Scare out the vote!

What’s the best way to turn out a voter? Knocking on their door and asking them to.

If knocking on doors is the best way to get out the vote, what is the one day each year people expect a knock on their door? Halloween.

And when does Halloween happen to fall on the calendar? Always a few days before the election.

So, while you may be too old to Trick or Treat, you’re never too old to Trick or Vote.

New Era’s annual Trick or Vote has brought together thousands of costumed volunteers to knock on tens of thousands of doors in Colorado. And the best part is we know it works. A study conducted by statistician David Nickerson of Notre Dame has shown our local Trick or Vote program to increase voter turnout by up to 7.2%.

Oh, and then at the end of the night we throw the sickest Halloween party in town. In the past we’ve thrown a concert with 3OH!3, DJ Z Trip, and a few other notables.

Click here to get involved with Trick or Vote this year.