The Young Guns. That are smarter than anyone else at New Era.

BAM. This is the crew that gets it done. They register voters. They lobby policy. They knock on doors. They recruit volunteers. They put on candidate debates. Real slackers, huh?

The Boulder New Era Interns:

Lucy Hooper is a junior at CU Boulder and study sociology and political science. She was inspired to study sociology during her time volunteering with Sierra Service Project. Through that experience, she witnessed extreme social inequalities and was determined to make a positive change in society. For this reason, she is concerned with a variety of social justice issues and how we can create a more equal society. She started interning with New Era to empower others to participate in politics. When she is not at school you can find her at the Fox and Boulder Theater. She is the most intimidating security guard on staff.   

Alexis Alltop is a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Political Science and Geography. Alexis is originally from Evanston, IL but beautiful Colorado has claimed her heart and she is not expected to leave anytime soon. Although she is not sure what she plans to do after college, she knows that until she graduates she will be spending as much time as possible hiking in the mountains. Some of Alexis’ passions include binge watching Netflix, petting every single dog and encouraging other young people to get excited about democracy with New Era Colorado.

Clare McGinley is a freshman at the University of Colorado Boulder, studying Psychology and minoring in Spanish. She is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and appreciates the warm winters in Colorado. She is most passionate about racial and gender inequality as well as reproductive rights. Aside from social justice, she enjoys reality tv, hiking, trying new restaurants, and is attempting to learn how to rock climb. Clare is very excited to be a member of New Era and help bring awareness to issues that are important to her and her community.

Dominic Fikany is currently a sophomore at CU Boulder, studying political science and international affairs. He is from Denver, but hopes to hit the big leagues and go to New York or LA at some point. Kanye West is his favorite artist. When he’s not in class or helping with New Era he enjoys skating, looking at clothes, listening and making music, and going on twitter. He cares about a lot of things like social justice issues, environmental policy, and wage disparity in the US. Waves is his favorite song by Kanye West. Dominic joined New Era because he wanted to get more people his age involved in the political process, and because he wants to have the opportunity play a part in the local community and Colorado as a whole! Contrary to popular opinion, his favorite Kanye West album is Yeezus.

Nathan Roura is a freshman at CU Boulder currently studying Political Science and International Affairs. He was born and raised in the Bay Area California so you’ll probably catch him using the word “hella” for emphasis. For example, he’s hella passionate about furthering social justice, saving the world from climate change, and furthering education without the burdens of debt. He’s also hella excited to work with New Era to address these issues and make a difference in society. If he’s not power-napping, studying, or working with New Era, you’ll probably find him playing the violin on pearl street trying to make money to pay for all the boba and boujee coffee he drinks. He also really likes all genres of music, making Spotify playlists for certain feelings or days in his free time.

Cade Newhouse-Parker is a senior geography major at the University of Colorado Boulder and is planning on attending law school after graduation. He is originally from Oklahoma where he grew up riding horses to Walmart and living in teepees loving the outdoors, especially fishing. He loves food, all food especially pesto. Pesto goes well on just about all edible substances. Some issues he is passionate about are environmental degradation issues, education reform, health care reform and voter rights issues. Cade wants to encourage people (especially young people) to exercise their rights and participate in our democracy. He hopes to leave the world better than when he left it through a variety of good works in his community.

Jennifer Parker is a freshman at the University of Colorado Boulder majoring in Political Science and plans to go to law school! But she is balancing that stereotype out with a philosophy minor and foreign languages. Originally from LA, Jennifer MUCH prefers it here in BoCo and can’t wait to work on issues she cares about–women’s reproductive rights, the environment, and domestic violence awareness, to name a few. When Jennifer isn’t excitedly yelling at grumpy CU students about student debt you will find her at music festivals, painting, hiking, hot yoga, and hanging out with friends or sisters in Alpha Chi! Jennifer has a lot of energy and passion for New Era and wants to get fellow young people to care about the issues being advocated for and wants to make a difference in our community/world.

Jill Dempsey is a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder and is studying whatever the heck she cares about! She likes Michael Cera, cactuses, flannels, warm boots, the ocean, kayaking, hiking, smiling, poker, and chocolate covered almonds. She also has an appreciation for origami and calligraphy. Fun fact: she won a sandcastle-making contest at age 12.

Kelly Murphy is a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Political Science with a minor in Sociology. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri (no, she didn’t grow up on a farm), Kelly came to Boulder because you know, the mountains were calling and what not. Kelly is passionate about a wide array of social justice issues, especially topics concerning women’s rights and racial inequality, and she hopes to get more young people involved in politics so that they too can raise awareness for issues they support. Besides social justice, Kelly is also passionate about her love (obsession?) for all things pumpkin… pumpkin food, pumpkin scents, pumpkin decor, you name it. Kelly is also a mother to two young cats, Jimi and Ozzy, whom she adores and usually misses more than her family while she is away at school.

Mollie McCullough is a sophomore at CU Boulder majoring in Environmental Studies with a double minor in Sociology and, the vague yet important, Leadership Studies. She is originally from North Carolina, where she can breathe and go a few days without lotion. Despite the altitude, Mollie absolutely loves living in the beautiful state of Colorado. You can find her climbing at the rec, drinking boba on the hill, or quoting vines. She spent the last summer interning at the Environmental Protection Agency and she is very passionate about environmental justice and engaging local communities through outreach. She is very excited to be a part of the New Era team to help engage people all over campus in our democracy.

Ajana Lowrey grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii, swimming with turtles and running around barefoot. After high school, she took a timeout from traditional education and explored life by living on a permaculture farm and following her favorite musicians around the country. Now an undergraduate at CU for Environmental Studies, she hopes to build a bridge between environmental justice and social justice, creating harmony and health for sustainable communities.

Kevin Nguyen is a sophomore at CU Boulder currently in pursuit of a double major in Political Science and Economics. He was born and raised in Denver, CO and is a huge fan of the Denver Broncos and the Denver Nuggets. A typical mountain person, Kevin loves to go on hikes, snowboarding (even though he’s absolute garbage at it), and just enjoying nature. In addition to these, he enjoys working out, playing basketball, watching sports, playing video games, and listening to music. His favorite artists are Kanye West, Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, and everyone in A$AP Mob. He’s also an avid fan of Doctor Who, Sherlock, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Mr. Robot, Westworld and other nerdy TV shows and movies. After college, he hopes to go to law school to pursue a career in law. Kevin views climate change, economic inequality, and student debt as major issues that need to be addressed. Kevin joined New Era Colorado because he wants to get millennials more involved in politics.

Jo Sagrillo is a freshman at CU Boulder majoring in Political Science and International Affairs, because one just isn’t enough. She was born and raised in Colorado and grew up in Lafayette, arguably the coolest town for the surrounding few miles. Jo has been interested in social justice and politics for a long time but began to become really involved with both since her senior year of high school. She is currently involved in politics outside of New Era, fighting for the right to education and clean energy. Whereas some of her “normal” peers might play video games, watch Netflix, or party, she listens to National Public Radio and Colorado Public Radio News religiously. Not a happy day goes by when she’s not up to date on local and national news. Jo loves Terry Gross, Andrea Dukakis, and Nathan Heffel and desperately misses Robert Siegel. What a Public Radio nerd! She has run a marathon, climbed mountains, and now wants to make a difference in the fight for democracy and progressive political ideas.

Sophie Updike is a sophomore at the University of Colorado studying Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Born & raised in Colorado, she spends her time skiing, hiking, and being outside (wow, so unique!). She is passionate about the environment, affordable healthcare, and making education accessible for everyone. Her goals in life include learning to whistle, petting as many dogs as possible, and changing the world. She is a person that looks forward to the future but knows her life has already peaked saying “I won the science fair in 5th grade and nothing will ever top that moment.”

Anastasia Vaidis is a sophomore at CU Boulder double-majoring in Political Science and Religious Studies. After finishing her undergraduate, she intends on going to law school. She is dedicated to finding a way to better the education system and is persistently encouraging young people to get involved in politics, particularly through accurate information accessibility and registering people to vote. She is passionate about people and their perspectives, so she is always talking to new people. Though she was born and raised in Denver, Colorado, one of her least favorite things in the world is snow (it gets stuck in your shoes, ew, and makes driving the worst experience EVER). When she is not procrastinating responsibilities by playing with her hamster or cat, she can be found researching upcoming bills in just about any coffee shop in the Boulder/Denver metro area.

Sammy Pollard is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder majoring in Media Studies and minoring in Information Science. Born and raised in the city of San Francisco, Sammy developed an early relationship with burritos, but it was hot sauce that stole his heart. Sammy is passionate about immigration reform, reducing gun violence, and equal opportunity for education. Sammy loves Mexican food, basketball, and making music with friends. He also has two dogs in San Francisco by the names of Chewbacca and Jabba (might be a little bit of a Star Wars fan.) Sammy loves watching cartoons, his favorite of all time being Courage the Cowardly Dog. He is ready to be an active member within the community and make a positive difference.

The Denver New Era Interns:

Lavender Hunzeker switches between they/them and he/him pronouns, and is a “freshman and a half” at Regis University majoring in Peace and Justice and minoring in Political Science. That is, if they can actually afford college. Anyways, their McDonald’s order is a cheeseburger, no pickles, add mac sauce, plus a McDouble meal, no pickles, with a diet Dr. Pepper — AND THEN you take the McDouble, put fries on it, take off the bottom bun of the cheeseburger, and put it on top of the McDouble. I know, super weird, but trust him, it’s super good. They care about all issues affecting people on the margins, but their main issues are LGBTQIA+ rights, classism, mental health, and gentrification. Lavender is here to make sure young people actually vote.

Akmal Mirzakarimov is a senior at Metropolitan State University majoring in Political Science and minoring in History. He is mainly interested in international issues but also has an interest in economic justice and other social issues. When not thinking about politics, you can find Akmal playing video games such as Halo and Dark Souls, binge-watching Netflix, or hiking around national parks (but only once a year). He is interning at New Era to gain leadership skills as well as learn and experience the political process.

Zachary Mills is a Senior at the University of Colorado Denver studying communications with an emphasis on intercultural and strategic communications as well as a minor in photography. He is passionate about issues and rights involving equal pay, retirement, and LGTBQ+ topics. He hopes to work for aussieBum’s international sales and marketing team in Sydney and eventually earn tenure at a university after receiving his PhD. Outside of the office, Zachary enjoys traveling with his fiance abroad, roller coasters, alternative music, and shopping for men’s underwear to add to his collection. His goal is to promote positive change amongst youth in the Denver metro community and encourage others to claim their individual voice in and outside of politics.

Paola Grimaldo is a sophomore at the Community College of Denver, majoring in Political Science. She graduated high school from Florence Crittenton and also attended Colorado Early College or CEC. She strives to be a civil rights lawyer one day and work on reforming the criminal justice system, but hopes to find her place in politics in the meantime. She loves the outdoors, taking her daughter shopping, reading and spending a chilly day on the couch watching Harry Potter movies under some warm blankets!

Mo Pannier is a senior at University of Colorado Denver studying Sociology. She is passionate about economic justice and racial and gender equality. When not thinking about social issues, singing, or reading, you can find her cuddling with cats or swaying pretentiously at a local concert (you’ve probably never heard of them). She also recently impulse-bought a hamster whom she loves dearly, so you could say she’s a real grown-up. She thinks it’s incredibly important to stop the rising trend of “it’s not that deep” culture in which many young people are uncomfortable with examining media, interactions, and institutions beyond the surface level and believes New Era is the perfect organization for getting young people involved and excited about important issues.

Shahid Ahmed is a senior at the University of Colorado at Denver majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and Strategic Communication and minoring in English Lit.  After graduating this spring, he plans on pursuing his JD and starting his career as a criminal attorney. Shahid is passionate about social justice issues and wants to eventually work with the Innocence Project or Defense of Justice Initiative, working to exonerate innocent individuals who have been wrongly condemned and are awaiting execution on death row.  Besides his focus on education and social justice work, Shahid enjoys spending time with his family and friends, snowboarding whenever possible, eating Chipotle, and binging Netflix.

Isabella Telles is a sophomore at Denver School of Science and Technology: Green Valley Ranch High School. After high school, Isabella plans to attend college in Colorado and major in Political Science or Criminal Justice. Isabella is passionate about the environment and striving for equal education opportunities for everyone no matter social status nor race. Her secret talents consist of being able to touch her nose with her tongue and writing songs and poems. When Isabella isn’t binge-watching every Netflix original ever made, you can find her playing with her 5 dogs (she might be just a little obsessed) and procrastinating on her math homework.

Mikayla Thomas Mikayla is a freshman at MSU Denver and is studying Environmental Science. She likes to make people laugh and only has room for positive vibes, positive minds, and positive lives. She is a practicing “lifer” — meaning she’s not good at life, therefore she must practice. So far she has made it to level 1: Beginner.

Sofia Garcia is a freshman at Metropolitan State University majoring in International Business. She is a first-generation college student, is open-minded and always down for adventures. Sofia likes to travel, and considers herself the perfect traveling buddy! She cares about issues like immigration, women’s rights, and racial inequality. Sofia likes to go on adventures to find street art, listen to @champagnepapi, and eat cheesecake. If you have a bulldog or a pug, she’ll be your best friend. Sofia is mother to a bulldog, Fiona, named after Princess Fiona from Shrek and is interning with New Era because she wants to learn about issues that matter to her generation.

Lindsey Rasmussen is a student at University of Colorado Denver majoring in international affairs and minoring in economics. A self-proclaimed “extroverted introvert”, she spends a lot of time at her house in Capitol Hill, a few blocks from the current New Era Denver headquarters. Lindsey loves being active in her communities – she is a member of the Capitol Hill Neighborhood Association, the student government association, the peer-to-peer tutoring program on campus, and an active participant in local politics. She loves reading new books, learning about new things, walking around Denver and hanging out with her cat, Samson.

Paulina Venzor is a sophomore at University of Colorado Denver majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish. She wants to pursue a career in Art Therapy. She is passionate about education, immigration, and mental health issues. When she’s procrastinating from her responsibilities (which is the majority of the time), she spends time with her French poodle Bubbles watching South Park. She decided to intern with New Era Colorado after witnessing other interns and volunteers jamming out to Beyonce while registering people to vote. She loved the energy they had and wanted to be part of it.