama and mailed us your laptop for our phone-banks. The one we phone-banked to talk about the issue and then came by our office an hour later to drop off drinks for our volunteers who were working late. You sent us the only money you had in your pocket, you brought us food, you spent every Saturday volunteering, and you sent us the kindest notes from around the world that kept our team going. You have moved us to tears, energized us to reach beyond our capacity, and sustained us through each day. You renewed our belief that our communities are strong enough to bring about the changes we need–and you made us certain that we would prevail.

For the second time, our grassroots campaign defeated a coal industry giant.

And for the second time, it is crystal clear: Xcel’s dirty money can’t buy community, trick voters, or inspire young voters to enter the political process. It can’t spark neighbor-to-neighbor outreach. It can’t mobilize a diehard army of volunteers.
Only people can do that. And boy–did we have people.

Over 1 million of you watched the story of our campaign. Over 6,000 of you gave to grow our reach. And because of that support, our volunteers and organizers were able to log over 100,000 voter contacts. In short, this has been the definition of a grassroots campaign because of you.

For those of you far away: This fight has always been as much about our community as it is about yours. Thank you for supporting us, for sticking with us till the end. Honestly, without you, we might have lost our democracy to the highest bidder this round.
But now, with this behind us, we are able to continue working to create a model for how communities around the country can take control of their energy future.

Our communities need an impactful strategy to combat climate change. We are proud to have fought for this one alongside each of you, and we look forward to the work ahead.

For now, though, we have this to say: Go home, Xcel. Your money is no good here.

Now get some sleep.


Steve, Carrie, Becca, Molly, Lisa, Nina, Jenn, Alexis, Getzan, Gary, Lizzy, Nina, Brian, Chris, Elena, Kate, Jonah, Ellie, Kaitlin, Rhiannon, Jill, Susan, Arielle, William, Nathan, Becca, Jackson, Galen, Alayna, Gina, Toni, Sidney, Kathryn, Jourdan, Mitchell, Nora, Becca K, Daniela, Julia, and Lauren

P.S. Wanna support our work moving forward so we can do even bigger and better things? Yes, please.

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