The Young Guns. That are smarter than anyone else at New Era.

BAM. This is the crew that gets it done. They register voters. They lobby policy. They knock on doors. They recruit volunteers. They put on candidate debates. They even drive our bus (sometimes). Real slackers, huh?

The New Era Interns:

FabianbioFabián Laguna is an eighteen-year-old rising sophomore at CU Boulder who got involved with New Era to learn about local issues and to promote change in his community.  As a junior in high school he lived in Malaga, Spain & had an unforgettable experience (ask him about it sometime!). Upon entering college he immediately became enthused by politics and academia, veering away from his previous lifestyle. Being a Boulder native, he plans to use his Spanish speaking skills and local wit to New Era’s benefit. He hopes to increase his knowledge of local & state government so he can turn his ideas into action. Fabián owns no pets, and never has.

Hadley picBorn in Connecticut, raised in the chilly hills of Appalachia, converted to a hardcore Boulderite, Hadley Dorn will be leaving her mountainous home town in August to be a freshman at Amherst College. Her interests include saving the environment, advocating for policy that makes Colorado better, traveling the world, and napping (when there’s time). She’s with New Era to get young voters registered, learn everything there is to know about nonprofits, talk politics, get involved with the Boulder community, and plan for world domination (duh).

Spencer bio desktopBorn and raised in the beautiful Boulder Valley, Spencer Carnes currently attends CU Boulder, where he’s anticipating a BA in English  & Political Science in 2016. He’s thrilled to be joining the New Era ranks because one of his main interests is political activism. He’s also all about inspiring his peers to fight for what they believe in. When he’s not busy with New Era, Spencer’s on the move with another organization on campus that he co-founded called No Labels. In addition to his political and academic endeavors, Spencer enjoys writing poetry and hiking his majestic mountains. When he isn’t too busy studying or working, his absolute favorite thing to do is to find something to study or work on.

neera (1)Lima Esslam was born in Kabul, Afghanistan. Her family immigrated to Pakistan when the Taliban invaded her country and at age 11, she moved to Colorado with her family. Lima has now lived here for almost 10 years & is currently studying Women’s Studies at CU Boulder. Before going to graduate school, Lima plans to work with an NGO & she will eventually go back to Afghanistan to focus on girl’s education. By joining New Era, Lima is hoping to learn more about American politics & wants to hone in on her leadership skills. Lima loves traveling & nature, so Colorado is a great place for her!

Olivia bio picOlivia Storz was born and raised in Longmont, Colorado and is currently a senior at Niwot High School. She plans to study international affairs in college and is at New Era to gain leadership and policy skills, hoping to apply these skills in future work with the Foreign Service. Olivia is enthusiastic about education funding, womens rights and environmental issues. Her interests include traveling, running, learning languages, and sleeping. She abhors mornings, loves nutella and can’t choose between the beach and the mountains. Olivia has an opinion about everything and will gladly tell you. She is very excited to be working with New Era!

Chloe bio picA perfect blend of Colorado, Texas, and Kentucky, Chloe Hammond graduated in May 2014 from CU Boulder with a degree in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. Chloe took an environmental ethics course her last semester, which inspired her to get involved in grassroots organizing & flamed her passion for conserving and protecting nature. She graduated from an online high school at sixteen and finished her Bachelor’s before she can legally drink (a productive one, that Chloe). Chloe absolutely loves live music and dancing under the stars at Red Rocks in the summer time. She also loves her cat, Mrs. Featherbottom, and her favorite snack is cheese.

elise bio picElise is a recently graduated high school senior, and will be attending Northeastern University in Boston in the fall to study biochemistry. She was raised in the hippie paradise that is Boulder, Colorado, but despite her tendency of tree hugging and sap smelling, she is excited to explore the strange new world of clam chowder and aggressive baseball fans. She is extremely adept at Chewbaca impressions, and hones in on these talents by accompanying herself with jazz piano. She hopes that by joining New Era she can make a difference in local politics, especially when it comes to clean energy and the environment, despite her crippling fear of windmills.

Bryn bio picBryn Grunwald is a freshman at CU Boulder majoring in Environmental Engineering and International Affairs. Born and bred in Boulder, Colorado, she is one of those no-good barefoot hippies who can’t drive a car and calls her bike ‘Sexy’. She has spent over a year and a half living in countries like Sweden and the Philippines and has loud opinions on politics-just ask her about her time abroad & you’ll get a mouthful. Bryn is passionate about sustainable energy and climate change, partly because she survived Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, with deep running interests in LGTBQA rights, education reform and mocking scientifically illiterate politicians. Bryn spends her time practicing capoeira, writing pretentious fiction, watching cartoon superheroes and playing with her ridiculously fat cat.

MeganMegan Cowley is a Canadian who got lost as a child one day and ended up living in Colorado for most of her life. She just graduated with a BA in Political Science from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, as she felt a strong pull back to The Homeland after she graduated from high school in Colorado. While there, however, she realized that American politics were much more interesting, cutthroat, and messy than Canadian politics and she came running back to Colorado as fast as she could. She is very skilled in dressing for a rainstorm, cooking Kraft dinner, and the intricate art of hair braiding. If you enter her home, you will instantly be able to spot multiple books on feminism. She used to spend her free time traveling to far-off lands and writing cool blogs about it, but decided it was time to settle down (for a few months at least.) Ask her about her cat’s name sometime (it’s not really SFW).

page selfiePage Little
is a senior at CU Boulder and is majoring in environmental studies. She was born and raised in Fresno, California and decided to trade in her desert roots for the frozen tundra because, Colorado. She’s on fire for LGBTQ rights, all things environment, and AMERICA. Her talents include overusing the word traumatic, perfecting her #selfie taking abilities, eating massive amounts of sushi, and pretending to like hiking.