The Young Guns. That are smarter than anyone else at New Era.

BAM. This is the crew that gets it done. They register voters. They lobby policy. They knock on doors. They recruit volunteers. They put on candidate debates. Real slackers, huh?

The Boulder New Era Interns:

Jay Gideon is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder expecting to graduate in December with a degree in Political Science. Jay cares about a variety of issues, such as immigration reform, getting millennials to participate in politics, the environment, and the fact that there aren’t any In-and-Out restaurants in Colorado. He hopes to see at least one of these things successfully occur in his lifetime. Jay loves food, video games, and has recently found a passion for doing escape rooms — seriously, try it sometime he really recommends it. After graduation, Jay will be traveling to Swaziland as a Peace Corps volunteer. He will be working as a Urban Youth Development volunteer, and trying to figure out how to survive two years without a stable internet connection.

Kelly Murphy is a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Political Science with a minor in Sociology. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri (no, she didn’t grow up on a farm), Kelly came to Boulder because you know, the mountains were calling and what not. Kelly is passionate about a wide array of social justice issues, especially topics concerning women’s rights and racial inequality, and she hopes to get more young people involved in politics so that they too can raise awareness for issues they support. Besides social justice, Kelly is also passionate about her love (obsession?) for all things pumpkin… pumpkin food, pumpkin scents, pumpkin decor, you name it. Kelly is also a mother to two young cats, Jimi and Ozzy, whom she adores and usually misses more than her family while she is away at school.

Sheridan Hawkins is a senior at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is a Molecular, Cellular Biology major and Sociology minor. She plans to attend law school on the east coast following graduation. Sheridan is passionate about healthcare policy and education. She enjoys riding her motorcycle, reading about biotech breakthroughs and scientific discoveries, listening to Drake, eating peanut butter, boxing and solving the Rubik’s cube.

Emma Lynch is a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder, studying Political Science with a minor in Studio Arts and Geology.  Born and raised in Colorado, Emma loves hiking, fishing, skiing and all other outdoor activities.  Although she has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up she hopes to make a positive impact on people’s lives.  Emma is passionate about the environment, education and millennial involvement in democracy!  When she is not listening to the Grateful Dead, you can find Emma trying to riding her unicycle, oil painting or eating miniature Reese’s peanut butter cups.       

Sarah Lesho is a freshman at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Environmental Studies. She is originally from Maryland, where there is a lot more oxygen. When she is not in class, you can find her in the rock climbing gym struggling on the V0s, eating ice cream at the Dairy Queen across the street from her dorm, at the gym burning off the ice cream she just ate, back at the Dairy Queen rewarding herself for a workout, or marathoning The West Wing and The Newsroom in her bed. She is very passionate about the environment and loves to hike, but she is afraid to go too far into the wilderness in Colorado on account of the possibility of rattlesnakes and bears, of which there are none of in Maryland. She is interning at New Era Colorado to help young people get their voices heard, and because her mom said it will look great on a resume.

Julie Phillips is a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder, studying Public Relations and minoring in Spanish and Communications. As a Colorado Springs native, she loves Pikes Peak more than the average person. She is obsessed with her dog (@harleetheadventuredog), and you can find them in the mountains on most weekends either hiking or shredding the gnar. Her favorite podcast is Stuff You Should Know. She cares about immigration reform and climate change, and is excited to make the world a better place with New Era Colorado.

Matt Maginity is a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Political Science and English. He grew up in Broomfield, only a hop, skip, and a jump away from Boulder. His hobbies include long walks (sometimes hikes) around Boulder, jet skiing, binge watching cartoons, and sleeping. He also adores all cats and cat-like animals, and owns a two year old tabby named Nevaeh, who unfortunately cannot stay with him Boulder since his roommates don’t know how to close the front door (Nick!). Last Fall he worked as a canvasser during the 2016 election, the experience was more than enough to convince him to keep working for progressive movements. He care deeply for the environment and believes climate change is major issue that needs more attention. His goal as an intern at New Era is to spread the good word of American democracy to young people all across Boulder.  

Harrison Weinberg is a first-year Global Studies student the University of Denver, an ESL teacher at Front Range Community College, a Field Radio Operator in the Marines, and a pretty decent cook. He’s had a lot of jobs in his short 24 years, from Camp Naturalist in Steamboat Springs, to a personal assistant in Boulder. He’s spent time as a line cook serving up food, and as an organic farmer harvesting it. He’s torn down houses in North Routt County and built them up in rural Mexico. He took his time figuring out his passion, and after travelling around the world for a little taste of everything, he’s come back to get involved in politics.  Harrison is an enthusiastic new member of the New Era team and is ready to make a difference.


Mollie McCullough is a sophomore at CU Boulder majoring in Environmental Studies with a double minor in Sociology and, the vague yet important, Leadership Studies. She is originally from North Carolina, where she can breathe and go a few days without lotion. Despite the altitude, Mollie absolutely loves living in the beautiful state of Colorado. You can find her climbing at the rec, drinking boba on the hill, or ignoring all her responsibilities and watching Netflix in bed. She spent the last summer interning at the Environmental Protection Agency and she is very passionate about environmental justice and engaging local communities through outreach. She is very excited to be a part of the New Era team to help engage people all over campus in our democracy.

Ajana Lowrey grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii, swimming with turtles and running around barefoot. After high school she took a timeout from traditional education and explored life by living on a permaculture farm and following her favorite musicians around the country. Now an undergraduate at CU for Environmental Studies, she hopes to build a bridge between environmental justice and social justice, creating harmony and health for sustainable communities.

Mohammed Morris is a sophomore at University of Colorado Boulder where he is majoring in Political Science and International Affairs with a geographic concentration in North Africa and the Middle East. He was born in Baghdad, Iraq and is fluent in Arabic. After living in Iraq, Mohammed moved to Damascus, Syria and later moved to Arizona when he was 11. Now, Mohammed lives in Colorado and enjoys running, lifting weights, hiking and trying new things! He is minoring in Spanish and hopes to study abroad in Spain next summer!

Jill Dempsey is a sophomore at University of Colorado Boulder and is studying whatever the heck she cares about! She likes Michael Cera, cactuses, flannels, warm boots, the ocean, kayaking, hiking, smiling, poker, and chocolate covered almonds. She also has an appreciation for origami and calligraphy. Fun fact: she won a sand castle making contest at age 12.


Katie Bolz is a junior at University of Colorado Boulder studying environmental studies and is a part of the INVST community studies program. Katie is a lover of dancing, all types o’ music, laughs, space (although she has an existential crisis every time she thinks about the vastness of the universe and beyond), and putting butter AND cream cheese on toasted everything bagels. Passions include baking, biking, social justice, making zero waste sexy, youtubin’, playing with animals, dumpster divin’,  and binge watchin’ several comedy tv shows (Rick & Morty and 30 Rock the mostest). Katie aspires to open a non-profit, farm-to-table restaurant in Madison (her hometown) or attend Vermont Law School to become a social justice lawyer and grow old in Montreal (fav city eva) with her toothless-lookin’ kitten named Sprout. Additional topics of interest include: exchanging tunes and funny youtube videos, LOTR, gas station benders, talking about the cosmos while eating cosmos pizza, and deep talks at the Yellow Deli.

Lauren Smith is a senior at University of Colorado Boulder, studying Environmental Studies. When she is not in class, work, or registering people to vote, you can usually find her singing, both in her shower and with her acapella group, One Note Stand, or re-watching Friends on Netflix for the 10th time.  Lauren loves dogs (who doesn’t?) and has been known to eat three servings of sushi in a single sitting (multiple times), and she is passionate about environmental issues and women’s reproductive rights.

The Denver New Era Interns:

Declan Talley was born and raised in Colorado and is currently taking online classes with Jeffco Virtual Academy. They’re planning on studying Political Science, that is if they could find any college not dangerously expensive that would also accept them. They led the Gender Sexuality Alliance for Lakewood High School, and is a proud advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and for transgender rights. They have a yearning for really pretentious EDM music, weirdly comforting 1980s aesthetics, terrible memes, twenty minute video-essays on outdated airline routing mandates, and practically any Stanley Kubrick movie. They have a siamese cat who’s screaming for attention on a constant basis (don’t we all), is oddly obsessed with competitive eating (yes it’s definitely a real sport) and spends their free time producing electronic music. Declan is with New Era because they want to help forward the causes they care about, like LGBTQ+ rights, climate change, addressing income inequality and reforming the criminal justice system.

Erin Liedtke is a Freshman at University of Colorado Denver majoring in Biology. She is passionate about education, climate change, giving back, equal pay and more. She loves being outside whether it is reading a book in a hammock or hiking a fourteener. She spends her free time coloring (the only artistic thing she is good at), watching Grey’s Anatomy, and volunteering with young kids. Her favorite food/meal is ice cream (yes it is meal worthy) and she is always down for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s. While she wants a career in medicine, she is at New Era because she wants to make a difference in her community and stay involved in local politics.

Karina Rodriguez is a junior, two-timing with University of Colorado Denver and CSU Global (shh, oops). She was misled as a child into thinking that she could become a mermaid when she grew up and after finding out that statement was far from reality, she chose to major in Marketing and minor in Business Administration. But she’s a pretty indecisive person, so that could easily change tomorrow. Karina loves many things in life, but none more than her fluffy Goldendoodle, Dakota (aka Kota Bear). So, if you are having a hard time finding Karina, try one of Denver’s local parks. Odds are, she’ll be there playing fetch with Dakota.

Paola Grimaldo
is a sophomore at the Community College of Denver, majoring in Political Science. She graduated high school from Florence Crittenton and also attended Colorado Early College or CEC. She strives to be a civil rights lawyer one day and work on reforming the criminal justice system, but hopes to find her place in politics in the meantime. She loves the outdoors, taking her daughter shopping, reading and spending a chilly day on the couch watching Harry Potter movies under some warm blankets!

Mo Pannier is a senior at the University of Colorado Denver studying Sociology and Social Justice. She is passionate about economic justice and racial and gender equality. When not thinking about social issues, working with animals and/or reading, you can find her cuddling with her three kitties or swaying pretentiously at a local concert (you’ve probably never heard of them). She also recently impulse-bought a hamster whom she loves dearly, so you could say she’s a real grown-up. She thinks it’s incredibly important to stop the rising trend of “it’s not that deep” culture in which many young people are uncomfortable with examining media, interactions, and institutions beyond the surface level and believes New Era is the perfect organization for getting young people involved and excited about important issues.

Akmal Mirzakarimov is a junior at Metropolitan State University majoring in Political Science and minoring in History. He is mainly interested in international issues but also has an interest in economic justice. When not thinking about politics, you can find Akmal playing video games, binge watching Netflix, or hiking (but only once a year). He is interning at New Era to gain leadership skills as well as learn and experience the political process.

Elliot Ferrell-Carretey has lived in Colorado his whole life and is a senior at Rocky Mountain School of Expeditionary Learning. He is very passionate about climate justice, racial equality, and youth involvement/empowerment. If he is not at home binge watching netflix you can find him out and about fishing, hiking, fencing, playing saxophone, or with his youth group. He wishes to give politics a try as a career and is passionate about being involved and having a voice in the democratic process. Elliot is an intern with New Era because he is passionate about getting young people involved and aligns with New Era’s values.

Josie Allaire is a junior at the University of Colorado Denver majoring in Biology with a minor in International Affairs. She is originally from Minnesota, which makes her super adaptable to the winter seasons in Colorado, aye? Outside of school, she makes pastries and eats lots of sourdough bread at work, which is a nice convenient source for yummy sweets to get her daily (or overly) consumption of sugar intake in. On her free time, she likes to make jewelry, go climbing, and be outdoors with friends. Some issues she cares about are accessible, quality, and affordable health care, racial and gender equality, student loan debt reform, and environmental justice. She joined New Era as an intern because she wants millennials to get involved in democracy and have an impact on the political process!

Lavender Hunzeker switches between they/them and he/him pronouns, and is a “freshman and a half” at Regis University majoring in Peace and Justice and minoring in Political Science. That is, if they can actually afford college. Anyways, their McDonald’s order is a cheeseburger, no pickles, add mac sauce, plus a McDouble meal, no pickles, with a diet Dr. Pepper — AND THEN you take the McDouble, put fries on it, take off the bottom bun of the cheeseburger, and put it on top of the McDouble. I know, super weird, but trust him, it’s super good. They care about all issues affecting people on the margins, but they’re main issues are: LGBTQIA+ rights, classism, mental health, and gentrification. Lavender is here to make sure young people actually vote.