Partying with a purpose.

Spreading a message to the masses is much more fun over delicious food, beer, a good concert, or a wild candidate debate. Not only our events a wild time, but they help raise the profile of issues, races, and, well, democracy. Plus, who doesn’t want to see Mayor Hancock getting down to the Dougie?

Our motto is simple- we only host awesome events. So check ‘em out below and mark your calendars as there surely is an another one right around the corner.

Here’s a sampling of our various events:

Candidate Debates

Often described as the “best political events in Colorado politics”, New Era Candidate Debates are a wild alternative to the boring political forums of decades past.

Here’s how we do it:
-Put 6-10 frightened candidates for public office on the stage of a large venue
-Fill said venue with 500-700 rowdy and rambunctious democracy-loving folks
-Secure a panel of fun-loving celebrity judges to act as “moderators”
-Ask candidates to fulfill absurd requests, answer ackward questions, use props, and often get a little physical
-Let the audience text-vote for their favorite candidates
-Alcohol, music, lights, cameras, and action

Happy Hours

Whether it’s our annual Holiday Bash or a Give a Sh*t Happy Hour, nothing excites us more than having a few drinks and talking politics.

Trick Or Vote

Trick or Vote is New Era’s annual nonpartisan costumed Halloween mass canvass to get out the vote in urban, youth-dense communities- knocking on doors for democracy instead of candy. Not only is the event fun, but it also allows us to have one final GOTV push as the event typically falls just a few days before Election Day.

After the volunteers are done knocking on doors, they come back to the staging location for a big Halloween night after party concert. Volunteers get free tickets to the show and special

The best part- we know it works. A study conducted by statistician David Nickerson of Notre Dame has shown our local Trick or Vote program to increase voter turnout by up to 7.2%. When many races are decided by just a percentage point or two, this program illustrates an obvious impact.

Annual Spring Dinner and Happy Hour

New Era’s Annual Spring Dinner and Happy Hour is hosted in early May at Duo Restaurant. The event has become a gathering of the who’s-who’s of Colorado politics. The Spring Dinner is our time to shine- we reveal a new project or video, present the Hands-On-Democracy award, and have a high-profile guest speaker chat about the importance of civic engagement.

House Parties

New Era House Parties


Check out the full calendar here.