The Young Guns. That are smarter than anyone else at New Era.

BAM. This is the crew that gets it done. They register voters. They lobby policy. They knock on doors. They recruit volunteers. They put on candidate debates. They even drive our bus (sometimes). Real slackers, huh?

The Denver New Era Interns:

Adam Gremp is a self described military hippie and is the old guy in the room. Adam studies Geography and Urban Planning at the University of Colorado in Denver. Born in New Orleans, he moved to Austin at 11 and later joined the World’s Finest Navy where he traveled the planet and avoided most of the odd things that you think happen on a submarine. He’s been to over 37 Phish concerts while in the military-#goals. He is most passionate about sustainability and environmental justice.

Alex Turner
 is a junior at MSU Denver studying Multi-Media Production and Meteorology. He returned to Colorado in 2013 after a brief stint in New Paltz, New York and a briefer stint at the University of Oregon. He is interested in issues involving climate control, student loan debt, and voter registration. When he is not in school, scooping ice cream, or working on his internship, Alex enjoys looking at weather maps, music, sports of all sorts, and ice cream.

Jared Bynum is a Colorado native, born and raised on that awkward part of the metro where you’re in a neighborhood, but if you walk too far down the street you get lost in farmland. He’s a freshman at the University of Colorado Denver and is double majoring in Economics and Political Science, with minors in Environmental Science and Urban Planning. His passions include caring for animals, cooking for friends, and defacing bourgeois propaganda.

Victor Anozie is an MBA student at Colorado Heights University of Denver studying Healthcare Management, Environmental Management and Sustainable Development. Born in West Africa Nigeria-   his experiences with local politics in Nigeria have motivated him to be a part of the New Era internship program in Denver. Victor is passionate about making a change in the political system of his home country.

The Boulder New Era Interns:

Allie Easter is a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder and is studying Political Science. She’s passionate about reproductive justice and interested in campaign finance reform. As a Houston native, she enjoys the chopped and screwed genre of rap and has a full evacuation plan in place in the event of an approaching hurricane. She thoroughly enjoys brunching and a good mimosa.  

Alexis Johnson is an excitable senior at CU Boulder double majoring in International Affairs and Anthropology. She is very passionate about social justice, global affairs, and student debt. If she’s not running around like a chicken with her head cut off, she’s singing (off-key) somewhere or yelling at the T.V during one of her numerous shows she enjoys. The Connecticut-native enjoys eating all foods and finding herself having a good ol’ time with good ol’ people.

Danielle Meltz is a senior at CU majoring in Political Science, and found her way to the Rocky Mountains after being raised in Dubai. Her path to adulthood involves awkward stumbles, backpacking and a passion for environmental issues. Even though she’s passionate about writing and photography, nothing trumps her love for feeding large numbers of people.

Dinorah Avendano Curiel 
graduated from CU Boulder in May 2015. Some issues she is passionate about are reducing student loan debt, and immigration reform. She also enjoys solo car rides and adventures in other countries. She almost never shies away from a conversation with a stranger and sees life as a one way street. She strongly believes the energy a person projects to the world is what will be returned to your own life. She joined New Era team because she genuinely believes she CAN make a difference. She believes it’s up to HER to make change possible, sometimes even while she’s singing in the shower.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 11.40.49 AMElana Brown
 is a sophomore at CU Boulder, majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Leadership (whatever that is). Elana is most passionate about sustainable development and climate justice and a strong believer in the power of her generation to make social change. She is interning with New Era  to learn how to go about social change because, in the words of motivational speaker Bob Proctor, “If you know what to do to reach your goal, it’s not a big enough goal.” In her free time Elana enjoys shredding up the mountain, jamming to the grooviest of tunes, cooking (let’s be honest, mostly eating), and singing horribly off key.

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 11.28.59 AMGiulia Barnhisel is a senior at CU Boulder who loves the outdoors, being involved on campus, and cats. She’s all about social justice and immigrant rights, which are her favorite pastimes besides eating french fries or drinking coffee. She’s originally from Italy, which explains her weird first name. Oh, and it’s pronounced “Julia”, OKAY?

Joe Meyer
 was raised on a cattle ranch in Northern California. He is currently working on an Environmental Studies degree at CU Boulder-where he has lived for nearly 5 years. As a unicycling, creek floating, backcountry ski enthusiast, he thrives in Boulder’s funky and outgoing community. His future goals include working in local politics back in California. He likes gardening, working on reclamation projects, and talking about political issues. Joe also has a American pitbull terrier named Bruce!

Katie Waugaman is a sophomore at CU Boulder studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Economics. She was raised in Colorado on fresh mountain air and honey bunches of oats. She wants to be an inventor and use her technical skills to come up with solutions to help others. Katie is also the best skier on the mountain, and will challenge anyone to a contentious game of gnar.

L. LeNard is a busy but deliciously happy sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder.  She is majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in an amazing Leadership program through INVST. L is always curious about everything and her favorite thing to do is to learn. She loves to surround herself with dorky people; she loves to find something beautiful in everyone. Her biggest passions in life include Environmental Justice, Equality, and the Arts (Music, Dance, Poetry…etc!).  L puts her energy into things she thinks will make the world a better place: Like New Era!

Lauren Gulick is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Political Science and Military Science. She is originally from Virginia Beach, VA, but the mountains and the Army brought her to beautiful Boulder, CO. She is very passionate about women’s rights and education equality. She equally enjoys skiing on the mountain and every sport involving the ocean!

Linsi Bowers
was raised in the plains of Northeast Colorado, where there are more cows than people and twice as much corn. Her natural hippie persuasion drew her to Boulder where she has lived happily ever after for the past 4 years! She’s a senior studying Sociology with a focus on Crime and Punishment and a minor in Dance. It is her life goal to challenge daily injustices that occur because of “things having always been that way,” and believes it’s our responsibility to challenge the status quo. When she’s not at New Era you could generally find her busting out random dance moves or binge-watching Law & Order SVU.

Maggie Bryniarski 
is a sophomore at CU studying Integrative Physiology and Women and Gender Studies. She is usually passionate about basically any social justice issue that she learns about, but she is STRONGLY passionate about women’s rights. Yeah, feminism! In her free time she enjoys being active… both politically and physically (so Boulder), staring at dogs that aren’t hers, and eating food.

Makaila Rosin is a sophomore attending CU Boulder. She’s majoring in Strategic Communications, which is just a fancy name for combining communications and advertising, while also pursuing a minor in leadership through the INVST CLP. Originally from the northern suburbs of Chicago, she was anxious to escape to a more mountainous, active lifestyle- which led her to Boulder. Issues Makaila is passionate about include: immigration, women’s rights, and environmental justice. She is interning with New Era in her efforts to leave as positive of an impact as possible, during her short stay on Earth. Outside of New Era, she sings in an acappella group, loves to ski the pow, and take lots of photos of our pretty planet-LOTS.

Megan Paliwoda is currently a senior at CU Boulder graduating in May 2016. Her majors are Geography and Environmental Studies with a specialization in natural resources. Originally from a suburb of Los Angeles, Megan is a lover of coffee, hockey, and the great outdoors. When she’s not at New Era, she spends her time hiking, brunching, and challenging her friends to fitbit challenges (which she takes pretty seriously). She’s passionate about conservation, and hopes to one day work in water management.

Mykaela Doane is a junior at CU Boulder studying Sociology. She is super passionate about women’s rights and student debt (and basically every other thing she learns about in her sociology classes). A Massachusetts native currently suffering a bad case of dog envy from living in Boulder – aka the Cute Dog Capital of the World. She loves the mountains and the ocean and thinks life is pretty sweet (just not before 9 AM and/or she’s had at least 3 cups of coffee). When she was a ‘lil tyke she thought she’d be the first woman president. Or a wizard. She’s leaning toward wizard.

Rachel Knoche is a senior at CU Boulder studying Classics and Philosophy. When she isn’t busy climbing as many 14ers as possible or planning a backpacking trip for the Pacific Crest Trail, you can find her working on projects to help unleash the political power of her generation. She is passionate about campaign finance reform and engaging young voters. She plans to keep up this kind of work when she graduates. Rachel is also an advocate for being creative and curious, drinking all the coffee, building pillow forts, coloring, brunching, sarcasm, shenanigans, and taking naps.

Tommy Veronesi Hailing from his hub in Chicago, Tommy is now a junior at CU majoring in Environmental Studies and has a certificate in energy sustainability. Outside of school and New Era, he plays in a band and specializes in making you shake your groove thing. Tommy is heavily addicted to caffeine, tomato sauce, dogs, and democracy and will annihilate anything in his path to get it.