The Young Guns. That are smarter than anyone else at New Era.

BAM. This is the crew that gets it done. They register voters. They lobby policy. They knock on doors. They recruit volunteers. They put on candidate debates. They even drive our bus (sometimes). Real slackers, huh?

The Denver New Era Interns:

John Bownas will graduate in the spring with a major in Human Resource Management and minor in Ethnic Studies. Hailing from the middle of Illinois, he is a strong advocate of gooey butter cookies and Rush Hour 2. He is way too inspired/infatuated with Donald Glover and American Indian issues. Play me in HORSE and lose.

Mark Eackles
a junior at Metropolitan University, wants to live in a world filled with good vibes, books that come bundled with extra dark chocolate and a force field around his keyboard that repels cats and sticky-fingered toddlers. Mark, aka “Mr. Inquisitive,” questions everything. He is very passionate about social justice and veterans benefits. In his free time, you can find him running around barefoot or asking the question “why?” for the eleventy-bajillionth time. 

Peri Cardinal is a sassy, opinionated, short girl that people tend to adore rather than fear (despite her efforts to be feared). She studies Biology and Pre-nursing at the University of Colorado-Denver, and is passionate about children, healthcare, and dogs. As a millennial and a native to Colorado, she joined New Era to get other millennials involved in democracy in order to preserve the beautiful Colorado she has always known. 

Raymond Maes Jr, born and raised in the 303, is currently a freshman at Metropolitan State University studying Political Science and dank memes. This former battalion Executive Officer at 6th Battalion (George Washington, JROTC) is extremely passionate about the environment and police brutality epidemic that’s occurring in America. Raymond joined to help represent youth such as myself and to try and make positive change. 

Sara Hassan is a simple girl who was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. If she’s not in class, at work or with New Era you can catch her baking or watching Netflix. 

Sean Thompson is originally from California and the only non-terrestrial intern in Denver, (seriously my father was “born” in Roswell, New Mexico.) This former archer is now a History major at University of Colorado Denver and is obsessed with Irish Pub music for an unknown reason. He is passionate about the representation of the sciences to the public and generally sympathize with the skeptical movement. His hope is that his work with New Era crew will help him mobilize and enfranchise younger voters so that the future is sculpted by young people and not by those who will not see the consequences. 

Tara Kuper is a junior at Metropolitan State University of Denver studying Early Childhood Education and Human Development. She is a native of Denver, Colorado and loves everything the city and state has to offer, especially all the amazing breweries.  She wants to pet all the dogs that pass her by, and hang out with all the urban chickens.  She is excited to be interning with New Era because millennials should have a stronger voice in politics and deserve to be heard.  

The Boulder New Era Interns:

Alishaunia Cox is used to having her name mispronounced… a lot… so she goes by Ali. Most recently seen selling you things you probably don’t need at extreme mark ups for corporate fashion. Ali lived in Lithuania for half a year, and spent time traveling throughout Europe. While in Russia she charmed her way out of being arrested for taking pictures of an abandoned building. Often dressed outrageously, she scampers around Boulder spending too much money on food and listening to the life stories of strangers. If given the chance to change one thing in the political system it would be the election process. New Era called to her because of our voter registration work. 

Andrew Wise is a sophomore at the University of Colorado majoring in political science and international affairs with a minor in spanish. He really loves baseball, other sports, and spending time with friends. He was born and raised in the wonderful state of Colorado. In regards to politics and government, he certainly won’t shy away from a good discussion or argument. Either way, his desire to serve and help others are some of the main reasons he decided to join New Era, and he really wants to promote youth participation and engagement with the government. 

Dryden Mills is an enthusiastic freshman at CU Boulder. She is fresh out of Tallahassee, (or Tallaclassy) Florida and is excitedly awaiting the snow. She greatly enjoys food of all sorts, and is always in search of the perfect taco. Dryden is often found running after other people’s cute dogs around Boulder, because she desperately misses her nine pets she left at home (five dogs and four cats). Dryden is at New Era because she wants to be active in politics. She wants to help her peers advocate for the issues they care about – particularly LGBTQ+ issues, the environment, and gun reform.

Elizabeth Leahey is a CU Boulder sophomore studying sociology and women and gender studies. She tends to be more comfortable studying people than she is interacting with them. She prides herself on being able to rap all of A$AP Rocky’s music and can be found with headphones in about 99% of the time. When she’s not busy contemplating existentialism, browsing dank memes or going to concerts, you can find her volunteering for social issues. Fighting inequality, institutionalized racism, and promoting feminism are some of the most important to her. She joined the New Era team to put plans into action and to make a change on a communal and national scale! 

Jack Dietel, a CU super senior studying political science, art history and economics, is a self described real-life intuitionist, who enjoys political discussions and long-winded debates about morality, he is probably not the kid that you want at your superbowl party, but when it comes to sophomoric sophistication and dinner parties full of partially inebriated relatives, he is your man. Jack is striving to register voters and disseminate his love of the political process during the 2016 election year.

Jai Rajagopal is currently a freshman at the University of Colorado Boulder, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Leadership through the ELLC RAP program. Born and raised in Colorado, he has a strong sense of state pride and wants to improve Colorado however he can. Jai is passionate about health care and campaign finance reform. He is at New Era to gain experience for a career in politics where he hopes to advance these issues. When not working in politics, he breathes air, occasionally eats food, and enjoys living on the wild side, i.e. reading books about U.S. historical elections and listening to recordings of presidential debates where both the candidates are now dead.

Kathryn Adams is a freshman at the University of Colorado Bouldering majoring in International Affairs and trying desperately to learn how to speak French (not going so well right now.) She has spent half her life in New Zealand and half her life in Colorado. She’s interning with New Era because she freaking loves politics. The issues she’s most passionate about are reproductive justice, gun control, social equality, and protecting our environment. She’s obsessed with travelling, hiking, and camping and has watched way too many episodes of Man vs Wild for her own good. 

Kebret Ketema is a freshman at CU Boulder studying Political Science, and is with New Era because she feels passionately about criminal justice reform, climate change, and economic inequality. She has a plethora of nicknames, those of which include Keke (or Kiki, it’s all good in the hood if you just pronounce it right), Keeks, and the Keekinator. Being the highly sensitive and emotionally-invested individual that she is, Keke often cries about the dog she left back in Oregon with her family, the finale of a variety of Netflix series, and the bees that are dying globally at an alarming rate. When she’s not crying, she’s sleeping.

Kenzie Scarpella is a junior at the University of Colorado Boulder double majoring in sociology and political science. She is a Mexican food enthusiast (Colorado green chili, not that California fish taco scene) and is perpetually broke from going to as many concerts as humanly possible. While she super passionate about basically everything, she is especially interested in women’s and animal rights. She enjoys arguing with her friends about politics, yet they are not as keen, so she joined New Era to be a part of a community of like-minded students committed to making a difference in their world!

Kristine McLaughlin is from Fort Worth, Texas and is, in fact, Texcellent. As an econ major, she can talk to you for an hour about why Uber is awesome and why land regulations are killing economies. But you’ll find that she doesn’t have a strong opinion on things that most people have a strong opinion on. If it’s an interesting enough subject to be popular, it’s probably too complicated for an easy answer. As a history major, she knows that this is the most important American election since Lincoln was elected in 1860. She really hopes that Americans gets out and votes!

Madeline Lacy is from Rochester, Minnesota. After 18 years of being stuck in a particularly difficult corn maze, she decided to move to Boulder, Colorado to tackle the mountains instead. She is currently majoring in Media Studies at CU Boulder. When not in class or at New Era, she likes to attend local theater performances, care for her succulents, and longingly browse pet adoption websites. She is most passionate about intersectional feminism and cares deeply about most social justice issues. Madeline is at New Era this year because she knows how powerful young voters are and wants to put her “Minnesota Nice” attitude to good use by getting everyone registered to vote!

Nick Roper is a CU senior studying environmental science and getting a teaching licensure for secondary education in science. A Colorado native from Pueblo, he does just about everything your typical native does: skiing, camping, and backpacking. Not just your standard granola-eating Coloradoan, he also enjoys heated political facebook discussions in his downtime from school. Nick joined New Era Colorado because he is interested in getting more involved in the political world. He is passionate about environmental advocacy efforts at the state and national level. 

Petra Karmina Rudisill is kind of a weirdo who loves to walk around barefooted and fully supports the Free The Nipple movement. Like she is so supportive of that movement that support from a bra will never ever be necessary for any of those who wish to free their nips. She is a sophomore in international affairs with a Spanish minor, and if she had it her way, she would only speak in languages other than English. Petra also loves the environment with all of her green heart and will do anything to protect it. She is with New Era so that she can truly begin her career in mobilizing the vote and activism.

Rory Bryant is a junior at CU Boulder studying Political Science and History. Although Rory can spark up a debate in all areas of politics, the issues he is most passionate about are social equality and environmental justice. During his free time, Rory likes to force his friends to listen to obnoxious rap music, argue about politics, and think about the dog he left behind in California. Rory is interning with New Era because he believes that young people should have a much bigger voice in politics because we will be the ones to survive the aftermath of policies that are implemented today. That being said, he thinks you should make an impact and vote f*ckers!

Ryan Wentz loves hip-hop, sunshine, and his home state of California. He is one of those people who believes everything is a social construct. Ryan is at New Era to collaborate with well-informed, like-minded voices to affect change in a positive way.


Victor Lemus is a nice modern gentleman born in the heart of Mexico City and raised in Boulder. Currently a junior at CU Boulder, Victor is vigorously passionate about people, coffee, and reading with coffee. He loves to talk economic justice but won’t shy away from environmental justice discussions. He’s regarded by most friends as an extrovert in the streets and an introvert at home. Overall you can say Victor is one of the many good guys and gals at New Era trying to be a catalyst for people that think their voice doesn’t matter.