The Young Guns. That are smarter than anyone else at New Era.

BAM. This is the crew that gets it done. They register voters. They lobby policy. They knock on doors. They recruit volunteers. They put on candidate debates. They even drive our bus (sometimes). Real slackers, huh?

The Denver New Era Interns:

Branden Hickerson is a senior at University of Colorado Denver and is majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in economics. He is an Army veteran of the and worked for four years as an imagery intelligence analyst. Some of his favorite activities include boring his roommates to death by talking about history and psychology while they are watching television and asking strangers what they think about current political issues. The issues that are most critical to him are income inequality and campaign finance reform. He joined New Era because he believes that social change comes from ordinary people and not from government leaders.

Christian Morales was born in Morelos, Mexico and moved to the United States when he was 7 years old. He is currently a freshman at the Community College of Denver, pursuing a degree in Marketing with a minor in Public Relations. Apart from interning at New Era Colorado, he works at Cold Stone Creamery. Yes, he gets free ice cream, and no, he is not tired of it. When Christian is not working or at school, he enjoys watching The Office or hanging out with friends and his familia! Familia means family. The issues that he cares about are immigration reform, climate change, women’s rights, and racism. He is here to change the system, so that it works for everyone!

Ellison Snider learned at an early age that it was a good thing to be a “bossy” and “sassy” girl as she kept up with her two big sisters. In her life, these have been adjectives of admiration, ornamenting encouragement to stay curious and bold. When Ellison was three years old, she renamed herself Ellie Lala. Lala has been doing things her own way since. A recent graduate of Loyola University of Chicago, Ellison received a B.A. in Advocacy and Social Change and a minor in Sociology. She cares about elevating the voices of the ignored and silenced. She is thrilled to be joining the New Era Colorado team because she believes youth civic engagement is  imperative as we strive to create a more equitable society. Since moving to Denver, she can be found exploring the mountains with her extraordinarily anxious pup, Esso.

Heidi Vargas
is a blissed out yogi who chooses to live life outside her comfort zone. She was born in El Paso Texas, and spent a good portion of her childhood in Chihuahua Mexico.  She eventually moved with her family to the snowy mountains of Aspen, Colorado where her love of art, theater, and music was sparked while attending the Aspen Community School (a performing arts school). Heidi is a proud feminist and senior at the University of Colorado in Denver where she is perusing a Bachelor’s in Psychology and hopes to attend graduate school after a year of goofing off and traveling. She’s had many adventures in her life, but her all time favorite was trekking mountain Kilimanjaro in Africa. Heidi joined New Era because she believes now is the time to take local action and be a voice and representative for minorities such as latinos and women.

Heidy Guerrero is a Senior in high school was born in Juarez, Mexico. The issues that she cares about are are; social justice, immigration reform, and women’s rights. When she’s not doing homework or doing her internship, you can find her watching shows on Netflix, or playing the video game Forza Horizon 3. She joined New Era because she wants to get people involved in democracy.

Jamila Sleman is a senior at Metropolitan State University of Denver and is double majoring in Political Science and History. She has a strong passion for variety of issues: women’s rights, health care, immigration, climate change, Native Americans, and education.  She has dreams of going to law school, owning a dog with the name Eleanor Roosevelt, and having dinner with Trevor Noah.  She finds driving absolutely infuriating and would love to have the ability to teleport or at least improve the public transportation in Colorado. She joined New Era because she knows civic engagement is fundamental to change.

Marcus Liberman is a Springfield, Illinois native and is taking on the city of Denver. Currently a junior and Political Science major at Metropolitan State University of Denver, he’ll be graduating from MSU-Denver in the spring of 2018. He plans to pursue a career in lobbying on environmental/ public-land management issues. Other than school, he enjoys hiking, camping, running and exploring national parks. The American West has inspired him to pursue his passion in maintaining the vast beautiful land that we Americans call home. Fun fact: His favorite progressive icon is Abraham Lincoln.

Michael Huang
is from Reno, Nevada and can speak both Mandarin Chinese and English. Michael currently attends the University of Denver as a Business Management Major and  is fascinated by the inner workings of the government, gerrymandering, special interest groups, and constitutional law. Michael plays eight instruments (piano being his favorite), competitively swims, (competitively) sleeps, road trips, skis, and watches far too many John Oliver episodes to count. When Michael isn’t playing instruments, swimming, or at New Era, he’s probably making Harry Potter jokes that only the true fans would understand. He thinks New Era is really neat and is excited to be on the team.

Nada Darwish is known to be the multicultural girl who loves learning about exotic cultures and traditions. When someone asks her where she’s from, her instant reply is “Do you mean where I was born, where I’ve lived or where my ancestors are from?”  She was born and raised in Doha, Qatar, received her undergrad in International Relations in the United Arab Emirates and is currently a graduate student at the University of Colorado Denver. Since moving to Colorado, she can be found exploring the Rocky Mountains, petting every single Husky she sees, powerlifting at the gym, running a 5K event or training for the Tough Mudder. She overcomes mentally challenging events like powerlifting with the motto,  “Let the beast out.”  She cares about immigration issues, gender rights and she wants to promote youth participation.

The Boulder New Era Interns:


Allegra Twichell is a junior at University of Colorado in Boulder and is expected to graduate this May. She is a Women and Gender Studies major and will graduate with a certificate in Peace and Conflict Studies, LGBTQ Studies and Global Gender and Sexuality as well.  Born in Chicago, Allegra thinks everyone in Colorado is incredibly laid back but has yet to find good Chinese food here. She’s obsessed with fluffy animals and is passionate about reproductive justice and accessible healthcare. She’s excited about bringing the younger generation into the important issues that will impact all of our futures.

Caylin Enoch is a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder pursuing a double degree in Communication and Political Science. Caylin hopes to attend law school after graduating from CU in the spring of 2018 to pursue a career in constitutional law. She is most passionate about voter access and reproductive justice. Caylin is at New Era to apply her knowledge of political science to make a difference in real world issues and gain experience in the realm of political advocacy that will help her with future career opportunities. When Caylin isn’t babysitting 25 freshman as an RA in one of the residence halls on CU’s campus or spending time at New Era, she is most likely finding a quiet place to nap in Norlin library or downing her fifth cup of coffee for the day.

Clare Stumpf
is a second-year MS student studying Environmental Policy. Her undergraduate work centered around philosophy and psychology, but she got sick of sitting in class all day having existential crises surrounding Plato’s Parable of the Cave and decided to take a political turn.  She is at New Era to learn how to kick the proverbial butt, politically speaking. When not talking to strangers about student debt or studying environmental racism, Clare enjoys volunteering for Boulder Food Rescue, scrambling up the Flatirons, and drinking Upslope.

Daniel Athey has all but completed his education at the University of Colorado Boulder focusing on a major in Physics and a minor in astronomy. He cares about science literacy and advocacy and has worked for NASA affiliated research groups on campus. He is also deeply passionate about removing the influence of money in politics. He joined New Era to help give a voice to the voiceless he aims to help build a lasting movement of young people enacting change at every level of government.

Dryden Mills is an enthusiastic freshman at CU Boulder. She is from Tallahassee, Florida and is pursuing a degree in Political Science and Anthropology. She greatly enjoys food of all sorts, and is always in search of the perfect taco. Dryden is often found running after other people’s cute dogs around Boulder, because she desperately misses her nine pets she left at home (five dogs and four cats). Dryden is at New Era because she wants to be active in politics and is an aspiring Leslie Knope. She wants to help her peers advocate for the issues they care about — particularly LGBTQ+ issues, the environment, and gun safety.

Ella Eldon is a junior at CU Boulder double majoring in International Affairs and Political Science, with a minor in Leadership. She is a huge fan of almost all animals, including but not limited to cats dogs, sloths, and trash pandas (aka raccoons). She is from California and has yet to get tired of experiencing all four wonderful, and only occasionally miserable, seasons here in Colorado. 

Holland Parker is a CU student double majoring in International Affairs and Chinese and focusing on Peace & Conflict Studies. She was born a yankee but growing up in Arkansas quickly molded her into a southern belle (kind of). An avid Beyoncé enthusiast, she also really likes to travel, read books, and drop mixtapes while drinking way too much coffee. Holland joined New Era to get some hands-on experience in local politics and learn a bit more about civic engagement and political activism. She’s particularly passionate about women’s rights, healthcare reforms, and student debt. One day she’ll be an international human rights lawyer, but her greatest achievement to date is having watched every episode of Supernatural eleven times.

Jai Rajagopal  is a freshman at the University of Colorado Boulder majoring in Political Science and minoring in Leadership through the ELLC RAP program. Born and raised in Colorado, he has a strong sense of state pride and wants to improve Colorado however he can. Jai is passionate about healthcare and campaign finance reform. He is at New Era to gain experience for a career in politics where he hopes to advance these issues. When not working in politics, he breathes air, occasionally eats food, and enjoys living on the wild side (i.e. reading books about U.S. historical elections and listening to recordings of presidential debates where both the candidates are now dead).

Julia Levin is a sophomore at the University of Colorado Boulder studying Strategic Communication Media Design with a minor in TAM and women’s studies. She’s a proud Chicago native who thinks ketchup on hotdogs is disgusting and has three shirts with Larry David’s face on it. Along with her ability to run half a mile, Julia enjoys hiking and yoga after eating as much Thai food as physically possible. Julia is passionate about climate change initiatives, women’s reproductive rights, student debt relief, and immigration reform.

Kebret Ketema is a freshman at CU Boulder studying Political Science, and is with New Era because she feels passionately about criminal justice reform, climate change, and economic inequality. She has a plethora of nicknames, those of which include Keke (or Kiki, it’s all good in the hood if you just pronounce it right), Keeks, and the Keekinator. Being the highly sensitive and emotionally-invested individual that she is, Keke often cries about the dog she left back in Oregon with her family, the finale of a variety of Netflix series, and the bees that are dying globally at an alarming rate. When she’s not crying, she’s sleeping.

Molly Viar is a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder. She hopes to eventually attend law school and pursue a career involving law and social justice. She is originally from the D.C. Metro Area but decided to experience life here out west! She is happiest when shopping, eating sushi, or laying on a beach somewhere.  She is passionate about childhood development, women empowerment, education, social justice, and human rights issues. She decided to intern with New Era because she wants to learn more about the legislative process on a state and local level and believes that exercising your right to vote is a fundamental aspect of our democracy that all young people should participate in.


Nick Roper is a CU senior studying environmental science and getting a teaching licensure for secondary education in science. A Colorado native from Pueblo, he does just about everything your typical native does: skiing, camping, and backpacking. Not just your standard granola-eating Coloradoan, he also enjoys heated political facebook discussions in his downtime from school. Nick joined New Era Colorado because he is interested in getting more involved in the political world. He is passionate about environmental advocacy efforts at the state and national level.

Perrine Monnet is a junior at the University of Colorado, Boulder majoring in International Affairs and Anthropology. She is passionate about climate change, women’s rights, and skiing. She weirdly loved her time in Middle School, and laughs too hard at the simplest of jokes or when she is even slightly uncomfortable. She is at New Era to channel her passion into action and get more involved!

Sam Maney is a sophomore at CU studying Sociology, despite frequently being mistaken for a freshman in HS she is actually a semi-functioning adult. Born and raised in New York she is not yet used to waiting for the walk sign to cross the street when there are no cars coming. Though she’ll debate about (just about) anything, she gets most fired up about are reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, and dismantling the patriarchy and the gender binary. She joined New Era to be part of a community who is as passionate as she is about making positive change. Also because her family started  to ignore her text rants about widespread inequality in society.

Sammie Miller is a senior at the University of Colorado Boulder who is passionate about dismantling the patriarchy, laughing uncontrollably, and occasionally dancing on top of any given sturdy surface.  It is likely that you may hear her feverently debating issues surrounding intersectionality, climate change, income inequality, and equal access to education.  She heartily embraces the title of “Feminist Killjoy” and can be seen humming show tunes around Boulder at inappropriately loud volumes.  Known affectionately to those who love her as “Sam Bam”, she is excited about engaging Colorado young people in the political process and getting the issues that affect the millennial generation to the forefront of our political landscape.

The Development New Era Interns:

Alishaunia Cox is used to having her name mispronounced… a lot… so she goes by Ali. Most recently seen selling you things you probably don’t need at extreme mark ups for corporate fashion. Ali lived in Lithuania for half a year, and spent time traveling throughout Europe. While in Russia she charmed her way out of being arrested for taking pictures of an abandoned building. Often dressed outrageously, she scampers around Boulder spending too much money on food and listening to the life stories of strangers. If given the chance to change one thing in the political system it would be the election process. New Era called to her because of our voter registration work.