Not left. Not Right. But forward

New Era Colorado Foundation is a multi-issue organization committed to engaging, educating, and training a new generation of active citizens and young leaders in Colorado. We’re a full-spectrum civic engagement organization; we provide the resources and tools for young people to gain collective power in all levels of the democratic process, including issue organizing, electoral mobilization, and the legislative process. From the nuts and bolts of making policy to canvassing door-to-door to registering voters, we do it all. And yes, it’s often on a bus:


Our work is guided by what we call the Six E’s:

  • Education – A good, quality, and accessible education is the foundation to having a prosperous career, family, and state.
  • Environment – Global climate change and the further destruction of ecosystems is one of the defining issues of our generation. In Colorado we need to address the problem of a rapidly increasing population in combination with an increasing water shortage. That’s right ski bums–it goes deeper than just the fresh powder.
  • Equal Rights – It’s what our country was founded on, yet we’ve still got a ways to go. We stand for a country that creates equal opportunity no matter race, class, gender, or who you think is sexy.
  • Economic Strength – We’re living in a time where the economy we are inheriting is uncertain. We need an economy that provides good jobs and economic security while understanding the necessity of environmental stewardship.
  • Election Access – Our democracy depends on having free, fair, and accessible elections.
  • ‘Ealthcare (silent ‘h’) – Every Coloradan deserves quality and affordable healthcare. We need a system that places an emphasis on preventative care that uses money efficiently for the longterm benefit of a healthy state and future generations.