The Young Guns. That are smarter than anyone else at New Era.

BAM. This is the crew that gets it done. They register voters. They lobby policy. They knock on doors. They recruit volunteers. They put on candidate debates. They even drive our bus (sometimes). Real slackers, huh?

The New Era Interns:

AlexinternpageAlex Bollman is currently a senior at CU Boulder majoring in International Affairs and Sociology. Born and raised in the frozen flat tundra that is Minnesota, she finally gave up her ice princess status and moved to the sunshine state of Colorado. Her skills include tripping over flat surfaces, rapping, withstanding beyond arctic temperatures, and talking in an adorable Minnesoooootan accent. Alex is excited to share her passion for the environment, education, and women’s reproductive rights with the rad people at New Era and not only make a difference in Colorado but the whole nation (and probably the world too). In her spare time Alex enjoys hiking, underwater basket weaving, snapchatting, watching sports, and laughing.

 Internpic-Galen2Galen Kuney is a junior history major at CU Boulder. He traded the lush rolling hills of his native Virginia for the rather larger, snow-covered ones known as the Rocky Mountains after 19 years. He was also able to convince his twin brother to join him in Boulder shortly after. Galen’s near-obsessive search for a way to fight “The Man” led him to discover New Era Colorado, and he is excited to be sharing his passion for grass-roots level politics with others. In addition to his desire to make a positive impact in Boulder and his fascination with things that have already happened, Galen loves the Washington Redskins, riding his bike, and music. He has a personal goal of sampling as many of the excellent local beers that Boulder has to offer as possible, so if you see him at your local watering hole, grab your pint and wish him well, and chat him up about local energy!

Internpic-nathanNathan Zick-Smith is a junior at CU majoring in Environmental Studies and Geography. Nathan was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah as an only child. He spent this past summer traveling in Alaska with friends and around the American Southwest with CU’s INVST Community Leadership Program. He feels passionate about climate change awareness, with a growing interest in democracy, development practices, and public policy. He is excited to get involved in local political issues, such as the ones addressed by New Era (obviously). Nathan’s favorite musical artists are Portugal, The Man, Alt-J, and The Glitch Mob. During his free time Nathan enjoys cooking (especially in a crock pot), playing basketball, biking (of all kinds), and eating ice bergs. If Nathan could have any one super power it would be to travel back in time.

William-169William Truesdell is a senior at CU Boulder studying history and political science. He’s rather obsessed with saving the environment, but only ever manages to save a kilowatt or two of electricity a day. So it’s no surprise that New Era Colorado is just what he’s been looking for: a place to make real, meaningful change. He is also very passionate about education, especially making higher education more accessible. In his spare time he tends to make others uncomfortable by laughing uncontrollably at This American Life streaming over his headphones. Other hobbies include skiing, hiking with the dog, brewing beer and drinking it. He’s also confessed to do, if given the chance, unthinkable things for a date with Jennifer Lawrence.

Internpic-JacksonJackson Gruver is a sophomore at CU Boulder, majoring in Environmental Studies and is also a member of the INVST Community Leadership Program. Born and raised in Austin, Jackson escaped the Texas heat by coming up to Colorado, where he found his love for her mountains and incredible forests. When Jackson isn’t studying the art of Pollution-Kung-Fu, or using it, he can be found walking around in circles, frolicking in a field pretending to be a Hobbit or backpacking and hiking.

jamesbioJames Cody is a 4th year junior majoring in Psychology and Sociology at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Born and raised in a small Connecticut town called New Canaan, he graduated high school in 2010 and was far from being at the top of his class. When not dumpster diving or practicing martial arts with his BFFs, he focuses his efforts towards saving the environment and promoting sustainable economics. Having lost 25 pounds since giving up on his dream of becoming an NFL super star, his favorite activities these days include snowboarding, camping, climbing, cooking and eating bacon

mollyinternpageMolly Horowitz is a junior at CU Boulder studying Economics with a public policy emphasis, Atmospheric Science, and Geography. By going through three majors during the first half of her college career, she became passionate about the climate, health, and the agricultural industry. Through New Era, Molly hopes to learn more about current issues within the environment, and hopes to motivate others about them. Molly spends her time drawing weather maps, reading books about past presidents, doing yoga, hugging dogs, and making movies with her iPhone (she’s practically a professional).

FabianbioFabián Laguna is an eighteen-year-old freshman at CU Boulder who got involved with New Era to learn about local issues and to promote change in his community.  As a junior in high school he lived in Malaga, Spain & had an unforgettable experience (ask him about it sometime!). Upon entering college he immediately became enthused by politics and academia, veering away from his previous lifestyle. Being a Boulder native, he plans to use his Spanish speaking skills and local wit to New Era’s benefit. He hopes to increase his knowledge of local & state government so he can turn his ideas into action. Fabián owns no pets, and never has.

TonybioRaised in the remote lands of Northern California, Antonio Bricca ventured out east to seek new adventures and knowledge. After many months of travel, his horse became sick as he stumbled upon the town of Boulder, Colorado. He decided to spend his time waiting for his horse to recover while receiving an education from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He determined his focus would be on Political Science and the way society works. Now, when he’s not riding his now healthy American Thoroughbred, Antonio enjoys historical nonfiction books by the fire, constructing home office decor, baking chocolate peanut butter cookies that aren’t too soft but not too crunchy either, and giving motivational speeches to strangers on the street. Thus, it was merely destiny he would discover the exceptionally unique individuals at New Era Colorado.

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 10.26.23 AMAlayna Bell moved from the Panhandle Beaches of Florida to the mountains of Colorado to study Political Science at CU Boulder. She one day hopes to become super hero or a princess (whichever opportunity comes first), but as a back up plan also considers becoming the next Elle Woods. Whatever path she takes, she wants to use democracy to put a halt to environmental degradation and empower others in her generation to do the same- and she sees New Era as the perfect place to do just that!

Will PankeyWill Pankey is a born and raised Denverite-cum millennial drifter who is looking to mentor youngins’ about politics and dismantle the corporate capitalist structure through grassroots organizing. Will is a graduate of CU Boulder with an English and Communication degree that has allowed him to enjoy a life of excess and unimaginable riches. Thus, Will has been afforded ample time to pursue life’s real pleasures such as debating crime fiction, woodworking, waking up at absurd hours to watch Arsenal F.C. and games of Mahjong in the park. Moreover, Will is a dab hand at FIFA and blows off steam by jogging.

RocioRocio Ramos is a Colorado native, currently in her third year studying Sociology and Spanish at Regis University. Her plan is to become the next Nancy Grace kicking *ss in the criminal justice system, but she’d like to be a little less loud. She’s got some serious life goals but takes a break every now and then to take long strolls bathed in moonlight, go people watching, and be the best peer educator her campus has ever seen.

Alyssa EvansAlyssa Evans is a cupcake connoisseur and a TV show binge watcher. In between those time consuming hobbies, she studies Economics at the University of Denver. She calls Hawai’i home but considers Colorado a close second in her heart. In her home state, she does not surf and only occasionally rides dolphins. She was driven by her taste buds to study for a year in Paris and then New York City, but has returned to the beautiful state of Colorado and intends to stay for a bit to gain some experience for a future she hopes is in policy. New Era is the perfect place for her to advocate for her views on equality, the economy, and the environment.

Mohammad RezaieMohammad Rezaie is a senior at the University of Denver, studying International Studies. He’s originally from Afghanistan, and says he is Afghan to Americans, American to Afghans, and the journey continues. He players a lot of outdoor volleyball in the summer, as well as indoor soccer, and loves the Barcelona of Spain football team. He is weirdly bothered by tags on clothing. He’s passionate about politics and cross-cultural communication and outreach, and is excited about New Era’s work on local politics. He’d like to join the State Department to represent the country that he now calls home: the U.S.

Lori ScottLori Scott is the love child of Gloria Steinem and Cecile Richards and was raised on a strict diet of kale and sunshine. She’s a first-year at the University of Denver studying International Studies & Gender & Women’s Studies, and is part of the Pioneer Leadership Program as well. She doesn’t shy a way from controversy, so you can usually find her expressing an opinion, asking you to sign a petition for gender neutral bathrooms, or inviting you to The Vagina Monologues. “Pizza rolls, not gender rolls” is how Lori rolls, and she also likes to hike, travel, drink tea, do yoga, and smash the patriarchy. With her abundant free time, she’s interning at New Era to be a mover & a shaker.

Lexus VannLexus Vann is a recent graduate of the Metropolitan State University of Denver, having majored in history with two minors – Speech Communications, and Spanish. She was born in El Dorado, Kansas but has lived in Colorado for most of her life. She’s passionate about women’s rights, education, health care, and equal rights. With her freetime, she dances mostly in hallways, writes her own songs based on everyday experiences, falls down laughing on sidewalks, or eats potatoes. She’s ready for the new challenges that New Era has in store for her and we are ready to dance in the hall more often.

Natasha GlacivicNatasha Glavicic is a super senior at UCD and radical princess banned from her home state of California. She’s bringing love & light to the Mile High, where she landed in pursuit of Grade A Beef and, well, the new marijuana laws. She’s better at bringing the fun than following directions to save her life. She came to New Era in hopes of overthrowing the system while putting the “cracy” in “democracy.”

Rae AcostaRae Acosta is a self-proclaimed bad*ss. End of bio? Not so fast: she’s currently in her first year of studying Political Science and has called beautiful Colorado home almost for forever. She’s into eating, not swimming very well, and Netflix, and she’s pretty incredible at being clumsy enough to warrant a visit to the doctor. She gives a sh*t about women’s rights (!), animal rights, educate and environmental issues. She is a wannabe hippie with aspirations to rule the world.